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Real Housewives of Potomac

Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Candiace Holds Her Own Against Gizelle and Charrisse

RHOP Recap Candiace and Charrisse Fight

Wow! There’s A LOT to unpack from last night’s Real Housewives of Potomac. So let’s get into it, shall we?

For starters the ladies planned another trip, a retreat in the woodsy and idyllic Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. These trips never go well, but the drama started before they even left Potomac.

Monique, Candiace, Ashley, and Charrisse met at a spa for some much needed down time, but it was more like torture. They started with Cryogenic Therapy  and got even colder from there. 

After their treatments, which involved spending 3 minutes being blasted with temperatures the aestician said were “colder that the than the coldest place on earth” in what looked like a shower stall, the ladies settled in for a post mortem on Candiace’s Bubble Soccer party.

They all agreed they’d had  a good time, but Candiace mentioned that she was still a bit annoyed about Gizelle asking “what else” her mother paid for, after she’d revealed that her mother paid half the mortgage on the home she shares with her fiancé, Chris. Ashley and Monique both agreed that the question had been shady and intrusive, but Charrise defended her friend, and reminded Candiace that she was the one who’d volunteered the information.

Monique pointed out that regardless of who paid for their house, Chris must me doing pretty well for himself to be able to afford the large rock Candiace sports on her finger.

Monique was only trying to help, but she inadvertently left the newbie wide open, and without missing a beat, Charrisse asked, “did your mom pay for that too?” You could have heard a pin drop. Monique and Ashley sat frozen, waiting  for the fallout. But then Charrisse broke the tension by breaking out into a playful, but evil cackle, and assured them that it was just a “joke”. Candiace was clearly still a bit shaken by such abrupt (and brutal) shade, but she quickly pulled herself together, and laughingly informed her that the ring was “all Chris”.

The conversation was dropped but Candiace was still thinking about it a few days later, and brought it up while shopping with Monique and Ashley. Again, Ashley and Monique agreed that the question had been mean spirited, but cautioned her to develop a thicker skin because dealing with the ladies wasn’t easy. Candiace told them that she was pretty tough, and could turn into a “hurricane” when she was pushed too far.

Ashley wasn’t so sure, particularly after Candiace broke into tears discussing the stress of planning her wedding and arguing with her mother over the detail. She mused that Candiace was more like a “light drizzle on a summer day”, and might not be tough enough to stand up to the other women. But it would turn out that she was very, very wrong about the rookie housewife.

After shopping came lunch and drinks, which would turn out to be an ill fated choice. On the five minute drive home, Monique became so “tired” from her liquid lunch that she fell asleep, ran into a small tree, and narrowly missed hitting a much larger tree by running her car off the road.

It was a pretty grisly looking accident, but luckily Monique walked away with only a sore back. But here’s a little advice for you, Monique: it’s probably not the best idea to openly admit to driving under the influence on national television. Just for future reference.

The other ladies immediately suspected that alcohol had played a part in Monique’s accident and asked  how much she’d had to drink. They seemed more than skeptical when she said she’d had “only” two martinis. ONLY?! Have you seen Monique? She weighs about 12 pounds! But I digress.

Before the ladies took off on their trip, they spent some time with their men. Karen was still worried about Ray’s tax debt, but said he wasn’t telling her much in order to “protect” her. Although, what he’s protecting her from is anybody’s guess, since according Karen, it’s business debt, and doesn’t involve her in the least.

Robyn and Juan are finally in a good place, and now that they’re both enjoying successful and lucrative careers, they’re beginning to relax and reconnect.

And speaking of reconnecting, Ashley’s  family drama is putting a strain on her reconciliation with her husband, Michael. He had been more than willing to help Ashley’s mother financially, as long as she broke up with her deadbeat boyfriend. But instead, she moved him into the new home they bought her, and he told Ashley to cut her off, altogether..or else. Ashley tried to explain that her mother just needed a few more months to get on her feet, but Michael was pretty fed up, and again, issued his wife and ultimatum: stop paying her mother’s way, or he would leave the relationship.

Charrisserelationship with Sherman seemed a little rocky last night, too. She said she felt he was being distant all of a sudden for seemingly no reason. But she’s a busy, single mother of two, and doesn’t have time to play Sherman’s games.

It was the perfect time to skip town, and the ladies began their journey in good spirits, laughing and throwing low key shade at each other. The good time lasted for about 5 minutes, which I believe is actually a record for this group.

Candiace decided to confront about asking who paid for herCharrisse  ring. Charrisse said once again that it was a joke, and Candiace said she guessed Charrisse just needed to have her “shady b**** moment”. It was an unwise choice of words. Charrisse went OFF, wanting to know who Candiace thought she was calling a b****.  Candiace was taken aback by Charrisse’s vehement reaction, and tried to explain that she wasn’t calling Charrisse a b****, and only meant that her question had been b****y.

But Charrisse didn’t want to hear it, and said she didn’t “play with children”, to which Candiace responded, “I don’t play with old  ladies”! Okay, new girl…we see you! Their argument devolved into more yelling, pointing in each other’s faces, and calling each other names like, “little girl” and “geriatric”. Poor Monique was stuck in the seat between, then trying to avoid getting poked in the eye, as they leaned across her, and pointed in each other’s faces.

The other ladies just watched the melee unfold, looking almost bored. Although, Karen was delighted not to be the one arguing, for once, and Gizelle could be heard in the background saying that Charrisse’s ring question was “legitimate”.

After the ladies arrived at the resort, they split up into two groups to drive to the house they would be sharing with “little girls” (Ashley, Monique, and Candiace) in one car, and “geriatrics” (Charrisse, Gizelle, Robyn, and Karen) in the other. They were also separated into two different schools of thought on Candiace and Charrise’s blowup. The “little girls” were firmly on Candiace’s side, but the others felt Candiace had been wrong for calling names.

When the ladies reconvened for dinner, Ashley tried to clear the air, saying that they were all going through a lot, and may have taken it out on each other unintentionally. But the tension was like a  rubber band stretched to its snapping point, and Candiace had plenty more to say. After basically repeating their earlier argument, Charrisse said she was done talking about it, and turned to the rest of women to ask, “where did she even come from”, to which Candiace replied, “I came from Jesus”. OY!

At this point, Gizelle jumped into the fray to defend Charrisse. She told Candiace that she owed Charrisse an apology for the name calling, but Candiace said she had only been defending herself, and that Gizelle was not Charrisse’s mother, and should stay out of it and “stay in her seat”! The command was purely figurative, as Gizelle had remained seated the whole time, but the others were pretty shocked and a little impressed. No one speaks to Gizelle that way…and certainly not the new girl!

Gizelle told Candiace to “shut the f*** up!”, again leading to shocked faces among the other women. It was getting pretty heated…not to mention loud! And luckily, a waiter, who surely must have wished he’d taken the day off, appeared with a pitcher of water, and asked if everything was alright. The ladies suddenly realized how ratchet they looked, and sheepishly replied that yes, everything was fine, and pulled themselves together…for the time being.

The ladies continue their trip on next week’s episode, and it’s doesn’t appear to get any better. Previews show the ladies confronting Monique about her drinking, and asking Karen about the continued rumors about her relationship with “Blue Eyes.” Stay tuned!



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