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Real Housewives of Orange County

RHOC’s Meghan King Edmonds Responds to Backlash Over Comments About Lydia McLaughlin’s Faith, Lydia “Surprised” at Meghan’s Reunion Attack


RHOC season 12 reunion meghan king edmonds vs lydia mclaughlin

Meghan King Edmonds is feeling the need to clear the air and defend herself following the first part of the Real Housewives of Orange County season 12 reunion.

During the reunion, Meghan seemed to attack castmate Lydia Mclaughlin’s Christian faith when she told her to use her brain instead of the Bible for wisdom. Yikes. And it all stemmed from the fact that Lydia didn’t feel comfortable getting a reading from one of Meghan’s physic friends on the show, which upset Meghan.

Meghan is now taking to her Instagram page to explain her comments following some backlash.

Meghan posted, “I am reposting this copy below because it beautifully sums up what I took away from tonight’s reunion. I have an incredibly fulfilling and strong faith in God and in that faith I adamantly believe all groups of people should be treated equally. I believe that right and wrong don’t need to be such a gray area if you just listen to the heart that God gave you and I trust that whatever faith you follow – or do not follow – that will you accept love above all.”

The comment she reposted is the one below which was written by her physic friend Megan Michaela.

“In my practice I am presented with various people of every cultural and religious background. I always say, my purpose is never to challenge beliefs. It is only to nurture ones own connection to self and compassion for others through spirit. Those who do not wish to be read, I always completely respect and comply!
When someone judges you, it isn’t about you at all. It’s about their own needs, pain, insecurities and limitations. As an empath, I felt Peggy and Lydia’s judgment towards me. I smiled and attempted to make conversation even though I felt the disgust. Yet, instead of being offended, I was simply sad that a wall was up. As a mom and a fellow human on this planet, there are plenty of things to talk to me about, but I was dismissed and disregarded. I felt labeled.
I have met many Christians and I was raised Catholic. The Golden Rule is something I have found the majority of religious people follow. I don’t feel it’s right to stand behind a particular culture or ones religious beliefs in order to justify mistreatment. That is ignorance, and this is the root of so much evil.
Meghan is right, one must look to themselves to do the right thing…. because God doesn’t live in a church or a temple, He lives in each one of us. ?#mysticmichaela #imagine”

Lydia McLaughlin is also speaking out about the reunion.

In her latest blog, Lydia reveals her “surprise” at Meghan’s comments about her faith because she thought they were in a good place. She then implies Meghan is a hypocrite. She also addresses her drama with Shannon Beador, as she actually admits was she was “combative” with Shannon.

Below are excerpts from Lydia’s Bravo blog

“I went into the reunion optimistic. I didn’t want to expect fighting and drama. I was hoping to talk about differences and hopefully move forward and make strides in friendships.

When Meghan came after me, I was really surprised. She had asked me to lunch a few weeks earlier and never mentioned feeling upset or hurt by my psychic comment. I was perfectly nice to her psychic and went to her dinner party because she was my friend. I even flew home early from my Aunt’s funeral that same day just to make it to her party…

In the interviews, we are asked our opinion on things. I do not go to psychics and do not wish to participate in their readings. Meghan doesn’t believe in Jesus. That’s her opinion. She doesn’t come to my Bible studies and that’s ok. It’s ironic to me that Meghan wants me to be so open minded when she clearly has a closed mind about religious points of view.

I was clearly flustered with Meghan’s hurtful comments to me and then when Shannon started disagreeing with me, I became overly defensive and combative. I was hoping to apologize to Shannon going into the day, but that obviously didn’t happen. We had a rough start at a friendship, but it really turned around with our time together in Iceland. Looking back, I am sorry if I hurt her feelings and I hope to grow as friends. We even ended the reunion with a hug.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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