Real Desperate Housewife? RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Warned to Stop Contacting Judge For Prison Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams’ Early Release

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Sheree Whitfield boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield is known for doing whatever it takes to get what she wants, and we just found out that she took some pretty desperate (and reckless) measures to get her prison bae, Tyrone Gilliams, out of jail!

Tyrone, who isn’t scheduled to be released until November 2022, is currently serving a ten-year sentence for wire fraud in a federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi; and although both he and Sheree seemed hopeful for an early release, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.

A month after Tyrone’s first appeal was denied in March 2018, Radar Online learned exclusively that Tyrone filed new documents on April 16th, 2018 stating that he “intended to appeal” the judge’s denial for release based on his “failure to provide new evidence.”

Sheree was surely disappointed with this news, but as it turns out, she may not be have been doing her boyfriend any favors with the judge.

Apparently, in a bid to get her boo back, Sheree thought it would be a grand idea to just go ahead and contact the judge herself!

But here’s a little known fact about federal judges: you can’t just call them up and start asking for favors and making demands. They really, really don’t like it.

Court documents revealed that Tyrone was ordered to stop contacting Judge Deborah A.Batts’ chambers directly, after she received “several emails sent on behalf of Mr. Gilliam from his purported girlfriend.”  He was also admonished for leaving “several voicemails” for the judge.

”It’s inappropriate for the court to receive ex parte communications directly from the Parties, or their family and friends”, the documents stated.

“Ex parte” no less! I guess that’s what you call legal shade. It sounds like you better slow your roll, Sheree. This judge is not afraid to “check you, boo!”

As far as Sheree and Tyrone’s romance goes, it may not last much longer. During the season 10 reunion, Sheree said that she loves her man, but won’t be waiting for him, and has even started dating other men. And, really who can believe blame her? Sheree is in her prime, and those collect calls can get pretty pricey! Best of luck, girl.

While the RHOA season is technically over, Bravo is airing a “10th Anniversary Special” tonight at 8/7c.