Scheana Shay Discusses Lala’s “Frustration” With Ariana, Denies She’s Jealous, and Says There’s “More to the Story” With Jo, Plus When She Started Questioning Raquel, Schwartz Kiss, and Brock Rumor

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Scheana Shay on Lala's "Frustration" With Ariana, If She's Jealous, and Says There's "More to the Story" With Jo, Plus When She Started Questioning Raquel, Schwartz Kiss, and Brock Rumor

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Scheana Shay reacted to Lala Kent‘s feud with Ariana Madix on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night.

After the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana, 38, opened up about Lala, 33, and her drama with Ariana, 38. She also reacted to Jo Wenberg‘s short-lived romance with Tom Schwartz, 40, looked back on the moment she began questioning Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, and more.

“I understand Lala’s frustration, and I will say that, on the contrary, Lala has said a lot of things about me recently that I really appreciate, and I think she’s loyal as hell and she’s an incredible friend, so I understand her frustration, and I think after the reunion and finale airs, everyone else will understand as well,” Scheana shared on the April 9 episode of WWHL.

Also speaking of Ariana, Scheana played a game with Andy Cohen, 55, in which she was asked if she was jealous of Ariana’s Broadway gig, new Hollywood Hills home, or sandwich shop with Katie Maloney, 37. She denied all three.

She then said, “Yes,” when asked if she felt Ariana and Katie regretted staking down their flag so soon since Something About Her had yet to open. She denied being jealous of Katie’s hookup with Max Boyens, saying, “God no.”

Looking back at her and her castmates’ run-in with Jo, Scheana admitted the encounter wasn’t her proudest moment.

“It was my one night I drank a little too much and that’s why I don’t usually drink when we film,” she explained. Her husband Brock Davies added, “They were mean girls at best.”

Although Scheana may have regrets about how she treated Jo, she doesn’t think she’s a good match for Schwartz.

“No. There’s a lot more to the story that I know, so I’ll leave it at that,” she teased as Brock agreed.

When Andy wanted to know if viewers would see more of her opinion on Jo at the reunion, Scheana said there would be “a little bit of it” before noting that “Schwartz was very respectful” to his former flame.

Moving on to Raquel, Scheana said she “started questioning” her former friend after noticing she had turned off her location sharing.

“I went to see if she made it home safe one night when she didn’t respond and her location was off and then there was another time it was off. And I said, ‘What are you hiding?’” Scheana recalled. “She said, ‘I just prefer it that way.’ And I said, ‘No. I’m onto you and I think you’re hiding something.’ And that was about three weeks before her and I sat here together. I was onto it at the end.”

While Scheana didn’t know about Raquel’s affair with Tom Sandoval, 41, at the time, Brock recalled his wife taking her to lunch to figure out what was happening.

“[She] was like, ‘What’s going on because I’ve heard this this this and this. I’m onto it. Nothing can happen,'” he shared.

And Scheana noted, “Obviously, we know why she turned it off now. She was in Big Bear. She was in Chicago. She was in St. Louis. She was all over with him.”

When a caller wanted to know why Scheana didn’t tell Katie about the kiss she shared with Schwartz years ago in Las Vegas amid their relationship, Schena wondered why no one was holding Schwartz accountable.

“I think the better question is why didn’t Schwartz tell Katie,” she replied. “There’s also that which no one is asking and at the time, if I would’ve told her this, it would’ve been turned on me … and I don’t think it would’ve been received well. I think it would’ve looked like I was trying to go after her man.”

“I didn’t want to upset her and I didn’t want to hurt her,” she added.

Also on WWHL, Brock was asked what proof he had that Sandoval’s team planted the rumor about his and Raquel’s alleged kiss.

“Proof was from the source that came directly to our source,” he shared. Scheana clarified, “We have a lot of friends in media and it got back to us.”

“Ultimately,” Brock continued, “loose lips sink ships, and during this whole experience, a lot of people wanted to talk about what they know and what they don’t know and so it came around that way, and at the end of the day, that’s how I took it and it definitely didn’t work and I wasn’t into it.”

As for where he stands with Sandoval now, Brock said their relationship needs mending.

“I’m there if he needs someone to talk to but right now he’s on his own journey with his new girlfriend and I’m okay with that,” he added.

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