Tom Schwartz on Jax’s Claim That Sandoval Cheated More, Their ‘Double Date’ With Jo and Raquel, and “Ruthless” Reunion, Plus Update on Katie Friendship

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Tom Schwartz on Jax's Claim That Sandoval Cheated More, Their 'Double Date' to Big Bear With Jo and Raquel, and the "Ruthless" Reunion, Plus Katie Update and Vandalism at Bar

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Tom Schwartz was asked about Jax Taylor‘s claim that Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with more than just Raquel Leviss on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live

Before looking back at his and Sandoval’s double date in Big Bear with Raquel and his rumored girlfriend, Jo Wenberg, commenting on the recent taping of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, and offering an update on his relationship with Katie Maloney, Schwartz revealed if he knows about more infidelity committed by Sandoval.

“I only knew about the one,” Schwartz stated on the April 5 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “Believe it or not, me and Tom, we’re separate people. We don’t tell each other everything, but I was surprised.”

Although rumors swirled of trouble in paradise before Sandoval and Ariana split, with some claiming the couple stopped having sex, Schwartz said Sandoval and Ariana had something “special.”

“That relationship … It gave a lot of people hope,” he told host Andy Cohen. “It was beautiful, and it was so romantic. And like, my God, if Tom and Ariana can’t make it, I don’t think anyone can on Vanderpump Rules.”

Looking back on their January trip to Big Bear on the live broadcast, Schwartz said that was his and Sandoval’s trip.

“I told Jo to come up later,” he explained. “[And Sandoval] smuggled Raquel in, and what was I to do at that point? … I was under the impression he was more or less broken up with Ariana, and he was in love with Raquel.”

Still, when asked if he covered for Sandoval, Schwartz denied any such thing and admitted he’s “still recovering” from the reunion.”

“I have never seen such a ruthless denunciation of two human beings in my life,” he teased. “Ariana had a fire in her. She eviscerated those two, and I’d never seen anything like that. I didn’t know she had it in here. Tom [had it worse]. Yeah, for sure. Raquel took some blows, but Tom got just eviscerated.”

During Wednesday’s episode of Pump Rules, Raquel boldly informed Katie that she couldn’t use the preferred pool during Scheana Shay’s wedding week in Mexico. And, when asked about the topic on the WWHL: After Show, Schwartz admitted it “was a little sassy” before saying Raquel “was right.”

“It was Scheana’s moment. This is her once-in-a-lifetime moment and Katie being there was obviously going to distract, compromise that magical moment, and I think out of the niceness of her heart, she shouldn’t have chosen to use the preferred pool,” Schwartz reasoned.

At that point, Andy questioned Schwartz about his inability to advocate for Katie.

“Here’s the thing: Early on in our relationship, she abused that a little bit. She was always getting tiffs, and she’s like, ‘You’re either with me or against me.’ She demanded unconditional loyalty early on, she’s put a lot of work into herself, and she’s way better now. Katie, love you. But in the beginning, she was kind of a monster,” Schwartz explained. “She was a monster. She’s had a falling out with every single person in her life multiple times, and I didn’t like to be dragged into all that. I guess I became a little numb when she actually did need me. It’s like the boy who cried wolf.”

Although Schwartz isn’t Team Katie always, he said their current relationship is “good.”

“I know deep down she likes me, not like we would wanna get back together. That’s done. But I know I love Katie. She’s freaking amazing, and I want to reestablish our friendship,” he stated. “I miss hanging out with her.”

He then said that when it came to their agreement not to hook up with people in their friend group, Katie was already “hooking up with other guys.”

“It was a tenuous agreement,” he clarified.

That said, he’s had a change of heart about kissing Raquel — even though he said he would’ve kissed her when she first  asked had cameras not been around.

“In hindsight, I don’t think it was [worth it],” Schwartz admitted. “I never wanted to hurt Katie and the fallout I got, the blowback I got, for that kiss, my God. I just felt there’d been such a big buildup, and we did have chemistry … It was a real kiss.”

Overall, Schwartz said that when it comes to his and Sandoval’s businesses being impacted by “Scandoval,” it was a “little rough” in the beginning.

“We got a lot of negative blowback from this,” he revealed. “But I gotta say, every time I go in, it’s kinda thriving. It’s been great. But there was a moment when people were like vandalizing our spot, and it was way out of line. I get it but vandalism, it’s too far.”

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