Brittany Cartwright Discusses Feud With Lala Kent and Admits She Was “Taken Aback” by Her Comments, Plus Where She Stands With Lala and Husband Jax

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Brittany Cartwright Discusses Feud With Lala Kent and Admits She Was “Taken Aback” by Her Comments, Plus Where She Stands With Lala and Husband Jax

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Brittany Cartwright shared she was “taken aback” by Lala Kent’s claims about a fight they had after Brittany sent a text on the day of Lala’s gender reveal, demanding to know if she hired Brittany’s babysitter without asking. She also revealed where they now stand.

The Valley star also shared her status with her husband Jax Taylor, with whom she separated amid the latest season. In the finale, Brittany revealed that Jax never saw a therapist despite their intense fights, some of which were captured on screen. At the time, Brittany said she finally left him after he yelled at her in front of their son.

On her When Reality Hits podcast, Brittany claimed she was “taken aback” by Lala’s comments at the Vanderpump Rules reunion because at that point they both had already apologized.

“We were completely fine. Everything was good, so I was kind of … like why is this being talked about at the reunion?” she explained. “I still don’t really understand that.”

But Brittany said she loves Lala, and she admitted that her “mistake” was writing the “text” on that day, even though the message wasn’t “rude.”

“I shouldn’t have done that. I apologize immediately for that,” said Brittany, who shared that she was upset because it took her a long time to find someone she could trust to watch her son. She was also in a bad place with Jax at the time, which heightened the issue.

According to Brittany, things are now “fine” with Lala, and they’re both “good.”

Her co-host Jax called out the Pump Rules cast for not keeping his name “out of their mouth” at the reunion.

On the same podcast episode, Brittany reiterated that Jax should try therapy, but she said she’s “always going to be there” for him “no matter what happens” with their relationship. However, she shared that Jax is now seeing a “doctor … and we’ll see if that changes anything.”

Jax said he met the new doctor at his bar, and she’s “absolutely amazing.” He “broke down” at the appointment and told her what was “wrong” with him, regarding what he’s “doing” and who he’s “attacking.”

He also told the doctor he has “serious anger issues” and “panic attacks,” and he doesn’t want his child to see him like that. But he stated that he and Brittany don’t “argue” in front of Cruz. The star then apologized to fans for actions during the season.

“Even if me and you don’t get back together. Even if we go through our divorce or whatever, I’m always going to be there for you because you’re family at the end of the day,” said Brittany. “And I just want that same in return … We’re going through a weird situation right now because we are still very much separated.”

But Brittany admitted she “sometimes” stays at the house, and they still do family things together – though there are other days when they “fight” and “can’t see each other.”

She called the situation “up and down,” and said she just wants to make things feel “normal” for their son.

Jax claimed they’re trying to “exhaust” every possibility before calling it quits, and they’re seeing other people.