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PHOTOS – Phaedra Parks Announces Modeling Contract With Wilhelmina Models


Phaedra Parks RHOA Bravo

From lawyer to funeral director to a model? In today’s no you’re not being punked news, Phaedra Parks is now a model!

Yes, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star just announced she has signed a contract with Wilhelmina Models. This news comes months after she was reportedly fired by Bravo for spreading malicious rumors about a castmate.

In a new interview, the 44-year-old mother of two, who stands at 5′ 1″, opens up about her modeling hopes and aspirations.

“I think I’m the face of “yes you can.” I’m a small town girl who has followed her dreams. Yes you can be a mom, yes you can be a lawyer and yes you can be a model,” says Phaedra to Us Weekly. “When the opportunity presented itself some people asked me “Why?’ and I said “Why not?” A supermodel started this company and she wanted to give power back to the women and I think I stand for the same things. I have the opportunity to show people that beauty can come in every size, shade, color and age. It’s exciting and an adventure!”

So What is Pheadra’s dream campaign?

“I would love be the face of skin care brand,” reveals Phaedra. “I have great skin, I love makeup, but I love to be able to take off the makeup and have beautiful skin. I also think a lot of girls are looking on Instagram for an idealized standard of beauty that requires a lot of makeup. Those are not the faces of what real women look like.”

Phaedra also makes it clear she has no problem showing some skin!

“I don’t mind baring it all, I have been wearing g-strings and baring it all really every season for seven years,” she shares. “I had two children on national T.V.  I love nudity! I’ve brought a lot of exotic entertainers on the show, so I love my body and I’ve got curves. I’m a mother of two children, so I’m not perfect, but I have no problem getting naked.”

Must say this sounds like an attempt by Phaedra to stay in the spotlight change the news cycle following some recent bad press. But best of luck to her.



Photos Credit: Bravo, Robert Ector



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