My 600-lb Life’s Janine Mueller Shares New Weight Loss PHOTO Update!

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My 600-Lb Life Janine

Janine Mueller is sharing a new picture update today to show off her dramatic weight loss!

Janine, 53, appeared on My 600-Lb Life tonight weighing in at 678 lbs. She revealed her weight issues began when she was just a child as she was put on a diet at the age of three and on weight loss pills when she was four.

She revealed her mother, who adopted her at two months old, became obsessed with her weight after being told by the adoption agency that her birth mother had weight issues.

“For my mom, it was like an obsession. She was constantly worried or concerned about my weight all the time,” revealed Janine. “She and the pediatrician decided about the time I was three to put me on my first diet. And when I was four the same pediatrician decided it’d be a good idea to start me on diet pills. And that really started to mess me up… My life was never the same after that.”

Losing weight however was no easy task as she first had to fly to Houston to see Dr. Now, and simply boarding the plane proved to be a major struggle due to her weight and two panic attacks. Additionally, Janine was somewhat immobilized and had to use a motorized scooter due to damaged knees from her weight.

Once she got to Houston, she struggled a lot with her diet and Dr. Now had to opt for a minor weight loss procedure which involved putting a gastric balloon in her stomach, and pumping it to make her feel fuller when eating. She ultimately managed to lose 112 pounds after the 12-month mark. The show ended with Janine weighing 566 pounds.

Even better, Janine appears to have lost more weight since filming wrapped on her episode. She took to her Facebook today to share this recent photo of herself showing off her weight loss!

my 600-lb life Janine Mueller update

TLC My 600-Lb Life star Janine Mueller shared a weight loss picture update!

Good to see Janine continuing to lose weight. We wish her the best with her health!