Vanderpump Rules’ Faith Threatens Brittany Cartwright: “You Are No Match For Me!”

Vanderpump Rules faith Stowers Brittany Cartwright Jax Taylor

Vanderpump Rules faith Stowers Brittany Cartwright Jax Taylor

Vanderpump Rules extra star Faith Stowers is not going away quietly following the revelation that she slept with Jax Taylor, while he was very much not single and dating Brittany Cartwright.

This escapade was revealed on the season premiere of the Bravo hit series and continues to play out on the show. So it appears Faith was watching the latest episode and did not like some of Brittany’s choice of words, and thus proceeded to slam and threaten Brittany! Read more

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Back in the Saddle

vanderpump rules recap back in the saddle

vanderpump rules recap back in the saddle

The drama continues to get juicier and the issues get bigger during this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Stassi and Brittany, the WEIRDEST duo ever, head out for a “hungover spa day” to get Brittany’s mind off of her ‘would have been’ two year anniversary with Jax. Brittany chooses not to cancel her spa day she originally planned to have spent with Jax and invites Stassi instead, since she, too, has experienced the dirty, sleazy ways of Jax Taylor. Brittany is still unsure of everything and spills that she slept with Jax the night before. Woopsie. Luckily, Stassi understands “hate/love sex” and completely comprehends how this could have happened.

Sandoval, James, and Jax meet up for some drinks to get JAX’s mind off of his ‘would have been’ two year anniversary. Jax states “he wishes Brittany would just hook up with someone to make things even.” WHAT kind of reasoning is that?! Jax overshares that this whole situation makes Brittany “hornier than ever.” Gross. The guys then get into a girly TMI sesh where Tom shares he is having a dry spell with Ariana. Maybe she is finally realizing that Tom likes hair product more than he likes her. Who knows? Read more

Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Says Relationship Is “Best” It’s Ever Been After Cheating, But Does Brittany Feel the Same?

vanderpump rules jax Brittany

vanderpump rules jax Brittany

On the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor shocked viewers when he actually admitted to cheating on his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers. Shocking because when Jax has cheated in the past, it usually takes him an entire season to admit to it!

Most fans of the show are aware by now that the couple is back together following the cheating scandal but is all well between the two, you know, considering the entire drama playing out on national television is probably reopening old wounds. Well if Brittany’s posts on social media is any indicator, she is far from over it. Read more

REPORT – Producers Forced Jax and Brittany to Get Back Together on Vanderpump Rules!

brittany and jax 2017

brittany and jax 2017

The latest season of Vanderpump Rules debuted this week with a big bang!

On the season premiere episode, former SUR server Faith Stowers dropped a bombshell when she revealed Jax Taylor had cheated on his long suffering girlfriend Brittany Cartwright with her. Even worse, she feared she was pregnant after revealing they failed to use protection. Read more

Is Vanderpump Rules’ Faith Pregnant by Jax Taylor?

Vanderpump Rules Faith Stowers Brittany Jax

is Faith Stowers pregnant by Jax Taylor

The sixth season of Vanderpump Rules premiered this week with a big bang!

During the Monday night episode, a bomb was dropped when former SUR server Faith Stowers revealed Jax Taylor had cheated on his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright with her.

Even more shocking, Faith told James Kennedy that the two had unprotected sex. “That situation could lead to something bigger than that. I haven’t gotten my f–king period!” said Faith.

Which brings us to the million dollar question today. Is Faith pregnant by Jax? Will there be a Little Jax Taylor running around soon? Well we have those answers for you below! Read more

Vanderpump Rules Premiere Recap: Masquerade

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Season 6 Episode 1 Masquerade

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Season 6 Episode 1 Masquerade

They’re baaaaaaaack! Everyone’s favorite guilty-pleasure, the drunken crew of Vanderpump Rules is here for a brand new season, promising to be the craziest one yet!

What better way to kick off this season than with a birthday masquerade? Even better, SCHEANA’S birthday masquerade?! The quick teaser at the start of the episode was enough to get me choosing sides and hating on Jax because it is just a natural reaction.

Before the birthday drama unravels, we viewers are graced with the dinner scene at SUR served by, you guessed it, the world’s most loved and hated waitresses and bartenders. Catching up with them is like a quick flip through your high school yearbook- you want to look, but you also know that it may not be pretty. Read more