Married At First Sight Season 6: Match Making Specials And Wedding Prep

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MAFS Boston Season 6 Couples

Married at First Sight season 6 premiered yesterday night with the match making special and wedding prep. This season, Boston based Psychologist Jessica Griffin joins Dr Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson. Call them crazy but these singles are willing to risk it all for love. So they will get married and live together as husband and wife for 8 weeks before deciding if they want to stay married or get divorced.

I’m not gonna lie but I was shocked that thousands of singles were willing to go through this experiment so the experts had their work cut out. I’m thinking didn’t you all see  the last 5 seasons? Out of the thousands, It was narrowed to 200 singles and they had to attend a workshop. Then 50 singles were chosen for a 1:1 interview and no questions were off limit. Questions like religious beliefs, deal breakers and sex in public places. These experts and singles go straight to the point.

Finding a mate means engagement, Pastor Calvin reminds the singles and at this point he advices them to do away with any side piece or 3 am booty calls. Tell them pastor! That got laughs and nervous looks from the guys, I think. The experts also visited the singles at home to see how they lived and interacted with pets if any and just to observe their general  state of their living space.

After watching all these seasons, I have to say the chosen singles are usually very attractive professionals so it seems like you can’t go wrong or maybe you can, I guess time will tell. At the end of  the session, the experts analyzed all the data collected and went back and forth before settling on the final six. The three couples are Molly Duff and Jonathan Francetic, Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre, Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley.


Once the couples are told they are “engaged” to a stranger, they have just 2 weeks to plan their wedding which means send out invitations (to people who think they are crazy), finding a reception hall and most importantly  “the dress” amongst other things. In general, their families were shocked but all seemed very supportive. I like how they chose to have the cameras rolling when they tell their family and friends so they can’t act all crazy on television, that’s smart.

A little twist this season- All the bachelors met to pick out the rings for the wives to be and all the bachelorettes met so it was nice to have support from one another.

After watching, Molly may have a lot of competition with Jonathan’s cat. Good luck girl!  And I hope Shawniece and Jeptha weren’t matched just because they have a lot of siblings (about 23 between both of them), just saying. Overall all the couples seem like a good match but time will tell. Here is to wishing each couple the best.