90 Day Fiance Recap: Young and Restless

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiance Recap Young and Restless Kalani and Asuelu airport dance

On this episode of 90 Day Fiancé, things start getting real as the 90 days start ticking down for the couples.

Colt & Larissa:

90 Day Fiance Recap Young and Restless Larissa and Colt

COLT GETS PICKED UP FROM WORK BY HIS MOTHER. Just putting that out there. You may not be able to tell, but Colt is pumped that his fiancé, Larissa, is on her way to the United States. Colt explains he is a little nervous about Larissa’s arrival…not for normal reasons, but because he is afraid that his “first best friend” (aka his mommy) may not like another woman being in their house. Things are gonna change, big time. I mean, for one thing, Debbie, Colt’s mom, states that she is a “little sad” that Colt is forming a new relationship, but hey, life happens, right?

When Colt sits down for his “last dinner before Larissa comes here” with his mom, the duo discusses Larissa’s place at the table. It’s all incredibly bizarro. Deb’s drinking milk from a glass with a straw WITH her dinner and there’s a slot machine to Colt’s right because that’s normal dining room décor. Colt further expands on his relationship with Larissa and discusses “privacy” with his mother. These two need to shake things up and it seems like Larissa is gonna do just that. Colt states that he has only been with Larissa for 12 days, but that he is very excited for her to come to the US. You know who is not excited? Deb. She checks Larissa’s flight path on the computer and you can almost see her disappointment when she realizes that the plane hasn’t turned around or crashed.

Colt heads out to the airport and his nerves are definitely getting to him. The guy didn’t make a sign or even get her some welcome flowers. He is already dropping the ball. He paces down by the baggage claim in his fresh white New Balances and just like that, Larissa arrives rocking her mini leather skirt and high, high heels. Typical travel clothing for sure. Larissa is VERY concerned about Colt being empty handed upon her arrival and she will not let it go. She says things like, “Okay. I miss you” and “you buy me flowers.” Colt compliments her, but she just wants the damn flowers. Lesson learned.

These two are absolutely cringe-worthy together. Larissa is sweating, as Colt’s car does not have AC, and she is not happy. “I confused Las Vegas with Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and New York.” Woopsie. The duo hop out to see the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and Larissa straight up says, “it’s not my American dream.” Ouch. After only 3 hours, Larissa states, “in the future, I don’t want to live here. Here is a nightamare. It’s like Mars. Like another planet.” Seems like someone is gonna be packing her bags soon, Colt.

Jonathan & Fernanda:

90 Day Fiance Recap Young and Restless Fernanda

With only 89 days to wed, night number one didn’t go “as planned.” Jonathan states how he slept on one end of the couch and Fernanda slept on the other end. This sleeping arrangement all stems from the fact that the first thing Fernanda found in her new house was a “tong” (….thong…) from another woman in Jonathan’s dresser drawer. Jonathan should have hired a maid. Also. Why is he still holding on to an “ex’s thong from an old relationship????” Seems like trust is gonna be an issue for these two. Fernanda demands more respect and I don’t blame her. After a whole lotta begging on Jonathan’s end, Fernanda forgives him and they move on.

Tonight’s the night Fernanda is meeting a bunch of Jonathan’s friends. His buddy’s house sort of looks like the White House and the mood is a little bit tense, as everyone is eyeing Fernanda up and down. They ogle her as she eats and their accents make things hard for Fernanda to follow. Speaking of accents, her impersonation of them is spot on. Jonathan’s friends waste no time talking about his single life and Fernanda isn’t too thrilled about the convo. Fernanda explains that she “never thought it would be possible” for their relationship to thrive because she lives in Mexico and he lives in America. The discussion turns to “the wall,” and we hold our breath praying that things don’t turn too political for Fernanda. The friends state, “not all Americans want a wall” and it seems as though Fernanda passed the test.

Steven & Olga:

90 Day Fiance Recap Young and Restless Steven

20 year old Steven is a waiter living in Maryland. Steven is a high school drop-out who has been arrested, but still enjoys partying. He has also been kicked out of his mom’s place when he was 16. So all in all, he is a real winner. Steven “used” to be a player, but everything changed when he met Olga one summer down in Ocean City, Maryland. Olga is from Russia and spent her summer at the beach working. She met Steven and then BAM. Olga got pregnant. Steven states that there was no protection used during their “fun” and things escalated with their relationship rather quickly. Upon hearing about Olga’s pregnancy, Steven states, “I proposed to Olga.” The couple has already applied for the K1 Visa and since they haven’t heard anything about the process, Steven has decided to head to Russia to be there for the birth of his son. Steven has “never even been on a plane or left the country” before, so this may be one heck of an experience for him.

Before Steven leaves the US, he pops in to see his grandmother, Ruth. Ruth states that Steven “probably couldn’t have picked a worse country” to visit and that the whole Russia/US relationship may hinder the Visa process further. Ruth plays with her plastic bracelets and nods a lot, but she becomes emotional when Steven tells her that the baby will be named after his late father, Richie. Ruth gives Steven advice to “concentrate on what” he needs to be doing, but Steven is concerned about all of the responsibility he is going to be taking on. Steven snags a ride to the airport with his grandparents. His grandpa looks like some sort of crazy artist and he only wants to know if Steven is ready to be a dad. Steven says how he has no idea what to expect and grandma explains that “on your first one, you’re just winging it.” True that, grandma! Steven says his goodbyes and heads into the airport. He is very concerned about how Olga will look with a belly, but he adds that the baby “turned into a happy accident.”

