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90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance Recap: Family First – Broken Trusts, Creepy Requests, and Everyone Hates Luis!

90 day fiance family first recap

Let’s get right into this recap for 90 Day Fiance’s Family First episode!

Things are looking better for Azan and Nicole, as Azan wants Nicole to know he really loves her so he continues to show her around the city. He is still very embarrassed that May, Nicole’s daughter, is on the leash though he sucks it up and seems to be getting used to his new normal. The couple then discusses their plans to visit Azan’s aunt and of course Nicole’s priority is sharing a room with Poor Azan! He tries to let her know this is not appropriate in his culture… since they’re not yet married and all, but Nicole still pushes him to try to make it happen. Poor poor Azan.

90 day fiance recap andrei airport

Elizabeth is in Dublin visiting her fiancé Andrei, but she has lots of concerns regarding why the immigration visa process is taking longer than expected.  Soon after she arrives at the airport, Andrei breaks the news of the interview being in a couple of days. Elizabeth has mixed feelings not knowing a lot about Andrei’s past and how it may affect the process. And is it just me or did Andrei not come off as scary as Elizabeth was making him out to be? But then again, there are still a lot of episodes left this season!

90 Day Fiance luis kensley recap

Do these couples communicate at all before switching continents to be with their loved ones? I ask because Luis just realized Molly is a workaholic and he has become the new baby sitter for Kensley, Molly’s daughter.  Fortunately for Molly, he is also a Spanish tutor for Kensley as he teaches her a few new words.  Unfortunately, Kensley isn’t feeling Luis as her new Padre and lets him know it. You tell him Kensley! I must say Molly should have been the one having this conversation with her daughter, and not someone who is practically a stranger to the 6-yr-old.  Keep trying Padre!

90 day fiance family first recap

In Thailand, David and Annie are having a traditional ceremony and I hope the demands will stop now. I wonder if Annie had married a local, would the person be able to meet these demands? Such as giving $100 bills to the locals amongst other things. Both Annie and David bust a move with the villagers though his wife to be describes his dance as kangaroo like. Poor broke David has literally  lost count of the expenses and money he continues to spend and borrow from his friend.

recap evelyn david

Evelyn and her family throw a welcome party for David who has only been in the States for 24 hours. I bet he is looking forward to meeting Mikayla who has continuously objected to their getting married. This may actually be a blessing for David if he will listen and run far far away.  David is making a good impression on Evelyn’s friends and family until he starts talking about possibly moving – not smart David. Mikayla is very blunt about her concerns but mostly because she doesn’t know David and it seems everything went fast between these two… which it kinda did. They are going back and forth, when David rudely asks if she was dating, implying her lack of a boyfriend gives her no room to have common sense some concerns.  That seemed to hit a nerve with Mikayla who became emotional. Not nice David. In this scene, we see that perhaps David and Evelyn have more in common than originally thought. Poor Mikayla. She is making a lot of valid points and just seems to be genuinely concerned for her friend.

90 day fiance mikayla tears

Back in Dublin, Andrei and Elizabeth are discussing any potential issues that could deter him from a getting a visa since he broke the law by overstaying his tourist visa about 10 years ago. Elizabeth isn’t feeling his suggestion to move to Moldova should they deny his visa. Knowing her family, don’t think they will feel that either. Not sure Elizabeth knows what she has gotten herself into yet.

In Morocco, Nicole will meet more of Azan’s family and they will meet May. With May, it’s love at first sight. Fortunately for Nicole, Azan’s sister has her back and has given her instructions that allow Nicole to place her number on speed dial if Azan messes up after relocating to the States. A shameless Nicole continues to push Azan to ask his aunt if they could have a private room in her house despite him saying it wasn’t a good idea. Give it a break girl! The idea was shut down quickly by Azan’s mother and I imagine much to the relief of Poor Azan! She states religious and cultural reasons prohibit them from sharing a room until after marriage.

90 day fiance recap annie david 2

Back in Bangkok, we get to experience what can only be described as one of the creepiest and most awkward scenes ever on 90 Day Fiance, and folks that is a pretty high bar to cross! David and Annie are meeting up with their friends Chris and Nikki who is 6 months pregnant. So we find out that David is very poor as in no money, no apartment, car or bank account but he has Annie! Let’s hope the no romance without finance saying will not make things go far south as they start their lives together. Nikki is not mincing words, as she didn’t plan for the David and Annie to come squat with them. We need more of Nikki please! Chris asks Annie if she would be okay with helping around the house with things like cooking since she won’t be able to work during those 90 days. Annie smiles as she is more than okay with that. Chris then turns up the creep factor when he asks if she would be okay with giving him some ‘Thai massages’ as well on demand. Whoa!  So that’s why he was so happy to have Annie and David move into his house. Nikki seems embarrassed by her husband’s demand but says nothing, perhaps he will get a smack down in private. Fingers crossed.  The more I hear Nikki talk, the more I like her because she continues to dish out stuff about David, and I find myself reaching for the popcorn every time she opens her mouth. Go on girl! No massage for Chris, because Annie doesn’t feel comfortable touching another man. Perhaps the worst part of this scene was the silence of David who did not stand up for Annie, and put Chris in his place.

