90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Big Little Lies

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap Big Little Lies Azan and Nicole

Lies! Drama! Divorces! It’s going down on this episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After

Luis & Molly:

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap Big Little Lies Luis and Molly

We left off last episode as Molly fought with an angry, obnoxious teenager…uh, I mean Luis. He locked himself in the guest bedroom, blasting music and Molly is “fed up with this crap.” Therefore, she does what any psycho would do and picks the door lock with a screw driver. She’s like Harriet the Spy. Once Molly enters the room, the fight ensues. Luis lunges and grabs the house phone and threatens to call the police. Molly tries to wedge herself back into the room once Luis slams the door shut and it appears as though Luis has followed through on his threat: he’s called the cops. Molly is equal parts livid and terrified. “My nail is broken and he’s acting nutty!” Molly swears that she is about to snap and she is done, so she packs a go bag and bounces with Kensley. Off they go to Molly’s bestie’s house quick as can be and manage to beat out the cops’ arrival.

After escaping Luis (and the cops), Molly returns back to her house the next day. She tries to prepare herself as she enters the house void of Luis. The guy seems to be gone and has made an absolute mess while packing up his belongings. Molly knows “for sure” that she doesn’t want this relationship any longer and claims she “never saw it coming to this.” Lady. It’s been coming for a LONG time. Molly attempts to contact Luis, but the guy “doesn’t wanna talk” and keeps hanging up on Molly. She is going to meet with an immigration attorney so she can get Luis out her life…for good.

Molly doesn’t mess around. She heads to the divorce lawyer right away and gives her full story on her relationship with Luis. She gives the lawyer all of the details about Luis and all I can think about is the jet black wig this lawyer is rocking. Looks good on him, though! Molly listens to the wigged man and is concerned that Luis can get some of her money; however, due to the “minimal exposure of the relationship,” Molly looks like she is in good shape. Step one: divorce. Step two: get Luis back where he belongs.

Nicole & Azan:

So, they did it. They really did it. Nicole and May left everything behind and are Morocco bound. Nicole’s love has driven this “adventure,” despite hearing the “heartbreaking” voice recordings of Azan talking to other women. Plural. Nicole states that she “just loves him so much and can’t wait to be his wife.” Seems like Azan’s plan to ditch Nicole has backfired. Homegirl traveled 18 hours to Morocco and you better believe this wedding’s happening.

Azan claims that he is “really excited” for Nicole to be in Morocco, but his body language says otherwise. To the cameras, Azan admits he talked to other women, but kinda explains it as a tit for tat deal because Nicole also cheated during their relationship. The initial greeting with these love birds was awkward as hell, considering Azan looks more excited to see May than Nicole. The couple canoodles in the back seat of the taxi as they head to the “blue city.” Azan is still sticking with this “we can’t stay in the same room” rule and I think half of it has to do with his religion, and the other half has to do with Nicole. I mean, when Nicole looks deep into Azan’s eyes, he states, “So I think I’ll let you rest now.” That says it all.

The next day, the happy fam heads out for a bite to eat, but Nicole wants to hear more details about Azan’s recordings. The elephant in the room gets brought back to the forefront. Azan never thought Nicole would find the recordings (ouch) and that he was drunk. Azan thinks it was meant to be funny to “me and my friends,” but cannot keep a straight face when he discusses the issue. Nicole asks, “Are you committed to me? To us, and our marriage?” and Azan asks for “just one more chance” and a twenty dollar bill. Just kidding about the money part…

Russ & Paola:

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap Big Little Lies Paola and Russ

The “fake” angry couple discusses the previous night’s fight between Russ and Juan, Pao’s BFF. This story line is getting old. Either pick one, Pao, or figure out a way to make the guys get along. Russ calls Pao “a mean girl,” but hopes they can move on. PLEASE CAN WE JUST MOVE ON?

Pao and Russ head to dinner with Geo, Pao’s OTHER friend. Hopefully the fellas get along better than Juan and Russ. It turns out that Geo is a photographer in Colombia and he suggests that Pao do “something really Colombian” and make a calendar starring, you guessed it, Pao. This calendar involves body paint and obviously Russ gets salty about the potential sexuality involved in this escapade. Geo explains there’s a fine line between trashy photos and beauty and he promises to be sure that Pao AND Russ will be happy with the results. “At this point in my life, I’m just accomplishing things I’ve always wanted to do.” Soooo Pao has always wanted her body to be painted in the colors of the Colombian flag? Who knew?

Calendar photo shoot day is here! Before Pao’s family and Russ arrive, Pao invites Juan to hang with her during hair and makeup. Juan rolls up early to the shoot and catches up with Pao…really he just relives the fight with Russ again and again. NEW STORY LINE. Juan states that he is giving Pao the confidence she “doesn’t get from her husband” and continues jabbing their relationship left and right…that is until he hears that Russ has arrived at the photo shoot. Russ walks in with Pao’s parents and they immediately spot Juan and begin hugging and kissing Juan hello. Poor Russ has to witness that and then gets fed up with Pao’s “artistic photos.” Pao’s mom looks how I feel: over this completely.

