Scheana Shay & Brock Discuss Not Feeling Welcome at Ariana’s Broadway Show, Plus Scheana Addresses Ariana Not Watching Pump Rules and Jokes About Making Scandoval ‘About Herself’ as Brock Shares Regrets

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Scheana Shay Addresses Not Feeling Welcome at Ariana’s Broadway Show, Ariana Not Watching Pump Rules and Reacts to Jokes About Making Scandoval 'Everything About Her' as Brock Shares Regrets

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Scheana Shay and her husband, Brock Davies, spoke of seeing Ariana Madix on Broadway on the latest episode of her podcast.

As she also addressed Ariana’s recent claim of having not watched the currently airing 11th season of Vanderpump Rules and reacted to jokes about her making “Scandoval” about herself, Scheana, 38, and Brock, 33, looked back on their recent trip to New York City and the moment that Brock brought up Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, in front of Ariana, 38.

“I was really excited to go and support Ariana. We got there, we met with her little business manager Brad and it kind of put me in an awkward [position],” Brock admitted on the April 26 episode of Scheananigans.

According to Brock, Scheana told him before their trip that she didn’t feel welcomed.

“You told me, like, ‘I don’t know if I want to go to this because I don’t feel welcome there,’ and I was like, ‘Honey, we’re going,’” he recalled.

“I also had major mom guilt,” Scheana added, giving a nod to three-year-old Summer. “That was the biggest thing was I didn’t want to leave Summer for three nights for New York and then three nights for Coachella. So I said it’s one or the other. So we went and supported Ariana and we left Coachella Day 3. That was the compromise.”

Because Scheana and Ariana went through some rocky moments amid filming on season 11, Scheana didn’t feel as comfortable going to see her in Chicago as she would have the year prior. And as Brock noted, things only got tenser between them after the reunion, which was filmed in March.

“Since the reunion going to now, it was just a very different vibe,” he explained. “But I’m still glad we went.”

“And she was fantastic,” Scheana added.

As for whether Brock regrets bringing Raquel up in front of Ariana, he confirmed he did — before noting that his intention was pure.

“Yeah, but if I wasn’t pushing conversations for those first three weeks, no conversations were happening. And when it comes to reunion, you guys will see it, we have these conversations,” he explained. “[Scheana had] put [herself] out there all summer and then all of a sudden, the audience is coming at [her] as if [she was] being selfish… And it’s like, that narrative’s not there because everyone’s entitled to their opinions and their feelings but people aren’t expressing themselves in this open group.”

Admittedly, Brock said he felt the need to be “antagonistic.”

“It’s not my proudest moments, nor throwing [Katie Maloney] under the bus for doing the deed [with Max Boyens], but I was just instigating a conversation between people,” he reasoned. “I’m sorry if people get offended about it.”

“On reality TV, someone’s gotta be messy. It happened to be you,” Scheana replied, admitting she was “pissed” that Brock exposed Katie’s hookup with Max.

“That was out of line,” she told her husband.

“It was but I’m entitled to ask some questions. I have questions about it and the response was to Tom,” he explained.

As they continued to answer questions from fans, Scheana reacted to someone who asked if she felt Ariana not watching the show led her to have ill feelings about things she’s said.

“I feel like she would’ve at least had more context [if she’d watched full episodes], versus forming thoughts from what she’s seen from her FYP page, on TikTok, and social media echo chamber,” Scheana agreed. “I think having full conversations and context instead of just little soundbites and clips would’ve been beneficial.”

Also in the episode, Scheana reacted to the many jokes that have been made regarding her making “Scandoval” all about her and her feelings.

“[It] feels like something’s finally about me,” she joked. “I’m laughing when I’m seeing these. I’ve even re-tweeted a couple, responded to people because I like to be in on the joke. I can poke fun [at] myself a bit.”

She then teased new music, saying, “That’s the thing I love so much about the music that I’m writing is to be able to put my thoughts and feelings into a dope song. More to come. The master is almost done.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.