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Sola Delano

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Jeff Lewis Opens Up About Nasty Feud With Jenni Pulos, Says She Reported Him for Abuse and Might Be Suing Him, Reveals Flipping Out Will Likely Get Cancelled

Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis Opens Up About Nasty Feud With Jenni Pulos

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis is opening up about his very nasty feud with his former friend and co-worker Jenni Pulos, and it appears it was way uglier than what was originally reported yesterday.

During his Jeff Lewis Live SiriusXM radio show today, Jeff dropped a number of bombshells, first revealing that Jenni reported him to Bravo for abuse, which led to him being investigated. He then implied that she is likely planning to sue him and opened up about what led to their falling out. Additionally, Jeff shared that there is now a good chance that his show, Flipping Out, will get cancelled. Read more