Brielle Biermann Says Mom Kim Zolciak Was “Attacked” During RHOA Reunion & Nene Leakes Responds! Plus Kim Calls Nene a “Bully”

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta filmed their season 10 reunion yesterday and as expected, it was filled with non stop drama that has now spilled onto Twitter!

First, it appears it was Kim Zolciak vs most of the RHOA cast as Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann went on a Twitter rant yesterday and accused the cast of ‘attacking’ Kim.

Brielle, who recently split from her boyfriend of two years, tweeted, “I can’t even express the anger I’m feeling right now. It’s absolutely disgusting how mean grown women can be. I wish nothing more than for the cast of RHOA to find happiness and peace. They need it more than anyone. I’m sick to my stomach.”

“I will never understand the mentality of women aged 40+ attacking another woman for hours on end. I wish they would channel that negativity and anger for someone who is positive, loving, caring, beautiful!” continued Brielle. “It truly breaks my heart for all that my mom has to go thru. There’s not another woman on earth who could take being attacked and ganged up on for hours like she did today. There’s only 2 reasons people hate u. You’re either a threat to them or you have something they don’t.”

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Alrighty. Not quite sure that Kim isn’t guilty of those exact things that Brielle is accusing the RHOA cast of doing!

And as expected Nene Leakes is having none of it as she also took to Twitter this morning to accuse Kim of “crying wolf” and trying to play the victim.

Nene tweeted, “Epic reunion! Kim slowly transformed into boo boo the fool. She was so slanderous and scandalous this season wit a reckless mouth! Now crying wolf! Girl bye wit yo rotten peach.”

Nene added, “I been gained up on at the reunion before (remember when we wore all white) kenya has been gained up on as well and dragged off the couch (no shade) but we had to take it.” It appears Nene might have meant “ganged”.

As for Kim, she is accusing her castmates of being jealous of her and calling them bullies.

Kim tweeted yesterday, “The jealousy was real today on that couch at the reunion.” She then tweeted this morning in response to Nene’s tweets: “You are nothing but a bully! That’s why you 4 all met up to get your “plan of attack” together to gang up on me!”

She deleted her second tweet minutes after posting it but we were able to get a screenshot which is below.

kim tweet nene

Finally, while Bravo has yet to announce when the RHOA season 10 reunion will air, they did provide the reunion sitting chart which is below. Nene and Porsha Williams are sitting the closest to host Andy Cohen while Kenya and Sheree Whitfield are sitting the farthest away from Andy.


Bravo unveiled the RHOA season 10 reunion sitting chart

As most Housewives fans are aware by now, those sitting farthest away from Andy are usually at the highest risk of losing their jobs. While it’s been said that those sitting closest to Andy are those who brought the most drama during that season and are usually safe to return for the next season.

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