Jenn Fessler on Why She’s “Taken a Step Back” From Teresa Friendship, Talks Feud With Rachel Fuda, Status With Margaret and Cast Shakeup Rumors, Plus What She Would Have Addressed at RHONJ Reunion

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Jenn Fessler on Why She's "Taken a Step Back" From Teresa Friendship, Talks Feud With Rachel Fuda, Status With Margaret and Cast Shakeup Rumors, Plus What She Would Have Addressed at RHONJ Reunion

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Jenn Fessler revealed what she would have shared at the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, and addressed where she stands with Rachel Fuda, Margaret Josephs, and discussed her reason for taking “a step back” from her friendship with Teresa Giudice amid the cast divide.

Jenn was introduced to the group through her good friend Margaret, but Margaret and Rachel claimed Jenn was disloyal for fostering a friendship with their enemy Teresa. This season, the competing factions refused to film together, and the show decided not to film the reunion.

On Housewives Nightcap, Jenn was asked what she would have addressed at the reunion.

“Rachel and I have some stuff that needs to be worked out that I would definitely like to address,” she said. “And I think that she probably would say the same. I don’t think she’s very happy with me. I don’t think we’re very happy with each other, which is very sad.”

Jenn would also address the claim that she’s a “snake,” a “flip-flopper,” and “not a loyal friend.” She would then give more of her “side of things,” including her definition of “loyalty.”

“Cause it’s all news to me that I’m not a loyal friend,” she said. “[Rachel and I] jumped in so quickly [into a friendship] without really gathering enough information in terms of who are you and who am I. We didn’t know the sort of roadblocks that we would come across.”

Jenn doesn’t know “what the future holds” for her relationship with Rachel, as there were “some things” that “happened” before filming began, which left them “disconnected.”

When asked why she chose to be nice to Teresa, Jenn said it’s not in her nature to “be nasty to someone who’s being nice to me,” and she listens to other people’s “points of view.” The situation was also different for Jenn because she’s filming a show with Teresa, and castmates usually interact.

She also denied Margaret’s allegation that she’s “weak sauce.” Jenn stated that if someone is going to “come at” her, then she’s going to “come back.”

“I’m not a shrinking violet,” she said. “But I definitely try to be open. So if I’m not being attacked, it’s rare that I’m going to go on the attack.”

Jenn said she’s “kind of taken a step back” from her friendship with Teresa for her “mental health” amid all the social media “stuff” that’s going on – Teresa was accused by a social media account of leaking information against castmates – but Jenn’s “close” with Margaret and Melissa. She’s currently not speaking to Rachel, and hasn’t spoken “much” to Jennifer Aydin “recently.”

She claimed it’s a “misconception” that she’s super close with Teresa. Fessler revealed that she and Margaret “pushed past” their hurt feelings, though she joked she’s going to “kill her” for all the things she said about her in the season.

According to Jenn, she told Margaret before the season started that she “won’t come back” if Margaret doesn’t.

Concerning rumors of a cast shakeup, Jenn claimed that “any change” would be “heartbreaking” for fans, but she has “no idea what’s gonna happen.” And she said it’s “hard to imagine” sisters-in-law Melissa and Teresa reconciling amid their feud – but she’s choosing to stay optimistic.