More Details Revealed About Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel’s Alleged Six-Figure Settlement for Sexual Assault, Plus Leaked Voicemail

Thomas Ravenel accuser

Thomas Ravenel accuser

Following our first report earlier this week about an allegation that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel settled a sexual assault case two years ago, more details are now coming out about the case.

Ashley Perkins, the daughter of the alleged victim, is not backing down when it comes to her claims that back in December 2015, Thomas allegedly assaulted her mother during what was supposed to be a first date. And with the help of high powered attorney Gloria Allred, Ashley alleges the case was settled for six figures in June of 2016, and that her mother signed a non-disclosure agreement.

In a new interview, Ashley shared her side of the story plus she put out a voicemail recording she says is of an inebriated Thomas from the night of the alleged assault.  Read more

Did Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Settle A Sexual Assault Case? Details and Photos of the Shocking Allegations Revealed

Ashley Perkins Defends Thomas Ravenel In Sexual Assault Case

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Sexual Assault Allegations

This is quite a tough story to cover so we’ll dive right into it.

This allegation that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel paid off a woman two years ago to settle a sexual assault claim first came to light on April 12.

Ashley Perkins, a 29-yr-old model and realtor from Florida, tweeted an allegation that Thomas, 55, paid off her mother two years ago to settle a sexual assault claim against him. Ashley even shared photos of her mother’s injuries that she alleges were inflicted by Thomas. Read more

Southern Charm’s Elizabeth Madison Blasts Naomie Olindo! Accuses Her of Lying and Defends Husband J.D., Naomie Responds

Southern Charm JD Madison Elizabeth Madison and Noamie Olindo

Southern Charm JD Madison Elizabeth Madison and Naomie Olindo

The latest episode of Southern Charm was quite dramatic as viewers got more insight into the marital issues of J.D. and Elizabeth Madison, all thanks to Naomie Olindo!

During a party for Shep Rose’s birthday, Naomie was quick to call out J.D. for being a bad husband, even accusing him of cheating on Elizabeth and going out every night. Read more

Southern Charm Recap: The Break-Up Brunch Part 2

Southern Charm Recap The Break-Up Brunch Part 2

Southern Charm Recap The Break-Up Brunch Part 2

7:30 pm and grill master Craig still hasn’t cooked the food completely. Seems like everyone is getting salmonella in this episode of “Southern Charm!”

Everyone’s on the way to the Shep-show, aka Shep’s 38th birthday party. For a short time, it’s all the boys plus Thomas’s new girlfriend, Ashley. A VERY pregnant Cameran shows up and she is absolutely adorable. Cam is sport of the year-I for one would not be waddling up a zillion steps to eat un-cooked chicken for Shep…but I guess the drama is an enticing point and she is good at getting it out of people. Read more

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Throws Shade at Patricia Altschul For Blocking Him! Talks Girlfriend Ashley Jacobs’ Fight With Kathryn

Ashley Jacobs Thrown Out of the Southern Charm Finale Party

Southern Charm thomas ravenel ashley jacobs vs patricia

The new season of Southern Charm just premiered last week and the show’s drama is now spilling onto social media.

It had been rumored for a while now that there was a brewing feud between Thomas Ravenel and Patricia Altschul, all over Thomas’s girlfriend Ashley Jacobs, and a new post by Thomas is now confirming this rift! Read more

Southern Charm Premiere Recap: The Break-Up Brunch Part 1

Southern Charm Salary Revealed

Southern Charm recap

New season, new parties, new love interests…(pretty much) same cast of crazies on Southern Charm.

There’s no time wasted getting into some drama as the season kicks off with Ashley, Thomas‘s new girlfriend, and Kathryn, Thomas ex-girlfriend and mother of his two kids, getting into it. “I want you to know, you’ve crossed the line. And as a mother, f— you,” yells Kathryn to Ashley, who then refers to Kathryn as nothing but a “baby mama” and an “egg donor.”  But, before we can even get our popcorn, Bravo rewinds to three months earlier! What a tease, that Bravo.  Read more

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Talks “Sad” Break Up with Naomie Olindo, Reveals What Led To Split Plus Thoughts On Her Nose Job

Southern Charm craig conover and naomie olindo split update

Southern Charm craig conover and naomie olindo split update

Ahead of tonight’s season premiere of Southern Charm, Craig Conover is opening up about his “sad” break up with former girlfriend Naomie Olindo.

On the new season of the Bravo hit show, viewers will see Craig and Naomi trying to adjust to being new exes following their split last September. In a new interview, he reveals what caused them to end their almost 3-yr relationship plus shares his thoughts on her decision to get a nose job. Read more