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Real Housewives of New York City

Sonja Morgan Calls Out Dorinda Medley for Picking On Her! Plus She Reveals Which RHONY Star Gets the Most Action and Where She Stands With Ramona Singer Today

RHONY Sonja Morgan Talks Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer

Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New York has had its share of drama and infighting, but costars, Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley have really gone through it! And in an all new interview, Sonja is speaking out about her issues with Dorinda while also giving an update on where she stands with Ramona Singer today.

On this season of RHONY, Dorinda seems to be coming at Sonja all the time…for everything! It began with a tense conversation, in which Sonja compared the loss she felt after her divorce to Dorinda’s feelings after the death of her husband.

Granted, it may have been an insensitive comparison on Sonja’s part, but ever since, she feels she just can’t do anything right where Dorinda’s concerned, and that she’s constantly being picked on. It didn’t help that just last week, Dorinda came at Sonja about wearing slippers with her ex husband’s family crest embroidered on them.

When you find yourself at odds over slippers, it’s pretty safe to say that there’s way more going on, and Sonja opened up about how “disappointing” it’s been during a recent podcast interview with The Daily Dish.

”Dorinda, I have to say, has been very disappointing,” Sonja said. “She’s always at me, and I’m like, ‘why’? Growing up, it always used to be jealousy—that’s the big ‘J.’ Not the sexy ‘j’ in Sonja, but the big ‘J’ in jealousy.”

But Sonja actually doesn’t think ‘the big J’ is at play here, and that maybe it’s just Dorinda being…well, Dorinda.

”I don’t feel it’s jealousy with Dorinda; I feel it’s about her, period. And it’s hard…(it’s) like I’m the whipping boy,” she shared.  “Sonja’s always the whipping boy because I always have a great time, no matter what.”

The topic then turned to Ramona, who Sonja used to be very close friends with, though the ladies seem to have drifted apart in recent seasons. Despite the obvious rift in their friendship, Sonja insists she still loves Ramona.

“I love her. She’s like a sister. She’s the person that I could travel alone with and talk about poop and boobs and our butts and our fat, and our kids and dogs’ vomit,” shared Sonja. “But then you saw in the trailer, this summer, I had to have some time for myself. And she’s like she doesn’t call me back– she lied. Not calling back means I don’t go stay with her for three days and listen to her loud music and eat her food.”

She added, “It seems like for me that Ramona is making it about Ramona right now, but that’s okay.”

Finally, Sonja was asked which RHONY housewife is getting the most action as most of the ladies are currently single. Not surprisingly, she nominated herself!

“Well, you know. Mattress action come on. You’re looking at her!” admitted Sonja. “I feel like one of my secrets, besides eating well and doing everything in moderation, you know, comes a good healthy sex life. When you’re open to the universe and love, you don’t have to have an easy pass either. My one night stands never leave. My problem is that they’re too young. I want someone older and established who has their own life and their own family.”

You can continue to see the ladies in action every Wednesday night at 9/8c on Bravo.

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