RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Alleges Sister Kim Richards Lied To Her In Lawsuit, Plus Kim Is Living In Home Owned By Kyle

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rhobh kim richards and kyle richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is asking to be removed from a dog bite lawsuit filed against her sister Kim Richards.

Even more, the recent court filing by Kyle is now exposing some family drama as one of the reasons Kyle believes she shouldn’t be listed as a co-defendant in that lawsuit is because she believes Kim lied to her.

For starters, the lawsuit was filed in 2016 against Kim and Kyle by Kim’s former assistant Paige Sanderson.  Paige alleges she was attacked by Kim’s pit bull Kingsley while she was at Kim’s house in 2016.

The lawsuit alleges Kingsley lunged at Paige, biting and holding on to her lower abdomen and crotch. The dog allegedly tore off some of her clothing and ripped out some of the flesh from her skin.

Even worse, Paige alleges Kim refused to call 911 unless she was willing to tell the first responders that a stray dog, and not Kinsley, bit her.

So why is Kyle listed in the lawsuit? Well it just so happens that Kyle and her husband Mauricio Umansky own the condo that Kim was living in during the period of the attack… and still continues to reside in.

Kyle is now responding to the lawsuit in a new court filing uncovered by The Blast. In the filing, Kyle is requesting she be dropped from the lawsuit because while she bought the condo for Kim, she doesn’t receive any rent from her sister.

Kyle says she wasn’t present during the attack and that Kim, who has been living at the property since December 2015, is essentially liable for the home as Kyle has to obtain Kim’s permission before visiting the property.

Things take a turn for the interesting as Kyle claims Kim lied to her by telling her Kingsley was no longer living at the condo during the period of the attack.

The reason Kim might have lied to Kyle? Well, Kingsley also bit one of Kyle’s kids, Alexia, back in 2014 which led to Alexia being hospitalized. This attack caused a rift between the sisters back then and ultimately Kim told Kyle she had sent Kingley away to go live with his trainer in December 2014.

Kyle mentions that Kim even said the same on an episode (a reunion episode) of the RHOBH back then. Kyle also makes it clear that she never permitted or condoned Kingsley living at the home with Kim, and says she had no way of knowing Kingsley was living there as she didn’t visit Kim at her home until April 2016.

Kyle is now asking the court to dismiss her from the ongoing lawsuit. As for the dog bite victim Paige, she is requesting unspecified damages for emotional distress and medical bills.

Oddly enough, this is not the first lawsuit filed against Kim over her dog Kingsley. In September 2017, a Judge ruled that Kim had to pay nearly $60,000 to a former friend who was also attacked by the same pit bull. Kingsley has reportedly attacked four different people.

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