Lisa Vanderpump Reveals “Tumultuous” RHOBH Season Strained Her Friendship With Kyle Richards

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The eight season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres tonight on Bravo at 9/8c, and the one thing we learned from the trailer is that it will be packed with drama!

The season trailer also previewed a showdown between long-time friends Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. An emotional Lisa is shown telling Kyle and Dorit Kemsley, “I’m going home to my husband who would rather spend time with me tonight than you would” before driving off in her fancy Rolls Royce!

In a new interview, Lisa, 57, admits this season tested her relationship with BFF Kyle.

“You know, we have a great relationship, but like any relationship, it has its problems,” Lisa tells ET Online. “Like any marriage, or you know, partnership in life or business, you have your struggles, but then you come through it. I think what we have supersedes, you know, the negativity.”

“Normally I have my cool, and I kind of lost it that day,” she says of the dramatic scene with Kyle and Dorit. “I think on Beverly Hills, you see this wonderful, glittering existence, and you also see the struggle that the women go through.”

Finally, Lisa teases what we can expect from this upcoming season of the RHOBH which she calls “tumultuous.”

“There was some stuff swirling around me, but I was ducking and diving,” teases Lisa, as she acknowledged some past seasons have been rough on her. “I didn’t get myself into too much trouble.”

Sounds like this will be a juicy season. In the meantime, Bravo released the new RHOBH season 8 taglines and you can check those out below!

Kyle: “In this town, fame and money come and go, but friends should not.”

Erika: “Some people call me cold, but that’s not ice. It’s diamonds.”

Dorit: “I believe in an excess of everything… except moderation.”

Teddi: “Having the best isn’t important to me, but being my best is.”

Lisa R: “I don’t have to buy it, ‘cause I already own it.”

Lisa V: “The queen of diamonds always has an ace up her sleeve.”

Photos Credit: Bravo