90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Nicole Prepares for Her Wedding to Azan

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Boiling Point Nicole Wedding Dress

The drama! The fights! This episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is full of everything a person could never want in a relationship…

Nicole and Azan:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Boiling Point Nicole Parents

Over in Florida, Nicole has decided to live in Morocco and then apply for the K3 visa. This means she will be uprooting her daughter and having a wedding in Morocco. Extreme? Yes. Over lunch with her mother and step-father, Nicole shares that she is upset that her mother is not supportive of her upcoming Moroccan nuptials and can ya blame the woman? Nicole is still unsure why the K1 visa was denied, but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. “Nicole can be a very smart individual,” but in this scenario, seems like someone is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Nicole has made it VERY clear that she “doesn’t care about what they think” about her relationship with Azan. Her step-dad reminds Nicole that Azan has not had a job in the two years she has “dated” him and also lets Nicole know that all Azan is doing is “milking her.” Nicole states, “What happens financially between me and Azan is my business.” Her step-dad claims that Nicole is “trying to buy his affection” and boy is that a tough pill to swallow for Nicole.

It’s time for Nicole to say yes to the dress! It can’t be a wedding without a gown and Nicole needs one ASAP for her Moroccan nuptials. It’s the most uncomfortable situation when Nicole puts her mom on the spot and lets her know that she will be paying for the dress. Surprise! The poor lady working in the store is so confused and awkward, but does her best to try and find the perfect gown for Nicole. It only takes Nicole two tries to find the dress of her dreams. A little snug, mind you-“Come help me- I need four hands” to zip it- but a dress nonetheless. Nicole models around in this strapless number and demands her mother say she likes it. The next thing you know, Nicole’s mom is purchasing a $799 dress to bring to Morocco because nothing says a Moroccan wedding quite like a strapless, sparkly gown!

Anfisa and Jorge:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Boiling Point Anfisa Jorge

Ah, the happy couple has reunited! Jorge has moved back in with Anfisa, but it doesn’t look like Anfisa has entirely forgiven him. Seems like a totally healthy idea to give this relationship another go. Anfisa has decided to go to couple’s counseling with Jorge, despite the fact that “culturally” she doesn’t really talk about her feelings. Jorge seems like a natural throughout this counseling session, but let’s be real. He’s only saying what Anfisa wants to hear. He claims he “miscommunicates” with Anfisa–not to be confused with lying. The therapist lets Jorge know that Anfisa is “frustrated” and that Jorge’s sh*t-talking is a way of “discounting her feelings.” Anfisa states that she feels like “now everything’s falling apart and” she’s not sure “how things are gonna work out.” The therapist asks Anfisa, “If your tears could talk what would they say?” Anfisa is very cryptic about her true feelings when it comes to Jorge and you can tell that it’ll talk a lot of time and work to make this relationship better…even though it has never been good.

Post therapy, the duo discuss how it went. Anfisa insists that Jorge hasn’t been 100% truthful and she is not sure if she can get over it. When asked by the producers how the session went, Jorge mutters some stupid response and admits he “can’t really remember.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you smoke too much pot.

Russ and Paola:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Boiling Point Paola Russ and Juan

While in Colombia, Paola explains to her family that she has pulled back from them because she always has bad news to share. She knows that her family is struggling enough over the sick grandmother, so she didn’t want to worry them further. Pao states, “This situation makes me want to heal and fix things with my family and friends in Colombia.” So naturally, Pao meets up with the infamous Juan. Juan is Pao’s BFF. Unfortunately, Juan is not a fan of Russ and Russ is not a fan of Juan, so that leaves Pao stuck in the middle. Therefore, Pao leaves Russ home so she can hang with her friend. Turns out, Juan shares the same feelings as Pao’s family: he also feels like Pao abandoned her family and those who love her.

Juan explains that he can never forget what “Russ did to” Pao. I feel like this whole “Russ vs. Juan” segment is totally fake and staged. Juan is a bad actor who exclaims like a cartoon character when Pao shares the news she wants to start a family. He shrieks and his eyes get big and I think he is full of it. Pao needs to stop trying to get these two men in the same room cuz it’s never gonna work out.
When is this lady gonna understand that her “two worlds” are never gonna “connect to each other” so Pao “can feel complete?” It’s an absolute recipe for disaster and Russ knows that Juan is completely insincere and rude. Russ makes it clear that he “is tired of Juan’s drama,” but he will go hang out with Juan to “support” Pao. Whatta guy!

This Russ/Juan meeting is taking place at a nightclub…seems appropriate to me… Anyway, Pao promises to back Russ up if (when) Juan starts drama with Russ. Once Juan enters, you can cut the tension with a knife. Juan has a bug up his butt and flips the bird at Russ. So unnecessary. I can’t tell if this is a joke or if they are really fighting. I mean, Pao’s smirking, Juan is giving the stink eye, and Russ just tattle-tales. Pao and Juan excuse themselves to go to the bathroom and the besties argue about Juan’s behavior. When Juan returns to the table, he lets Russ know that it is his fault that Pao is the way she is now. Way to go, Pao. Good thing you insisted on getting these guys together. Now that her plan totally backfired, Juan is asking that Pao choose either Russ or himself. Juan promises that if Pao leaves, he will never see her again. Who will Pao choose?! Is there really a choice?! Drama, drama, drama!

