My 600 Lb Life’s Benji and David Bolton Weight Loss PHOTOS Update!

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my 600 lb life benji bolton and david bolton update

Benji Bolton (pictured on the left) and David Bolton appeared on My 600 Lb Life

The latest episode of TLC’s My 600 Lb Life featured two brothers Benji Bolton and David Bolton who both sought help in losing weight.  Below you will see recent photos of the brothers plus the latest update on their weight loss journey!

David, 35, tipped the scales at 747 lbs while 32-yr-old Benji weighed 582 lbs.

As with most participants of the show, the brothers discussed their childhood and what led to their obesity. It turns out that while the older brother David was obese as a child, younger brother Benji was not and actually competed in beauty pageants while growing up.

This led to some pain for David as he always wondered as a kid why he wasn’t allowed to participate in competitions while his younger brother did often. This ended up negatively affecting David’s self-esteem which led to more overeating and weight gain.

“I was always different, bigger than everybody else. And I just took it as being normal. By the time I was six, I was already up to 100 pounds,” revealed David. “But, I started to realize how different I was when my mom started entering my younger brother into these beauty pageants, and she wouldn’t let me do it.” He weighed 145 lbs by the age of ten.

The two struggled with their day to day life as David was no longer able to work, relying on his girlfriend to help take care of him. “I wake up every day hurting. My ankles hurt. My knees hurt. My back hurts. It’s like I’m being punished,” said David. “Because it’s so miserable to do anything, I’ve become almost immobile.”

Benji, who lived with his wife Amanda and their daughter, was still able to make a living as a tow truck driver though his weight starting to take a toll on him as well.

The brothers, who are from Houston, TX didn’t have to travel too far to see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan who specializes in weight loss surgery.

David, who was able to lose 82 pounds on his own, was approved for weight loss surgery but chose to wait for his brother to get approved before going through with it. Benji wasn’t approved as he only lost 11 pounds. During their next check up, David had lost more weight on his own bringing his total weight loss to 141 pounds before surgery. Benji still struggled, only losing a total of 14 pounds. David didn’t want to stall his progress so he elected to move forward with his gastric bypass surgery.

Benji did end up having the weight loss surgery as well after losing over 100 pounds on his own.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing following surgery as Hurricane Harvey hit Houston during that period, and Benji’s home suffered major damage. David also experienced some hardship as he started having some pain and issues with his teeth, which he explained to be a side effect of the gastric bypass.

By the end of the episode, the two had made tremendous progress when it came to their weight loss. David lost an incredible 319 lbs, weighing 420 lbs after his one year mark.

My 600 Lb Life David Bolton Update Picture 2018

David Bolton shared this recent update photo following his My 600 Lb Life episode. He looks great!

Benji also lost a ton of weight, losing a total of 324 lbs and weighing 258 lbs when the show ended. Below are the most recent update photos we could find of the brothers showing off their amazing weight loss!

my 600 lb life benji bolton weight loss update photo

A recent update photo of Benji Bolton after losing 324 lbs!

Benji doesn’t have a Facebook but David does as he created a Facebook page where he plans to share updates about his weight loss journey with fans of the show. You can keep up with him there. Below are more after photos of David!

My 600 Pound Life david bolton update photos

David looks to be leading a more active and happier life following his weight loss

david bolton update pictures

Another recent photo of David!

Photos Credit: TLC