PHOTOS – Meet the 29 Women Vying for The Bachelor’s Arie Luyendyk Jr! Plus Their Instagram Pages

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The Bachelor Season 22 Arie Luyendyk Jr Contestants

Ready or not, the new season of The Bachelor returns to ABC on Jan. 1 at 8/7c.

Even better, ABC has unveiled the 29 women who will be vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s love!

The average age of the Bachelor’s season 22 women is 27, 10 years younger than Arie who happens to be 37.

On the upside, this season has many women of color with the contestants ailing from all over the country and even Canada.


A fun fact you ask? Well let’s just say Arie might be somewhat confused on the first night as there are four Laurens, two Rebeccas, and two Brittanys this season.

We have also compiled all of the ladies’ Instagram pages so have fun trying to figure out who ended up the winner!

See Photos and Bios of the Bachelor’s 2017 Contestants Below –

2017 The Bachelor's Ali Harrington

Ali Harrington, 27, personal stylist, Dallas, Texas  (Instagram)

2017 The Bachelor's Amber Wilkerson

Amber Wilkerson, 29, business owner, Denver, Colorado   (Instagram)

2017 The Bachelor's Annaliese Puccini

Annaliese Puccini, 32, event designer, San Francisco, California   (Instagram)

2018 The Bachelor's Ashley Luebke

Ashley Luebke, 25, real estate agent, West Palm Beach, Florida  (Instagram)

2017 The Bachelor's Rebecca Kufrin

Rebecca Kufrin (Becca), 27, publicist, Minneapolis, Minnesota  (Instagram)

2018 The Bachelor's Bekah Martinez

Bekah Martinez (Bekah), nanny, Los Angeles, California  (Instagram)

2018 The Bachelor's Bibiana Julian

Bibiana Julian, 30, executive assistant, Miami Beach, Florida  (Instagram)

 2018 The Bachelor's Bri Amaranthus

Bri Amaranthus, 25, sports reporter, Portland, Oregon  (Instagram)

2018 The Bachelor's Brittane Johnson

Brittane Johnson, 27, marketing manager, Los Angeles, California  (Instagram deleted)

2018 The Bachelor's Brittany Taylor

Brittany Taylor, 30, tech recruiter, Austin, Texas  (Instagram)

2018 The Bachelor Season 22 Caroline Lunny

Caroline Lunny, 26, realtor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Chelsea Roy

Chelsea Roy, 29, real estate executive assistant, Portland, Maine  (Instagram)

the bachelor season 22 Jacqueline Trumbull

Jacqueline Trumbull, 26, research coordinator, New York, New York  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Jenna Cooper

Jenna Cooper, 28, social media manager, Raleigh, North Carolina  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Jenny Delaney

Jennifer Delaney (Jenny), 25, graphic designer, Chicago, Illinois (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Jessica Carroll

Jessica Carroll, 26, television host, Santa Monica, California  (Instagram)

the bachelor season 22 Kendall Long

Kendall Long, 26, creative director, Los Angeles, California (Instagram)

the bachelor season 22 Krystal Nielson

Krystal Nielson, 30, fitness coach, San Diego, California  (Instagram)

the bachelor season 22 Lauren Burnham

Lauren Burnham, 25, technology salesperson, Dallas, Texas  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 the bachelor season 22 Lauren Griffin

Lauren Griffin, 26, executive recruiter, Los Angeles, California  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Lauren Jarreau

Lauren Jarreau, 33, recent master’s graduate, New Roads, Louisiana  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Lauren Schleyer

Lauren Schleyer, 31, social media manager, Dallas, Texas  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Maquel Cooper

Maquel Cooper, 23, photographer, Orem, Utah  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Marikh Mathias

Marikh Mathias, 27, restaurant owner, Salt Lake City, Utah  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Nysha Norris

Nysha Norris, 30, orthopedic nurse, Anderson, South Carolina  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Olivia Goethals

Olivia Goethals, 23, marketing associate, Chicago, Illinois  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Seinne Fleming

Seinne Fleming, 27, commercial real estate manager, Newport Beach, California  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Tia Booth

Tia Booth, 26, physical therapist, Weiner, Arkansas  (Instagram)

2018 the bachelor season 22 Valerie Biles

Valerie Biles, 25, server, Nashville, Tennessee (Instagram)