Married At First Sight Recap: Who Celebrates A One Month Wedding Anniversary?

by Oye Akinpade Comments
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This week, the Married at first Sight couples are moving in the right direction. Jonathan offers a piece offering to Molly, you know, following a douche bag moment during the last episode when he exposed Molly’s past threesome to the world for us to judge. Not that I’m judging unless you are.

Call me old school but who celebrates a one month anniversary? Well, the couples on MAFS do because it’s their half way mark until the D-day aka decision day. Which brings us to Shawniece and just in case you’re wondering, she is no longer a stranger wife to Jephte. They seem to actually be getting along better these days.  Must say, it’s so amazing to see Jephte’s growth over the last 4 weeks, as he made Shawniece cry again but this time it was tears of joy!

More specifically, tears of we have come a long way after Jephte gave her heartfelt one month anniversary gifts.  He gave her a wall art with the inscription of Mr & Mrs Pierre on it (it also lights up) and a snow globe with a married couple in it. Shawniece on the other hand gave him socks and a shirt so she may need to step up her gifting game.

Molly and Jonathan go on a date – apple picking and eventually baked a pie that looked surprisingly yummy. Ryan and Jaclyn also have a date on a soccer field so me thinks this was really for Ryan. Way to go dude! But overall they seemed to have fun and that’s all that matters.

Shawniece and Jeptha have truly come a long way as they go out on a date and they even talk about naming their kids so things are certainly moving in the right direction for these two. Meanwhile, things are not going well for another couple as Jaclyn isn’t happy that Ryan is out with the guys. She doesn’t feel like she is his priority.

That’s it for this episode but next week’s preview teases some new drama for Jeptha and Shawniece so stay tuned!