Kalani & Asuelu:

90 Day Fiance Recap Young and Restless Kalani

Today is Kalani’s 30th birthday and Asuelu will be arriving later. What a birthday gift! Things are still not great for Kalani, as her sister still hates Asuelu and her father wants Kalani to “be with a white guy.” Kalani is bummed that no one is really supporting her. Kalani’s mother expresses concern- she is worried that Asuelu may be solely interested in coming to America. Kalani says otherwise. She is excited for “the biggest moment” of her life (um, hello? Giving birth to your baby, Oliver, means nothing to you??) and she makes her way to the airport for Asuelu’s arrival.

Asuelu sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk. What a voice this guy has! He feels “so happiness” and excitement to be coming to America. He spots Kalani and lights up. Asuelu then proceeds to strip down IN THE AIRPORT and does some sort of insane Samoan birthday dance which leaves him out of breath. Asuelu explains that he did this dance to “fulfill his dream” of seeing Kalani, but Kalani is beyond mortified. She “hated” that he did that in the middle of LAX and is a little bit snobby to the poor guy. Talk about culture shock! Asuelu walks barefoot through the airport and is still trying to catch his breath after his performance.

Kalani is a little short with Asuelu. She cuts him off and yells at him and all the while, Asuelu takes selfies and jokes about the car horns. It’s hilarious. Kalani takes Asuelu to the rented Air BnB, since she shares a condo with her sister andddd her sister hates Asuelu. Long story. Meanwhile, Asuelu is blown away by the rental home: “This house is like the Prime Minister house.” Asuelu explains that the house he grew up in has no walls (WHAT). The couple head into the house and Asuelu says, “When I see Kalani’s mom, I feel awkward to see her.” Kalani’s mother shares that she has a lot of expectations for Asuelu and it is clear he is going to be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to Kalani’s family. Asuelu’s first meeting with baby Oliver is pretty cute, until the kid starts crying bloody murder. Oliver has no time for his daddy, Asuelu, and I can’t tell if Kalani is happy or sad.

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiance Recap Young and Restless Eric and Leida

“Today’s the big day!” Eric’s fiancé Leida is on her way to the States. Despite the fact that Eric and Leida have only spent 23 days together in person, Eric proposed and will be picking up Leida and her 5 year old son from the airport. Oh. And Eric will also be picking up Leida’s sister, who took the trip from Indonesia to help her sister get set up with Eric. Evidently, Leida’s sister is a tough cookie, so hopefully Eric cleaned up his one room apartment before their arrival. The minute Leida and Eric see each other, they embrace and smooch. We get to hear from the super aggressive, educated Leida who explains that Eric’s rugged face and United States address are what drew him to her. As the couple + Allessandro, Leida’s son, snuggle and embrace, her sister is left in the dust. You can already tell this lady is gonna be a roadblock. It also seems to me that Leida is a bit of a princess. She FREAKS OUT about her luggage when Erica has difficulty fitting it into the trunk of the car. “It has to be in proper. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.” Woah. Who is the 5 year old? Leida or her son?

We learn that Leida’s parents are flying into NY later in the week to check on Eric’s lifestyle and approve the relationship. Man. This is quite the process, but I do have to admit it’s nice to see a person who has family that cares. Eric has decided to stay on the East Coast instead of heading back to Wisconsin to make things easier for Leida’s parents when they land in the states. Leida is, not surprisingly, unhappy. She demands to know, “Why we’re not staying in New York?” Eric tries to reason with a very displeased Leida, but she is beyond upset to be staying in a cabin in Pennsylvania until her parents arrive. Eric is definitely not living up to Leida’s “lavish lifestyle” and her disappointment is palpable. Eric hasn’t even told her all about his Wisconsin digs!

The next morning, the Pennsylvania cabin is popping with a “proper American breakfast.” Eric does his best to make Leida happy and I am perplexed as to why Leida has decided to come here. She is totally downgrading big time. When Leida’s sister joins them for breakfast, she questions their relationship and has a hard time picturing Leida’s life in a pamper-less America. This doesn’t look great for Eric.

Ashley & Jay:

90 Day Fiance Recap Young and Restless Ashley and Jay

Ashley is Jamaica bound to go see her fiancé Jay, who is going for his K1 Visa interview. Jay explains that he “really needs to pass this” so he can go with her back to the US. Once Ashley lands, she gets picked up by her favorite 20 year old, Jay. Ashley is thrilled to be back with Jay and they have awkward convo in the car. Jay talks about the upcoming interview and tries to lighten Ashley up a little bit. He gets them a hotel room and put rose petals all over the bed just for his sweetie. Jay explains that “Jamaican men are very romantic” and that he plans to “work overtime to make” Ashley happy. Whatta guy! Ashley explains that she feels like she “needs to keep Jay satisfied” and Jay remarks that Ashley “can never get enough.” They should probably wait for the cameras to leave before Jay dry humps Ashley’s bod. Gross.

Today’s the big day- Jay is heading into his K1 interview. Ashley put together basically a scrap book of their love to prove their relationship and Jay swears they will be ok, despite the fact that he doesn’t even know Ashley’s birthday….but somehow, Jay got approved. Somehow, he was able to finagle his approval and Jay will be heading to America. And somehow, Ashley thinks she won’t run from THIS engagement, like she did 2 other times.