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Real Housewives of Potomac

VIDEO: Gizelle Bryant Confronts Boyfriend Sherman’s Ex-Wife on the RHOP Mid-Season Trailer!

RHOP real housewives of potomac season 3 CAST PHOTO

The third season of The Real Housewives of Potomac has undoubtedly been the juiciest yet, but by the looks of the mid season trailer, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

It seems the women’s romantic relationships will figure heavily in the second half of the season, and each is having their own set of difficulties.

Gizelle Bryant has spoken quite a bit about the growing distance between herself and her boyfriend, Sherman Douglas, and it doesn’t appear that they’ll be getting any closer as the season progresses. Her cast mast, Ashley Darby, says Sherman “hasn’t been to anything,” referring to the many parties and get-togethers the ladies regularly attend.

It’s not clear if their relationship woes have anything to do with the sudden appearance of Sherman’s ex wife, Kyndall Douglas, but something tells me it won’t help matters. The two women appear to have a tense sit down, and Gizelle can be seen issuing an angry warning: “If I take a shot, I don’t miss.”  Well, that’s a bit dark!

Things look kind of  bleak for engaged couple, Candiace Dillard and Chris Bassett, as well. They seem to have a pretty awkward chat about prenups, and later Candiace removes her engagement ring, and tells her fiancée, “I, like, need a break”. OMG, like, wow!

We’re not used to hearing much from Monique Samuels husband, Chris, but the gentle giant can be seen telling his wife, “You know, you hurt my feelings, too.” It’s not clear what exactly causes those hurt feelings, but it’s possible that Monique’s career aspirations play a part in their overall discontent.

She breaks down while talking to the other women and explains that she would never want her husband to feel like she doesn’t need him if she were to “find success” in her own right.

Even Karen Huger, “The Grande Dame” herself, isn’t immune to the relationship strife plaguing the show. Cast mate, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, already let the cat out of the bag about Karen’s husband, Ray, asking for a divorce, and although Karen confirmed it, she brushed it off as something that happened early on in their marriage. But now, it’s starting to sound like their problems are very much in the present, and Ray might really want out!

According to Ashley, Ray allegedly plans to “pack up and move to Florida.” The question is…with whom? Gizelle seems to think he has eyes for the co-founder of her cosmetics line (EveryHue Beauty), Erika Liles, and tells Karen that everybody knows “he actually wants to be with her.”  Sounds a bit harsh, right? But she supports her claim by pointing out Ray’s tendency to leave Karen “in the dust “ whenever the other woman is present.

So, it looks like the second half of the season has plenty of drama in store for us! The ladies will also enjoy an oppulent trip to France, and new suspicions will arise regarding Karen’s new home in Great Falls. You can see the full clip of the trailer below, but keep in mind, that’s just the highlight reel…the devil always lives in the details! Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Bravo TV



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