Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

by Tiffany Brown Comments

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Few people are as extra as Real Housewives of Potomac’s Karen Huger. She shamelessly flaunts her wealth, throws down old school Virginia shade like nobody’s business, and uses terms like “Grande Dame” to describe herself.

But on last night’s episode, she took it to another level, when she held a “press conference” to set the record straight about the rumors that have been swirling around about her finances.

To refresh you memory, the “Grande Dame” and her husband, Ray, “the black Bill Gates”,  moved out of their palatial estate in Potomac, and into an equally palatial rental property in the nearby, but decidedly less exclusive neighborhood of Great Lakes.

The other ladies wondered why the couple would leave the home they were so proud of, and Karen was cagey about giving them a reason. They suspected that the Hugers were having financial problems, and those suspicions were confirmed when news broke that Ray Huger owed millions in back taxes.

Karen claimed that the tax debt belonged to her husband’s business, and that personally, she was fine. She said that she was concerned for Ray, and sticking by him, but insisted that the debt had nothing, whatsoever, to do with her, and that she remained “debt-free and loaded”.

To prove her point, she was tooling  around town in a brand new, $100,000 Porsche, and summoned the ladies together to ensure that they fully understood that she was still rich, and enjoying the same fabulous and glam life.

The ladies were shocked to find that Karen was not playing when she said she was holding a “press conference”. She was dressed for war in a fierce, and very tight, camo printed jump suit, and a representative from her “team” was present to act as a witness, and to keep things under Karen’s relentless control. She even placed a pad and pencil  at each seat, so the ladies could take notes.

Karen called the conference to order, by announcing that she would not be ganged up on. She would make her statements, and the ladies would listen and learn. She would also show up with a random guy named Matt! She called him a friend of 12 years, but the other ladies had never met him until this event.

The ladies seemed to be thoroughly enjoying Karen’s predicament, and mocked her mercilessly leading up to the press conference. Gizelle even showed up wearing  a homemade T-shirt, with #GodblesstheHugers printed on he front, and #freeUncleBen on the back.

When she greeted Karen, the two hugged and slopped  sugar, but Karen vocalized her doubts that Gizelle truly meant the sentiment. And who can blame her for having doubts? I mean, do these women actually mean any of the things they say?

Karen reiterated her stance that everything was “fine”, and that her finances had always been separate from Ray’s, and that she’d only found out about the tax debt, just before the news broke in The Washington Post.

The ladies have had their doubts about Karen being clueless  about her husband’s taxes. She certainly seems like a savvy person, and surely Ray wouldn’t have kept her in the dark about such a serious issue.

But Karen maintained that she was still “fabulously Karen Huber”, and had no idea about her husband’s business, and couldn’t legally discuss it, even if she did.

But these are nosy women, and they wanted the dirt, so they began asking the burning questions, starting with Robyn wondering if the tax debt had been the reason behind their sudden move from Potomac.

Karen denied that they moved because of the debt, and became rankled by the bold question. But Ashley was inspired, and made an even bolder inquiry about whether, or not, Karen and Ray would be indicted.

It escalated pretty quickly from there, and Karen angrily  asked whether Ashley’s husband, Michael, would be indicted for having his “dingaling swinging all across Instagram”! Well, ok, then!

Ashley said that her husband wasn’t in The Washington Post, and didn’t owe millions to the IRS.  Karen said she didn’t understand why they were all so “obsessed” with everything she did and said, and in a move that would make Sarah Huckabee Sanders proud, announced that she wouldn’t be taking any more question, and ended the press conference without another word.

I suspect we haven’t heard the last about Karen’s money issues, and that the other ladies will continue to gossip behind her back. They may have some extra help on their side too, because we were also introduced to a new cast member last night.

Candiace is a former Miss United States that Ashley met during her days on the beauty pageant circuit. She’s newly engaged, and as excitable as a poodle that’s been left in its crate all day.

Candiace is a lovely and quite animated young woman, who is prone to squealing loudly, flailing about at the slightest provocation.

When she discovered that she’d attended the same university as Monique’s sister, the casual coincidence inspired her to emit a high pitched sound that surely attracted every dog within a ten mile radius.

We also learned Candice is engaged to a guy named Chris, who has three kids by two different women. Gurllll.

In other words, she’s already exhausting and a bit tedious, but I think we can expect her  her to dive right into the fray with gusto, and begin to get into everybody’s business quite soon.

As for some of the other Potomac ladies, Robyn still has no story-line outside of her ‘situationship’ with Juan (didn’t he say he wanted out last season?!) and Gizelle is having great sex with her new beau Sherman! How do we know? Well, she won’t stop talking about it every second!

Well, we’re still only on the second episode of the new season, and the drama is just heating up. Scenes for next week show the ladies spilling more tea, and flashing more fake smiles. We’re also going to learn a bit more about Candiace..hopefully  starting with the odd spelling of her name. Stay tuned, viewers!