Captain Lee Rosbach Dishes on Feud With Carl Radke and Shocking Phone Call, Plus What Summer House Star Accused Him Of

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Captain Lee Rosbach Reveals Why Friendship with Carl Radke Ended, Talks Shocking Phone Call with Summer House Star, and Shares What Carl Accused Him Of

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Captain Lee Rosbach shared why his friendship ended with Carl Radke, addressed their shocking phone call, and revealed what Carl accused him of. Years ago, the two Bravo stars grew close after Carl opened up about his sobriety from alcohol. Lee, who’s been sober for many years, helped Carl through the process.

In the current season of Summer House, Carl called off his engagement to co-star Lindsay Hubbard. Lindsay said she was blindsided, and Carl suggested that she’d painted him as the bad guy. When news of the split first broke, many fans took Lindsay’s side, though Lee stood by him.

“Carl and I used to be close,” said Lee on his Salty with Captain Lee podcast, via E! News. “I gave Carl an opportunity to be on the podcast and tell it as he saw it. If there was a question he wanted taken off, we took it off. If there was something he didn’t want to answer, we didn’t put him on the spot, we didn’t hang him out to dry. It was a softball interview if I’ve ever seen one. I would have never done something intentionally to put Carl on the spot.”

However, after they recorded the interview at BravoCon in November with Lee’s cohost Sam DeCavalcanti, the captain got blindsided.

“I got a phone call, [Carl] just went off, how I was trying to take advantage of him and put him on the spot,” said Lee. “His publicist was there, as was mine, [Sam was] there. I was blown away. I don’t know what made him go off the way he went off or why he thought what he was thinking.”

“He was well aware of the conversation,” Sam recalled. “It didn’t paint Lindsay in a bad light, it didn’t paint him in a bad light. It actually was, I would say, complimentary in that time when it was a very sensitive time. It was almost like Jekyll and Hyde.”

But Lee said he happily agreed to Carl’s demand not to air it.

“He ended up hanging up on me after accusing me of deceiving him,” said Lee. “Mr. Radke, you were never deceived by me.”

“I thought we had a very solid relationship considering our background together,” he added. “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Back in February 2023, Lindsay revealed their plan for the Mexico wedding.

“It’s taken this long for us to come together,” she told the outlet at the time. “I don’t think there is anybody in our lives that would let us get away with a small wedding, including Bravo.”

“If we were just getting married with all of our guests and friends that would be one thing,” the star added, “but when you’re considering the idea of filming it, there’s another level of criteria that you have to get checked off.”