Carole Radziwill Demands an Apology From Andy Cohen as She Accuses Him of “Bully Tactic[s],” & Says He Should Focus on People Who “Sued Him”

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Carole Radziwill Accuses Andy Cohen of “Bully Tactic[s]” After He Outed Her Over Anonymous Quote, Demands an Apology, and Says He Should Focus on People Who “Sued Him”

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Carole Radziwill accused Andy Cohen of “bully tactic[s]” after he outed her as the anonymous Real Housewives of New York star who shaded him in a recent profile for New York Magazine. She also claimed Andy should “apologize” and suggested he should focus on people who “sued him.”

Amid multiple lawsuits against the network, former Housewife Brandi Glanville accused Andy of sexual harassment, while Leah McSweeney claimed he gave professional favors to stars who would consume cocaine with him. Andy, who has denied all the allegations, clapped back at Carole’s recent anonymous quote, and he questioned why she wouldn’t put her name on it – as she’s publicly said plenty of ‘mean’ things about him in the past.

After Andy’s clapback, Carole didn’t immediately admit to authoring the quote, but she did write a post calling out Andy’s “nasty” response to it.

Later on X, Carole responded to a fan who expressed: “I think [Andy]’s very careful about not outright slandering housewives, so he does it in a more subtle way to get away with it. He needs to keep up the facade of uplifting/supporting/championing women. When obv he’s in the business of, and probably enjoys, doing the exact opposite.”

Carole then commented, “It’s just classic bully tactic[s]. Imagine outing a woman [who] for whatever reason chooses to remain anonymous. He’s absurd & should apologize immediately. But I’m not holding my breathe.”

But a different fan challenged Carole: “I mean u have already talked mad s**t on him publicly. So I don’t think it would have been hard for anyone let alone him to connect the dots here. He also didn’t degrade u for ur comments, just that he thought it was funny u chose to be anonymous, which obviously didn’t work lol.”

Carole reacted, “Well I haven’t sued him or threatened to destroy him. He should focus on the people who are gunning for him. I’ve said nothing except to stand up to all of his nonsense.”

In a separate post, Carole responded to Andy saying he’ll run into her again soon as they have ‘a lot to catch up on.’

“Can’t wait to catch up. @Andy,” wrote Carole. “So fun!!”