When Pao makes her body paint debut, her father can hardly look (I mean her nips are out!) and it appears as though whoever painted the word “Colombia” on Pao’s chest was in kindergarten. My goodness. According to Pao, the photos look so “sexy, classy, and me.” Yikes.

Jorge & Anfisa:

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap Big Little Lies Anfisa and Jorge

SURPRISE! Jorge went to a divorce attorney, got busted for it via the show’s producers, yet continues to lie to Anfisa’s face about the entire debacle. Jorge lies so hard and claims it’s because he doesn’t want to hurt Anfisa’s feelings. I think he’s just so stoned he honestly doesn’t remember what he says, what he does, or what day of the week it is. It appears as though Anfisa is fed up with Jorge’s antics. When she straight up asks Jorge if he wants a divorce, he stares dumbly and says “no.” Someone needs to remind Jorge he is on a tv show and that eventually, Anfisa is going to see the whole divorce lawyer scene unravel before her eyes. Anfisa says she is “scared” to be in a relationship with such a liar and fears that Jorge’s family is trying to “f*ck up” their relationship. Back to therapy they go!

Anfisa is looking forward to this counseling session because Jorge will not be joining her this time. She feels like she can open up a bit more without Jorge sitting next to her and begins sharing about Jorge’s newest lie. Anfisa explains her family background with the therapist and we find out that Anfisa’s grandmother brought her up. As an only child, it’s a bit scary for Anfisa, as she has left everything and everyone she loved to come be with Jorge. She is angry. When asked by the therapist, “What are Jorge’s great qualities?,” Anfisa’s silence speaks volumes. She feels vulnerable when it comes to Jorge and “like a prisoner in” her own relationship. Anfisa is worried that if she divorces Jorge, he would try to ruin her life.

Chantel & Pedro:

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap Big Little Lies Chantel and family

Family investigation underway, ya’ll! ALLLLL of the family Chantel, including Chantel, head to the private investigator to find out the dirt. Robin, the investigator, looks like a beauty queen gone bad and it’s difficult to take her seriously with her Jon and Kate plus 8 haircut and pearl necklace/earring set. The questioning begins right away and Robin digs deep to find out “why Pedro is taking care of his family” and not Chantel. Chantel’s mother swears that Pedro’s here to get his “hand on the American dollar,” and PI Robin makes it clear that she is worried about the money issue.

Turns out Pedro has a lock on all his technology and the siblings Chantel think that’s shady as hell. The PI goes as far as asking if “Pedro is really Pedro.” WOAH. My head hurts trying to follow this questioning process, but all I know is that Chantel’s mother is not “loca.” Chantel storms out when the PI really starts grilling her and she claims that “if her parents did this, Pedro would never forgive” her.

Chantel and Pedro prepare for their visitor, Pedro’s sister, Nicole. Their new furniture arrives just in time for the guest, but it seems like the sofa is too big for the apartment. That’s not this couple’s biggest issue. Turns out that Chantel hasn’t told Pedro about the PI…until now. BOMBSHELL. Finally, Chantel spills that “the other day my family went to a consultation with an investigator” and lets Pedro know that the PI suggested that Pedro could have another woman and another family. Pedro is beyond baffled and annoyed by this investigation. Chantel’s concern about the money issues doesn’t stop her from supporting her husband and she stands firmly with Pedro. Pedro suggests they should just move away, change their phone numbers, and then all of the problems will be gone.

The day has finally come: Pedro’s sister, Nicole, is here from the Dominican Republic for a visit. Chantel looks like she would rather be body painted and have her father watch than have Nicole visit. The situation goes from bad to worse once Nicole realizes she has to sleep on the sofa in Pedro and Chantel’s apartment. Chantel is beyond aggravated when Nicole says “I’m sorry. I don’t like sofas.” Uh, what? Chantel says that Pedro can buy a blow up mattress for his sister, just make sure he has the rent. Wow. Nicole giggles as the couple bickers and she storms past Chantel and Pedro. Not quite sure where she plans on going..but…she does a fabulous job of stirring up the drama. Pedro thinks that Chantel is “jealous” of the attention he gives to his sister, but Chantel is just fed up with the whole situation.

David & Annie:

Annie has found a Thai temple in Louisville and for a short time, she feels at home. She explains she has been having a rough go with her man, David, and is happy to have found a new friend, Tuk. The new buddies pray together and have some time to chat about Annie’s current situation. Tuk looks terrified for Annie’s future and explains that David should “do what he has to do.” The whole David’s vasectomy thing just adds salt to the wound, as Annie talks about her desire to start a family. She is sad and angry about the whole thing and gets a pep talk from her friend to push David harder. I mean, the guy still owes a dowry!!