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Southern Charm

Southern Charm’s Elizabeth Madison Blasts Naomie Olindo! Accuses Her of Lying and Defends Husband J.D., Naomie Responds

Southern Charm JD Madison Elizabeth Madison and Naomie Olindo

The latest episode of Southern Charm was quite dramatic as viewers got more insight into the marital issues of J.D. and Elizabeth Madison, all thanks to Naomie Olindo!

During a party for Shep Rose’s birthday, Naomie was quick to call out J.D. for being a bad husband, even accusing him of cheating on Elizabeth and going out every night.

It was quite intense, and ultimately J.D. ended up leaving the party early while denying Naomie’s allegations.

Fast forward to today and Elizabeth is now speaking out about all of the drama. And surprisingly, she is slamming her friend Naomie while defending her estranged husband.

Elizabeth tweeted on April 12, “There is nothing worse than having what you thought was a friend make false allegations & take my PRIVACY & my OWN voice away! She is making allegations about JD & my family that are not true! This has hurt me more than I can express.? This BS didn’t come from me! #southerncharm”.  Yikes!

She added, “Sure, I’m on a reality show & I expect to share parts of my life with the world! In the last 4 seasons, I chose what I would share.This season is obviously different. To be clear, it is MY life & I have my OWN voice. I choose WHEN & WHERE to voice it.”

Elizabeth made one more tweet, writing: “For @JDMadisonSC to be attacked like that is not acceptable. It was an unprovoked attack at a very inappropriate place.”

Naomie is responding by calling foul on Elizabeth’s claims. According to Naomie, she had Elizabeth’s permission to talk about her marriage during filming.

Naomie tweeted, “Of course everything I said tonight was approved before AND discussed after with Liz. Sad to see her covering for him again. I wish you the best @lizcharleston1.”

As for J.D., he thanked Elizabeth for defending him and for being a “good friend.”

He tweeted, “Hard episode to watch. Thank you for being a good friend, Elizabeth. I’m glad none of this BS came from you. Good thing I got there late, or it would have been me on the grill! Lord help me!”

Southern Charm airs Thursday nights on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Twitter, Bravo



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