My 600 Lb Life’s Steven Assanti Reveals If The Show Is Real or Fake! Plus Talks Addiction

by Sola Delano Comments

600 lb life Steven Assanti update

Arguably the most controversial participant on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, the infamous Steven Assanti is speaking out about the show the same day TLC premiered the 6th season which featured him and his brother Justin Assanti.

Moments before his new episode hit the airwaves, Steven took to his Facebook page for an impromptu live video chat during which he touched on a number of topics including whether or not the show is real or fake, his addition to opiates, plus his strained relationship with his brother Justin.

Steven deleted the video moments after posting it but the Starcasm blog was able to transcribe it before he yanked it down. Below are excerpts from his video chat –

Steven On Whether My 600-Lb Life Is Real or Fake –

“Is this show real? Yes. Is it acting? No. Is it exhausting? Yes. Very. So exhausting to the point that there are days that I don’t even want to film. And I try to avoid being filmed, but the camera crew — especially one of them in particular — is so persistent that he will continue to knock on the door, and knock on the door, and knock on the door until you can’t stand it anymore….It’s just a lot of work. A lot of filming, a lot of days put in. I don’t really –and I can’t really — tell you what the process is, because…I could get sued (laughs). There’s a lot of filming involved, a lot of re-takes. And it’s a lot of work for someone who’s morbidly obese.”

On Whether He Has Kicked His Opiate Addiction –

 “Nobody would believe me if I said I did, so what’s the point?”

On His Relationship With His Family and Brother Justin –

“My dad’s fine, Justin’s fine, everybody’s fine”

On What He Thinks of Dr. Now and Whether He Was Dropped As a Patient –

“Dr. Nowzaradan is a really good doctor, he saves lives; and that’s his focus, saving lives. But you’ve just got to follow orders….I feel that I made a huge change, and I look forward to what’s next with the surgeon, Dr. Now. And no, he hasn’t dropped me. I may be one of the worst patients he ever had, but…nobody said it was gonna be an easy journey, and everybody’s journey is different. It’s not easy to lose weight. Hell, it’s not easy to break free from any addiction. Any addiction that you have.”

When asked about his overall weight loss progress since doing the show, Steven admitted it’s been a “rocky road” but added that he is “making a lot of progress.”

His comments about re-shoots are interesting but not surprising as re-shoots are common with all reality shows due to producers trying to get the right shots for TV.

Photo Credit: Facebook