RHOC’s Meghan King Edmonds Says Stepdaughter Is Suffering from PTSD After Surviving Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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meghan king edmonds step daughter hayley edmonds

We reported earlier this month that Meghan King Edmond’s stepdaughter Hayley Edmonds was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas when the worst mass shooting in the country broke out.

Fortunately for Hayley, she, along with her friends and family, made it out safely in the shooting that ended up with 58 people dead and over 400 injured. However despite surviving the horrific event, Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan is now revealing that Hayley is still struggling to cope with everything that occurred.

“She’s not good, as you can imagine,” Meghan, 33, told Entertainment Tonight of her husband Jim Edmonds’ daughter.  “She has some PTSD and I think probably everybody [who was] there does. It’s the deadliest mass shooting in American history. It’s horrible.”

“She was so lucky to come out totally unscathed, physically, but the emotional and mental healing process will go on for years and years,” continued Meghan. “We’re just so thankful that she just ran. She just ran and ran and ran and didn’t stop running. Her roommate actually grabbed her, and was like, ‘No, let’s go,’ ’cause Hayley wanted to lay down, but her roommate was like, ‘No, we’ve got to keep going.’”

Meghan reveals Hayley “sought out group therapy” following the massacre. “She said it went really well and she’s trucking ahead in life and moving on. I’m really proud of her. She’s growing up.”

A day following the attack, Hayley took to Instagram to reflect on the tragedy and escaping the shooting.

These pictures were taken 6 minutes before the shooting started. I am so unbelievably saddened by this event. You truly never understand until it happens to you and the people you love. I have no words for how traumatizing this experience was for me, my friends and my family. I’ll never forget this night unfortunately, but I am so thankful how lucky and fortunate we were to have made it out of there. I’ve never felt such a feeling as I did knowing I had to run to save my own life. My best friend and I ran while everyone else ducked for cover and we didn’t look back. I think that’s why we are here right now, alive,” Hayley wrote on her Instagram page on Oct. 2.

“We didn’t think we just ran and stayed together. I hope I never have to experience such a traumatic moment ever again. The world is a cruel place and I don’t even know how to comment on such an unbelievable tragedy. I am so thankful that every single person I knew is home safe and sound now and feel such guilt and sadness for the people who are suffering,” continued Hailey. “I can’t help but think my mom was watching over us last night. I have no other explanation for all of us making it out of there alive. I love you all and I am safe and sound with my sister and brother and law tonight who are keeping me company. Wishing nothing but good thoughts for the people who were affected❤️ #prayforvegas #route91harvest.


Best wishes to Hayley and all others who were affected by this heartbreaking tragedy as they try to move forward with their lives.

Photos Credit: Bravo TV/Instagram