Vanderpump Rules Recap: Ariana Calls Tom an “Attempted Dog Murderer” as She Unleashes on Him & Accuses Him of Eavesdropping on Convo With Ann, Plus Schwartz Confronts Katie About Max Hookup

by Julia Comments

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Ariana Calls Sandoval an "Attempted Dog Murderer" as She Unleashes on Him & Accuses Him of Eavesdropping on Convo With Ann, Plus Schwartz Confronts Katie About Max Hookup

According to Sandoval, Ariana has taken all of his friends already, why wouldn’t she try and poach his assistant now? On this episode of Vanderpump Rules, it has been proven (twice) that Ariana and Sandoval simply cannot be in close quarters of each other. The wound is too deep for Ariana, but some people think she needs to process her emotions maturely, rather than lashing out. Plus, Katie and Schwartz discuss the most recent hook-up with Max and how to navigate the awkwardness.

To shake things up and to continue the tense living situation, Ariana interviews Ann, Sandoval’s assistant. Ann desperately wants to work for Ariana, and Ariana entertains this. Ann hypes Ariana up, stating she would rather work for “an amazing girlboss,” and although Ariana would hire her tomorrow, she understands that would make the household impossible. It is strange that Ariana wants Ann as her assistant, considering she could have literally anyone else, but it is clear that she would enjoy sticking it to Sandoval.

Schwartz heads over to Scheana’s, and he gifts her… you guessed it… a plant. He’s becoming a one-trick pony! Upon seeing Scheana’s mom-lifestyle, he admits that Father Time is putting pressure on him, as he would really like to be a father one day.

In the meantime, Katie has Ariana over and they discuss the potential of Ann becoming Ariana’s assistant. It turns out that when Ariana was leaving to go to Katie’s, Ann was crying. Apparently, Sandoval was eavesdropping on their interview, and he told Ann to leave.

Regarding the eavesdropping and snooping, Katie likens this situation to Scheana tracking her location. Katie explains that this has nothing to do with hooking up with one of Schwartz’s (best) friends, but rather that she was just in the mindset of YOLO.

Based on the latest agitation caused by Sandoval and Schwartz, Katie and Ariana discuss attending Lala‘s water-tasting event. Yep, you read that right. Lala is hosting a water sommelier event. Ariana is annoyed that Sandoval will be in attendance and is irked that Lala is going out of her way to understand Sandoval. Ariana realizes that she will not be able to avoid Sandoval forever, so therefore, she will go and support Lala.

James and Ally will be hosting said water-tasting event at their airport — I mean, house. The gang arrives and Katie is forced to be around Brock. Katie understands that she can’t hold a grudge against Brock for blabbing about her private life when she did the same to him, so it’s really just a wash at this point.

Lala is happy to be having this event as she approaches her five-year mark with sobriety. Water, especially sparkling water, has been Lala’s go-to, so she wants to share it with her group of friends, and yes, that includes Sandoval. What’s a better way to celebrate Lala’s sobriety than with a thousand-dollar water, the only one in America??

After the bottles have been popped, the group breaks off and they await pizza. Sandoval is busy doing the most, and Ariana voices her annoyance with him, very loudly. Sandoval is annoyed that Ariana is putting pressure on everyone to pick her, so it feels like he will never be okay with his once-friends. Sandoval is boiling, especially when he tells the guys that Ariana talked smack to his date the other night. He would prefer it if everyone just minded their own business at this point.

Schwartz and Katie find themselves in the backyard alone, and they chat about the elephant in the room: Max. Katie explains that Schwartz had been doing her dirty for years, so it was time for her to do what she wanted. Schwartz is having a hard time because they had an agreement (that they betrayed), and Max is his bestie. Schwartz puts his hand out to try and shake and move on, but Katie makes it clear that until he makes better choices with his clothing, they will remain as is. This is rich coming from Katie, who has questionable fashion choices. Even Schwartz tells her that her outfit is “not serving.” LOL.

Ariana chats with the girls about Ann, and she tells them that Ann was sent home after Sandoval heard the interview taking place. Ariana goes on to call Sandoval “the attempted dog murderer,” referring to the time Sandoval locked Ariana’s dog in her room for hours and the dog ate leftover takeout on Ariana’s nightstand. Can we just first address the fact that Ariana leaves takeout on her nightstand?! Lala is so shady when she says in her confessional, “Don’t you do a trash bag commercial? Shouldn’t you know how to throw trash in the trash?”

The ex-couple begins bickering right there in front of everyone about everything, despite the fact that the dog is okay. Ariana raises her voice at Sandoval and lets him know that her lawyer will be dealing with him. He left the back door open, ruining “her dream home for her kids” (aka pets), and Ariana tells Sandoval to not look her in the eye ever again. Sandoval, exhausted, yells out, “You already got everything, you wanna take my assistant?” Clearly, they cannot co-exist, and Sandoval claims that he dealt with Ariana’s scary rage throughout their entire relationship.

Ariana admits that she is not capable of having a productive conversation with Sandoval, and she states that she would set fire to his a*s, obviously highlighting that she needs to figure out a way to process her emotions.

Katie and Ariana decide they WILL be attending Scheana’s upcoming beach day, but Scheana wants to uninvite Sandoval to make things easier for her Ariana. Brock believes that it is up to Ariana to figure out her emotions that get triggered by Sandoval. After all, Ariana was the one yelling. Scheana knows that Ariana is not ready to lose the anger and worries that if she were to tell Ariana to move on, she would cut Scheana out of her life.

Later, Ariana’s interior designer points out that many of the things in the household are not quite “even,” meaning Ariana did a lot of the furnishing financially. Ariana goes through, step by step, noting each thing she purchased so she can tell her lawyer to include it in the house email to Sandoval.

Scheana’s (pain in the a*s) beach day is another chance to have everyone coexist. James literally draws a line in the sand to set boundaries for Ariana and Sandoval. Everyone thinks it’s funny, except for Ariana. Katie outright asks Sandoval if he knew Scheana and Schwartz kissed in Vegas. Scheana retorts, “Almost every guy in this group has flirted with me,” Sandoval included, and Ariana asks to not have the conversation subject matter brought up in front of her when it switches to Raquel.

And off they go, fighting yet again. Sandoval claims he didn’t fire Ann, but he instead told her to take a few days off. The issue of their pets gets brought up by James (king sh*t stirrer), and Sandoval doesn’t agree with Ariana when she says the pets are hers, despite Ariana paying the adoption fees (the only bills Ariana ever paid, according to Sandoval).

Anything that Sandoval does is a trigger for Ariana, and they cannot be civil around each other. Ariana can’t stand that Sandoval sits there and talks sh*t when he’s the one who has ruined her whole life. Ariana doesn’t like that no one puts Sandoval in check, and she expects the men to step in and tell Sandoval to STFU. Ariana doesn’t want Lala playing devil’s advocate, and she gets frustrated that Sandoval keeps getting “shoved down” her throat. It’s called being on a show together. If only Jo were in attendance. That would have really made things awkward. To be continued…