PHOTOS: Southern Charm Cast Members Evacuate as Hurricane Florence Wreaks Havoc In Charleston

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Southern Charm Season 5 Cast

Several members of the Southern Charm cast have left their Charleston, South Carolina homes due to evacuations in the area.

As Hurricane Florence made landfall on the east coast, a number of cast members, including Kathryn DennisAusten Kroll, Shep Rose, Patricia Altschul, Cameran EubanksAshley Jacobs, and Thomas Ravenel, shared their decisions to leave, or not leave, town.

“I am in LOVE with Nashville,” Kathryn wrote on Instagram on September, tagging herself in Tennessee. “Thank y’all much for the hospitality during this terrible hurricane & evacuation. My prayers and thoughts and love to the East Coast.”

As Kathryn enjoyed getting to know Nashville, Austen shared a photo of himself at a country club and tagged himself in his hometown.

“While I’ve Evac’ed home to Charlotte, I’ve rummaged the house for an old book to read, and stumbled upon a little light reading. Old family friends gave me this book in ‘96 to read to baby @kt_kroll! Can she claim to be a 90’s kid? #auntflo #juniorkroll #96 #”90skid,” he captioned the photo.

Although Thomas didn’t share any photos of himself in Charleston on social media, he confirmed to Radar Online earlier this week that he had no plans to leave.

“I’m staying at my house on Daniel Island,” he explained. “Hurricane Florence is expected to hit the North Carolina/South Carolina border, so it won’t be a direct hit in my area.”

Around the time of Thomas’ statement, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Ashley, shared a video from his front porch and told her fans and followers she was “bracing for Florence.”

Southern Charm Ashley Jacobs Hurrican Florence

Also remaining in Charleston was Patricia, who shared a video of her home’s exterior on Instagram and encouraged the hurricane to “bring it on.”

“House on lockdown….shutters wired over plywood, generator inspected, pool water lowered, cars in parking garage, all supplies bought, pets accounted for…. bring it on #hurricaneflorence #southerncharm,” she wrote.

After seeing the video above, Shep reacted on Twitter, telling his Southern Charm co-star, “Hope you have enough martini ingredients.”

While Cameran did share a photo on her Instagram page of a State of Emergency alert sent to her phone, she didn’t reveal whether or not she and her family were planning to leave Charleston. Instead, she encouraged the storm to turn.

Craig Conover tagged himself in Charleston just yesterday but told his audience on Instagram live on Thursday evening that he was headed out of town.

“Well, of course we get back to Charleston just in time for the hurricane to meet our new arch nemesis, Miss Flo, but I guess we’re getting out of here. So, it was a fun 12 hours,” he said.

Southern Charm Craig Conover Hurrican Florence

Chelsea Meissner has not yet said anything about the storm.

Southern Charm season six is currently in production.