VIDEO: See Vanderpump Rules Midseason Trailer as Ariana & Sandoval Face Off, Scheana Doesn’t See “Forever” With Brock and Schwartz Suggests “One-Night Stand” to Katie, Plus Katie Fights With Jo, Tom Feuds With Jax, & Daniel Wai Reacts to ‘Scandoval’

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VIDEO: Ariana Madix Tells Tom Sandoval "Don't Speak to Me" in Vanderpump Rules Midseason Trailer! Plus Scheana Doesn't See "Forever" With Brock as Schwartz Suggests "One-Night Stand" to Katie and Daniel Reacts to 'Scandoval'

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval are seen interacting for the first time on Vanderpump Rules season 11 in the just-released midseason trailer.

As Scheana Shay, 38, questions her future with her husband, Brock Davies, 33, and Tom Schwartz, 40, attempts to have a one-night stand with ex-wife Katie Maloney, 37, while also dating the same person, Ariana, 38, is seen shutting down a couple of Sandoval’s attempts to communicate as her boyfriend, Daniel Wai, gets acclimated with the group.

“According to your rules Ariana…” Sandoval begins in a scene with his castmates at the beach.

“Don’t speak to me. Don’t speak to me!” Ariana interjects.

“You’re speaking to me,” he replies.

Although Ariana doesn’t want to speak to her ex-boyfriend, she does talk about him.

“He’s not a trash person. He’s a good person who did a trash thing,” Schwartz tells her during a group meeting with their castmates, including Lala Kent, 33, and Daniel.

“A trash thing?” Ariana asks.

“A lot of trash things,” Schwartz admits.

During another moment with Lala and Daniel, Lala asks the New York-based trainer, “If Ariana’s ex were to come up and be like, ‘Hey dude, I’m Sandoval,’ what would you do?”

“I know what he’s done,” Daniel replies, signaling to Sandoval’s months-long affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29.

While Sandoval isn’t seen with Daniel in the preview clip, he does confess, “Ariana’s got good taste in men.”

As for Scheana and Brock, they’re seen having a tough conversation at a restaurant.

“I don’t think you and I are gonna be together forever,” Scheana tells her spouse as he wipes tears from his eyes.

According to Scheana, her relationship has been negatively impacted by Sandoval’s affair.

“I now have f*cked up thoughts about Brock and Lala, one of my best friends because I’m like, ‘Oh my God, could someone do that to me?’ You did that!” she yells at her former friend, later asking him, “What do I mean to you?”

Sandoval is also involved in a confrontation with Jax Taylor, 44.

“You’ve been relentlessly talking sh*t about me,” he tells the returning cast member.

“The whole world has talked sh*t about you. The whole entire world,” Jax notes.

Elsewhere, things are getting weird between Schwartz and Katie.

“So are you gonna take me on a date?” Tori Keeth asks Schwartz after he’s seen making out with someone.

He’s then seen telling Jo Wenberg, “Me and Katie are closer than ever right now. I mean, we’re dating the same girl.”

“That’s f*cking weird,” Jo admits.

Jo was linked to Schwartz after his divorce from Katie, and as the preview clip confirms, the two ladies are not on good terms with one another.

“Jo, you’re a f*cking liar,” Katie tells Jo in a scene involving the two of them.

“Let him go,” Jo replies as Schwartz attempts to intervene.

Later, Schwartz propositions Katie, who suspects he’ll one day “realize that [she] was the one that got away.”

“I know we’re divorced but I was thinking just like maybe, one night stand,” he tells her.

Then, after Sandoval tells Schwartz he would consider keeping the house if he had a roommate, James Kennedy, 32, is seen telling his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, 28, that he sees “babies in [their] future.”

“I’ve never felt that,” she replies.

As the midseason trailer concludes, Sandoval is seen trying to interact with Ariana at their finale party.

“Ariana, wait, one second,” he begs as she walks away.

Then, after Ariana tells a producer, “He doesn’t give a f*ck if I died in a ditch,” Sandoval seemingly retaliates by telling their castmates, “Ariana, she f*cking talked sh*t about all you f*ckers!”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.