Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Meme Girls

by Tiffany Brown Comments

Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

On last night’s Real Housewives of Potomac, the shade was real and the friendships were fake…as usual.

When we picked up with the ladies, Karen was still presiding over her press conference with no press, and admonishing the women for asking questions.

You see, it was never meant to be a dialogue. Karen simply wanted to say her peace, and move on. The other ladies were supposed to shut up, and listen, and Gizelle had had enough of the “Grande Dame” holding court.

She announced she leaving with her ever faithful sidekick, Robyn, following behind her. But a parting shot was in order, so Gizelle removed her jacket, and turned around to reveal what was written on the back:#freeKaren, #freeUncleBen, #taxreform.

See?! Real shade…fake friend. Karen was understandably upset, and called Gizelle “tacky”. Gizelle tried to say it was just a joke, but Karen wasn’t laughing. She said Gizelle was enjoying her predicament, and trying to kick her while she was down.

And Karen’s not wrong. She’s known Gizelle longer than any of the other ladies, and yet she hasn’t once sincerely inquired about her “friend”. She has, on the other hand, gossiped, made speculations, and laughed.

Gizelle and Robyn finally took their leave, giggling like mean school girls about how Karen couldn’t take a “joke”.  Robyn really should have been more sensitive. She feels as though the other women think she’s beneath them because she’s not as wealthy as they are, and she doesn’t like it. But the minute she had the opportunity to look down on someone else, she took it. Real shade..fake friend.

Robyn also isn’t fond of having her life choices questioned. She’s had several arguments with Ashley about her rather odd relationship with her ex husband, Juan. Are they together, or not? No one quite knows for sure.

But they are raising their children together, and last night they moved into a new home together, but when Robyn asked Juan to accompany her to the birthday party Monique was throwing for her husband, he declined. Perhaps he doesn’t like fake people?

Prior to the party, Monique invited Ashley, and new housewife, Candiace, over to her place so she and Ashley could prepare Candiace for her first event as a housewife.

They told her that dealing with the other ladies could be tough, especially because of the generation gap. The other women, they said, were their mothers’ ages (OUCH!) and could always be counted on to talk down to the younger women, and be dismissive.

When talk turned to Robyn, Ashley reflected on the many arguments they’ve had about Robyn and Juan’s relationship. She also said that Gizelle had informed her that Robyn hated her.

Monique could relate. She’s mostly gotten along with Robyn since joining the cast, but couldn’t help feeling that Robyn had been a little chilly towards her recently. But when she’d attempted to discuss it, Robyn had quickly brushed her off.

On the day off the party, Monique decided to attempt the conversation again, and this time Robyn gave her a mouthful!  Apparently, there was a rather nasty meme posted to Monique’s fan page that featured a picture of Robyn fanning herself, with the tag line, “when you get roasted”. The meme referred to last year’s reunion, and the comments the women made regarding Robyn’s relationship with Juan.

Monique denied making the meme, saying she had no time for such nonsense. Robyn said that Monique may not have had time, but the people she paid certainly did.  Monique said that she didn’t pay anyone for posting things to social media, and if she had something to say to, or about, Robyn, she would do it herself.

But Monique did “like” the meme, and admitted to knowing who created it, but refused to tell Robyn who it was. She quickly shut the conversation down, saying the day was about her husband, and she wasn’t going to waste another moment arguing with Robyn, and sashayed off to mingle with her other guests. Real shade..fake friend.

Ashley had watched the scene unfold from a distance, and her curiosity quickly got the best of her, so she  walked over to Robyn, and asked what had happened, her voice dripping with faux concern.  Robyn told Ashley about the meme, and said she was tired of answering to the other women about her relationship. She said that Juan was back for good, and they were trying to make it work.

Ashley is pretty judgmental about Robyn’s relationship, despite the fact that she just reunited with her own husband after months of living apart. Perhaps Ashley has a valid point about Robyn settling or perhaps she’s projecting her own feelings about her mother’s relationship to Robyn and Juan’s.

Ashley was quick to point out that Juan had only come “scurrying back” to Robyn because things hadn’t worked out for him while he was living over seas with another woman. Now, why on earth would she bring that up?! And in mixed company? Maybe because she’s a fake friend throwing real shade?

She went on to caution Robyn that the situation was not “conducive to a happy life”, and said that they didn’t need to be together to raise their children.  That did it! Robyn said that she was sick of Ashley being in her business, and rightfully told her to “f*** off!”, before leaving the party in a huff.

Well, at least Candiace got to meet the ladies,  although if I were her, I’d probably run for the hills. Thankfully, she was distracted by her fiancé, Chris’ “drunk white boy” shenanigans.

Chris made fast friends with a man named Hank, and the two thought it would be a great idea to climb up to Monique’s balcony, and swan dive into the pool below. But fortunately for Candiace, everyone was too preoccupied their own issues to notice.

We’re in for a pretty interesting season with these ladies, so stay tuned! There’s plenty more shade to come.