90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Not Off the Hook

by Julia
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90 Day Happily Ever After Recap Not Off the Hook

No one ever said marriage was easy…and it’s a particularly rough go for these couples on “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?”

David & Annie:

90 Day Happily Ever After Recap Not Off the Hook Annie Ashley and David
I wanna know where David was able to snag himself a red “Xtreme” mini pick-up truck. It’s a comical vehicle for a guy like David to be whipping around in. It’s certainly not making Annie fall for David. She’s over the U S of A and she is particularly leery about meeting David’s sister, Nancy, who is coming to visit Louisville. David thinks that “Nancy may be weirded out that Annie is 25 years younger,” but is very excited for her to meet Annie. However, David has a hidden agenda and we learn why David is suddenly reaching out to big sis, Nancy! The guy needs some dough. Where is his buddy Chris when he needs him?

The family reunion is so awkward because David has not seen his sis in over 4 years, but he is certainly not too shy to ask for money. Annie whips up a pretty delicious looking meal at Nancy’s rental house (cuz let’s be real- she couldn’t possibly stay at the firehouse) and over dinner, Nancy catches up with the couple. She cannot believe that David hasn’t been able to find work, despite him being back to the states for 6 months. Nancy is “very disappointed” in her brother and comprehends how bad David’s finances really are. Things take a turn when Nancy realizes David’s motives for the get together: he asks to borrow money from Nancy. Nancy states that she “cannot let” David borrow money because she would be enabling David’s laziness…er…behavior. Bravo, Nancy! It’s time for David to dig himself out of the trouble he is in.

Despite being annoyed with her brother, Nancy invites David, Annie, and David’s daughter Ashley to dinner. So it doesn’t seem like David will be getting the $1,000, but he will get a free meal out of the deal. Ya win some, ya lose some, amiright? Nancy is very excited to see Ashley and the group settles in for some dinner convo. It doesn’t take long for the discussion to get into children and Annie states that she can’t wait to have a baby of her own with David. Nancy is flabbergasted by this statement for a plethora of reasons, starting with the fact that David has had a vasectomy. “At 49, without a career, you want to restart with a brand new baby?” Ashley makes it very clear that her dad was not a very good dad and therefore, should not start over with Annie. It doesn’t seem likely that David will become Annie’s baby daddy, particularly because he’s asking relatives for money. If you can’t pay your rent, you shouldn’t be prepping for a baby, Annie. Annie storms away and Ashley runs to Annie’s aid. Annie thinks that everyone is being mean to her, but Ashley explains that they aren’t “trying to make Annie feel unwelcome.”

The next day, David and Annie head over to Nancy’s vacation rental so they can say goodbye, as she is heading back to Pennsylvania. After last night’s dinner, Annie feels a bit awkward around his sister. Nancy makes it clear that David “better get” his “sh*t together…fast” and having a kid will not help the financial disaster they are in. She gives David advice: “don’t run. Stay here and make something. Get a career. Get your life together. I love you.” Ashley invites Annie for some dinner, despite the fact that Ashley does not trust Annie. It’s time for some girl talk…and tv time for Ashley. Before long, Ashley wants to know if Annie worked in an escort bar and Annie vehemently denies this and doesn’t even know where a “sex bar” is in Thailand. I wish I never heard about the old “ping-pong bar” and it turns out that David actually took Annie there! So awkward and total TMI. I’m more curious who is paying the bill at this restaurant…

Nicole & Azan:

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Not Off the Hook Nicole Mom Azan
Over in Morocco, Nicole, and May sightsee as the couple continues to “work through their problems.” Despite recordings that hint at Azan cheating on Nicole, homegirl is dead set on a wedding and won’t stop until she is Azan’s wife. In what appears to be a lame attempt to smooth things over with Nicole, Azan brings her to the romantic city to prove just how much he cares for her. Nicole is fully prepared to hunker down in Morocco until Azan would be approved to come to the USA, but she tries to get answers out of Azan regarding why he was denied his K1 Visa.

Belarus: that was the reason why Azan was denied. It turns out that Azan has an ex that lives in Belarus. Because he went there to visit, immigration believes it’s a bit sketchy and thinks that Azan is just trying to do ANYTHING to get out of Morocco. I think they’re on to something…Seems to me that Azan has a whole lotta skeletons in his closet…
That’s quite enough of the romantic cityscape…it’s time to head to Agadir, Azan’s hometown. Nicole is looking forward to seeing Azan’s family and is a little nervous because her mother is also going to be coming to Morocco. Azan looks miserable sitting next to Nicole in the interview segments, but it is heartwarming to see how much Azan’s family truly embraces May and Nicole. They are legit happy to see Nicole and May and claim they are excited for the upcoming wedding.

The eagle has landed! Nicole’s mom has arrived in Morocco and the time has come for her to meet Azan. This is going to be entertaining. Nicole gives Azan a pep talk and asks him to not “give short answers.” This coaching is probably too little, too late, as Nicole’s mother rounds the corner at the airport. Robbalee makes Azan feel supa awkward as she blatantly ignores him whilst hugging May. After what feels like forever, the gang heads to the “Moroccish market??!” and they get to know each other…aka get a reality check. Robbalee reminds the couple that neither one of them have a job, therefore they cannot support themselves. She continues with the hard questions for Azan and it seems like the tough road is just beginning for the couple.

Chantel & Pedro:

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Not Off the Hook Chantel and Pedro
Pedro’s sister has been to America for only one night, but she has created quite the drama. The siblings head out for a drink and talk about Chantel. Nicole, Pedro’s sister, thinks Chantel is “being hysterical” and finally states that she will just sleep on the sofa for the rest of her stay just to shut Chantel up. Pedro fills his sis in on the upcoming family Chantel investigation and his sister thinks this whole situation is hilarious. He lets Nicole know that the family Chantel only thinks bad things about Pedro and that they are “trying to ruin” the marriage.

Chantel is still hurt about the previous night