Chantel and Pedro:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Boiling Point Pedro and Chantel

Are Pedro’s bags packed to go back to the DR yet? Turns out, if ya pump Pedro full of wine, he will spill his true intentions: he will be returning back to the Dominican Republic sans Chantel. WHAT?! This is like the worst day after drinking surprise ever for Pedro. You know that next-day-feeling after a drunken night? Like, what did I say? Did I lose my phone? Do I have my credit cards? But Pedro…Pedro did way worse in his drunken stupor: “I spill the beans to the family Chantel about me going back to the DR.” Chantel’s parents can’t seem to comprehend Pedro’s intentions.

And as it turns out, the family Chantel has reason to be suspicious. Pedro’s mother is a “lawyer,” who also has a business to find “stupid Americans” who will marry Dominicans in order to “harvest the American dollar.” Sounds complicated to me, but seems like Pedro fits that criteria. I mean, have you seen Chantel?! Pedro denies such a claim: “Sorry so much, Ms. Karen, but you take it the wrong way.” Chantel’s parents let Pedro know that they plan on investigating the family Pedro to get to the bottom of this marriage “scam.” Pedro does not back down and almost taunts them: “I don’t know what happened to the head of Chantel parent. Go do your investigation.”

Pedro is beyond annoyed with the family Chantel and takes a break because he is frustrated. He facetimes his sister and fills her in on the details that occurred earlier in the evening. His sister states, “I thought they had mental problems, but now I realize they are just bad people.” Pedro feels like the family Chantel is trying to put something “in the head of Chantel” because they don’t want the couple to survive.

Can we please discuss the family Chantel’s hiking outfits? I don’t know about you, but going on a hike with a group of people you dislike sounds like a terrible idea. Pedro is so annoyed that I fear that he may veer off the hike and get himself lost so that he wouldn’t have to deal with any more investigative questioning. As the family “roughs it,” Chantel and Pedro talk amongst themselves about the secret DR family business. After the “nice inspirational walk,” the family Chantel decides to have a family dinner. It doesn’t take long for River, Chantel’s brother, to stir the pot yet again about this whole Pedro returning to the DR issue. He wastes no time to question Pedro about this topic and Chantel does the talking because by now, Pedro has just tuned the family Chantel out. Everyone keeps poking and poking at Chantel and Pedro, until finally Pedro cannot take it anymore and just up and leaves the dinner table. Looks like this time Pedro has been pushed too far…

Molly and Luis:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Boiling Point Molly and Luis

Anyone else tired of this couple? How bad is Luis? I mean, the guy cannot even babysit Kensley while Molly is away for the weekend on a business trip. Molly had to call her MOTHER in as back-up because she couldn’t trust Luis to be “the sole care-giver.” Yea. Right. Luis has made zero effort to help, but that doesn’t stop Molly’s mom from showing him the snow outside. For his first ever snow experience, Luis heads out looking like an 80’s rocker in a white fur coat. Ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as the sit-down conversation Luis has with Molly’s mother. She tries to talk some sense into Luis, but talking to Luis is like talking to a brick wall.

Luis did not step up to the plate over the weekend. No surprise there. Thank GOD Molly’s mother went over to take care of Kensley; otherwise, she would have been starved and swinging from the chandeliers. Once she returns from her business trip, Molly “acts” like she is gonna lay down the law with Luis, but let’s be real. Molly is a complete pushover when it comes to Luis and hears out his side of the story. She states the same thing over and over again and simply wants Luis to be someone he is not. He will never be the man who jumps into the role of step-father because he does not WANT to do that. Luis states that Molly “need to work on her attitude and relax” in order for this to work. The audacity! Luis doesn’t even deny is lack of effort. Instead he simply says, “Do you want to say again get out of my house?”

Luis misses the nightclubs, the dancing, the beaches, and the food. Tell Molly to quit it before she makes herself look any more stupid. She takes this guy back every time and claims she is “frustrated and it’s not worth it.” Plus, Luis is “not happy.” Even Molly admits that that “oh my” feeling is gone. Now that the butterflies have flown away and the reality has set in, Molly states that she “cannot push someone in becoming a co-parent role…” but something tells me she is gonna keep trying!

David and Annie:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Boiling Point Ashley and David

The last time we saw David and Annie, we watched as they gathered to support David’s son, who was recently shot in the face. David realized that it’s time to “reconnect and help repair” his familial relationships…starting with his daughter, Ashley. Ashley and David meet for a bite to eat and they both understand that life is precious and since Jacob’s injury, it’s important to fix the family. In the past, Ashley tried to break up David and Annie, yet denies this. David shares that Annie is uncomfortable around Ashley because, let’s face it, Ashley’s scary as hell. Ashley explains that she is “irked” and “wants to leave now” because “her anxiety is through the roof.” What just happened?! Why is Ashley freaking out?

It appears as though Ashley is annoyed that David left “his kids and his grandkids in the dust” for Annie, his 25 year old wife. She is tired of the betrayal and of David not putting his kids first. Ashley claims she “just wants things to get better,” but David swears he will communicate more and be a better husband and father. Suuure.