My 600-lb Life Couple Lee and Rena Share Weight Loss Update Photos!

by Oye Akinpade

Lee and Rena 600 pound life

The new season of My 600-lb Life recently featured morbidly obese couple from Missouri Lee Sutton, 42, and Rena Kiser, 39, who weighed 714 and  542 pounds respectively.

The duo met at a bariatric rehab clinic where they fell in love, however they both had to leave since their relationship didn’t comply with the rules of the clinic. Eleven years later, the couple has continued to struggle with their weight so much that Lee became immobile while both have struggled with significant health issues.

With the help of Dr Nowzaradan, a bariactric surgeon, the couple embarked on their weight loss journey and lost a total of 574 pounds ( Lee lost 303 pounds and Rena 271 pounds) over a twelve month period. And for the first time in 11 years, the couple was able to consummate their relationship.

Their journey however wasn’t without struggles as Lee started his bad eating habits following surgery and he seemed to replace his addiction for food with anger. Rena did reveal that Lee had been physically violent towards her a few times. They both went to therapy together as Dr. Now recommended this had to happen before he was going to approve surgery for Rena and it seemed to help.

Update – Both Lee and Rena are still very much together and in love. They continue to lose weight and help one another in their weight loss journey.  A few days ago, Lee posted a photo (posted below) of him and Rena at the mall. From the photos, it is evident the couple has continued to lose weight. And even though they still use their wheel chair for longer distances, they are off their oxygen which is great news.

rena post


Lee hopes to propose and marry Rena someday. A lot of fans took to their social media page to wish the couple well as they have gotten their weight on the right track. Here is to wishing them well as they continue on this journey.

Below are more recent photos of My 600-lb Life’s Lee and Rena!

My 600-lb Life couple Rena and Lee shared a recent update photo of themselves!

my 600-lb life rena and lee update

New photos of My 600-Lb Life stars Rena and Lee

My 600-lb life rena kiser before and after weight loss update

My 600-lb life lee sutton before and after weight loss update