90 day fiance recap nikki chris

Poor Luis, as no one seems to like him except Molly. Luis is meeting with Molly’s dad who clearly isn’t a fan. Luis talking to Papa M reminds me of going to the principle’s office back in the day. And Molly’s daughter Olivia keeps giving her mama a side-eye that translates to ‘crazy woman, you really going to do this?’

luis molly family recap

Back in Ireland, Elizabeth tries to get Andrei to prep for his visa interview, but he wants no parts of that as he’d rather just wing it! And whatever you do Elizabeth, do not ask him to  “kiss the a**” of the people interviewing him. Andrei makes it crystal clear a** kissing is off the table. Not an option. Nope. No way! At this point Elizabeth is probably starting to imagine what her life will be like living in Moldova with Andrei.

Back in Morocco, Nicole, Azan and May head out for lunch during which we get to see more drama between the couple. The issue at hand? Nicole apparently went out while in the US, and purposely took her engagement ring off. The reason? She just wanted to be “free.” Azan is not happy and Nicole tries to guilt trip him into forgiving her when she gently reminds him that her father will be sponsoring him once he arrives to the US. That crafty manipulative Nicole! Things take a turn for the worse when during their interview with the producers of the show Nicole reveals she actually went out with a male friend that night. This is news to Azan who states he would have called things off had he known this little tidbit of information. Nicole throws a temper tantrum, yells at the producers to end the interview, and grabs Azan’s arm to leave together. Seriously, May is probably more mature than her childish mother! Azan is not having it and continues to remain upset. Nicole leaves the room, as Azan sits there and ponders what the heck are this girl’s redeeming qualities? Aka the same thing we’re all wondering! Poor Azan.

recap josh aika

In Arizona, Josh heads to the airport to await the arrival of his fiance Aika and her big circle contact lenses! Josh is ready to spend forever with Aika who is a bit more skeptical as she acknowledges she will be wife #3. But hey, third time’s the charm no? Aika wastes no time in laying down the law when she lets Josh know he had better act right or face being replaced by one of her many admirers in America! They both laugh it off but why do I think these admirers actually do exist!

Evelyn and David continue to plan their wedding as Evelyn reveals her “disappointment” with how David’s welcome party went. The two are sending out their wedding invitations as they both continue to seem irritated with each other. Seriously, is it the editing or does this couple seem very mismatched and lacking major chemistry? Evelyn is in a constant state of smugness while David always looks annoyed. Where is the love guys?! More cultural clashes occur when David asks if Evelyn’s family can help host some of his family and friends. The answer is ‘No’ from Evelyn as she tells him that’s not how it’s done in America! David’s ‘American Dream’ continues to turn into a nightmare with each passing day.

Aika and Josh are getting settled into their new home in Arizona… along with all of Josh’s roommates. Aika and her Circle Lenses are introduced to them and they all seem to like her. The exception being Josh’s friend Joe, with the special haircut, who begins interrogating Aika upon his arrival. Joe wants to know if Aika is a K-1 visa-digger who was trolling dating sites looking for an American husband. In a rarity, Aika is all ‘Yeah, I kinda was’. I like this chick! Good thing for Aika, Josh doesn’t mind her visa-digging ways as he plans on holding on to his trophy at all costs!

It’s the day of the K-1 visa interview and Elizabeth is way more nervous than non-a** kisser Andrei!  Andrei tries to reassure Elizabeth that even if he gets denied, they can make a life together in Moldova. Elizabeth remains silent while blinking twice to signal for help!

It’s day 16 in Morocco, and we see that Nicole and Poor Azan have yet to kiss and makeup following their earlier fight. Nicole calls her Mom to hear a familiar voice since all she’s getting from Azan is the silent treatment. Nicole is however hopeful she can smooth things out with Azan as they head out to lunch together. Azan feels like a fool because this unfortunately isn’t the first time Nicole has broken his trust. Ultimately Nicole promises to keep it in her pants from here on out, and Azan agrees to forgive her. I do have to wonder if Nicole keeps doing these things as a way of testing Azan to see how much he truly loves her. Not smart or mature!



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