Rachel Leviss Supports Ariana Madix’s “Boundaries” With Sandoval But Says Lala Was Right About Exes Being Dishonest, Plus Reveals She Lost 8K IG Followers

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Rachel Leviss Rects to Ariana Madix’s “Boundaries” With Sandoval at Vanderpump Rules Finale, Says Lala Was Right About the Exes Being Dishonest, Plus Reveals She Lost 8K IG Followers

Credit: Instagram, Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

Rachel Leviss addressed Ariana Madix’s “boundaries” with ex Tom Sandoval – after she refused to film a conversation with him at the Vanderpump Rules finale. The alum also claimed Lala Kent was right about Tom and Ariana not being honest about their relationship when they were still together.

Tom and Rachel had a secret relationship while he was still with Ariana, who allegedly discovered evidence of the affair on his phone. Rachel has since broken up with Tom, and she claims she lied for him on the show.

On her Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the star addressed Ariana’s decision to set boundaries over filming with Tom.

According to Rachel, when someone is “upset” about a boundary, it’s usually a “tell-tale sign” that the person is “using you in some way” and is unhappy because the new boundary “is not serving them.”

Because of this, Rachel understands Ariana’s choice in the finale, even though she “actually filmed with Tom this whole season.”

But Rachel “commend[s]” her for skipping the finale convo because it would have been a “fake” talk, and Tom’s “only motive” was for “camera purposes.”

“It would have been crocodile tears,” she added. “I completely understand Ariana walking away. I walked away too, and people weren’t happy about that either.”

In the finale, Lala was upset that Ariana chose to walk away given that the rest of the cast was trying hard to make a good show – and it seemed that Ariana didn’t care.

Rachel shared that she “can understand” Lala’s perspective in “wanting to have a good TV show” for her “livelihood” and “career.” The alum said she herself didn’t have boundaries on Pump Rules, as she also was trying to “appease” production to make a good show.

She claimed Lala was right at the reunion about Tom and Ariana being dishonest about their relationship when they were still together. According to Rachel, the couple wasn’t in a good place for a while despite what they “portrayed.”

But Rachel admitted that she also wasn’t “honest” in last year’s reunion because she didn’t reveal that her kiss with Tom Schwartz was manufactured, and she was still going along with Sandoval’s narrative. She said Tom told her that telling the truth wouldn’t be good for their business.

In a recent Instagram post, Rachel revealed that she lost 8,000 followers.

“Welp, I’ve lost 8K followers since posting all my festival photos and videos,” she said, referring to her attendance at the Lightning in a Bottle festival. “Oh well. Thank you to the real ones that have been supporting me and want to see me thrive!”

Some fans believe Rachel lost followers because of the negative statements made by castmates at the recent reunion.