RHOP’s Monique Samuels Addresses Claims That She Was Drinking and Driving Before Car Accident, Calls Ashley Darby a Liar!

by Sola Delano

RHOP Monique Samuels vs Ashley Darby

Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels is firing back at claims that drinking and driving led to her car accident on the latest episode of the Bravo show.

Even more, that insinuation came from Monique’s friend and castmate Ashley Darby, who after hearing about Monique falling asleep at the wheel and crashing her car into a small tree, insinuated she might have been drunk at the wheel.

Monique stated she had two drinks and ate, and wasn’t drunk at all. Ashley however claimed that Monique had more than two drinks while they were hanging out together earlier that night away from cameras.

Following the episode, Monique took to Twitter to deny any claims that she was reckless behind the wheel, while also calling Ashley a liar.

First, Monique tweeted: “Okay @_AshleyDarby So is this what you do when you don’t want to deal with your own problems at home? Just start making up random lies during confessionals?! ??‍♀️ #RHOP #ISeeYouClearly.”

She later added: “Whatever @_AshleyDarby don’t mistake how many you had compared to what I had. I paid the bill. I know what I ordered… and how many you ordered ? #RHOP.”

monique samuels tweets

Monique later added, “Trust! I will park a car real quick and Uber home if I’ve had too much to drink. I would never do that to myself, Hubby or kids smh.”

And just moments ago, Monique flat out accuses Ashley of lying after a follower wondered why Ashley would let her drive if she felt Monique had been drinking too much.

Monique responded: “Exactly! If I appeared the least bit tipsy, Ashley would not have let me drive. This is what surprises me most about her lying. She knew I was okay. I knew I was ok and I proceeded to shop when she left for an hour before I even got in my car #rhop.”

monique samuels tweets 1

Ashley has yet to respond to Monique’s tweets. Finally, Monique also addressed the criticism from some fans that she spends too much time complaining about busy despite being a housewife.

She insisted that she really is busy and that they just don’t show the work aspect of her life.

RHOP airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Joe Seer/Shutterstock.com, Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com