REPORT: 90 Day Fiance’s Nicole To Marry Azan Within A Week! Plus Is Azan Cheating?

by Oye Akinpade Comments

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We have some interesting news to report today. Buckle your seat belts, it’s about to go down as 90 Day Fiancé star Nicole Nafziger is set to tie the knot with her long suffering distance beau Azan Tefou. Good luck dude!

Last month, Nicole posted a photo that she later deleted of herself shopping with her mother for wedding gowns. As expected, this created a lot rumors about her possibly getting married to Azan. Youtuber Keith Brooks, who has close ties with those close to Azan, has now confirmed that Nicole is indeed moving to Morocco to marry Azan before Valentine’s Day since he was denied the k-1 visa in December. Not only that but our dear Nicole also plans to stay in Morocco until the visa is approved… which could take up to 5 years! Lets hope she has a lot of money saved up for that.

90 Day Fiance Nicole wedding dress shopping with mom

Nicole spotted wedding dress shopping with her Mother

What’s rather surprising is Nicole plans on going without the cameras rolling so she isn’t getting paid. “Nicole is moving to Morocco to get married to Azan. And she is going to stay In Morocco until the visa is approved,” said Keith. “And they’re not filming this. She is going without the TLC cameras.”

There is no mention on whether poor May, Nicole’s daughter, will also be tagging along.

Keith then goes on to warn Nicole NOT to go to Morocco citing the fact that the visa approval could take up to 5 years, and also the rumors that Azan is cheating on her with multiple women. These are rumors that we have also been hearing for a while now.

“You’re not thinking straight Nicole. Wake up. The guy’s got six online girlfriends,” said Keith. “I’m going to be doing an interview with one of them, and we’re going to spill the beans. And what she’s going to tell you is not going to be nice. It’s going to be juicy. What she’s going to tell you is how she met him and everything he said about Nicole behind her back… She’s going to tell everything about her relationship with Azan.”

Keith’s comments matches up to rumors we have also been hearing for months now about Azan allegedly talking to multiple girls online in different countries, while also carrying on with one or more local girls in his home country of Morocco. Now these are simply rumors that have yet to be confirmed. But you know what they say, where there’s smoke… We will definitely be watching out for that interview Keith is promising.

Back in December, Keith was the first to report the news that Azan’s K-1 visa was denied, and it looks like the couple decided to completely forgo that process in order to do the CR visa instead. A CR visa is usually granted to a foreign citizen who is already married to a United States citizen, and because of their legal union, the foreign spouse would be granted entry into the United States as a “conditional resident.”