Stassi Schroeder Addresses Report She and Katie Are “No Longer Friends” as “A Lot” Was Revealed at the Reunion, Admits “Friendships Ebb & Flow”

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Stassi Schroeder Addresses Report She and Katie Are “No Longer Friends” as "A Lot" Was Revealed at the Reunion, Admits "Friendships Ebb & Flow"

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Stassi Schroeder is responding after a source is claimed that she and Katie Maloney – the dynamic duo who once ruled the roost on Vanderpump Rules – are “no longer friends” amid Stassi’s growing friendship with Lala Kent.

Throughout several seasons of the show, Katie and Stassi seemed to control the friendship group, and certain stars have accused them of bullying. Now, however, Katie is perhaps more allied with Ariana Madix, who’s still enjoying her post-Scandoval fame (while Stassi has been off the show since 2020).

“Expect a lot to come out at the reunion,” said a source to @Deuxmoi, via @bravosnarkside on Instagram. “But one thing that won’t be shared that is known, is that Stassi and Katie are no longer friends.”

“The former VPR star is #teamlala,” wrote the source, referring to Lala’s feud with Katie.

Fans then reacted to the report.

“It makes sense,” commented @bravosnarkside. “We really never see them together anymore.”

“Can’t imagine why Hatie would have any friends,” said another.

“I think they aren’t as close because Stassi is in her mama Era and Katie is in her Single Era,” speculated a different user. “Lots of friends are distant when they are at different points of their lives. Probably still friends but don’t hang out often.”

“I think Katie has stuffed herself so far up Ariana’s 🍑 she’s gotten stuck,” wrote a critic.

Another fan added, “Katie has become even more miserable than before so it makes sense.”

But a different viewer shaded both Stassi and Katie.

“I never liked these two. They were mean girls when I used to watch,” said the user. “Maybe Stassi is nice now, but I wouldn’t know.”

Surprisingly, Stassi took to the comments section of a TikTok video posted by @Stephwithdadeets regarding the blind item and reacted to the claim.

“I need to step in here. I’m not on vanderpump rules. I’m not on any team. That’s not my life anymore,” wrote Stassi on May 5. “I have individual friendships with people. Friendships ebb & flow without it being nefarious.🩶”