Tom Schwartz Addresses Raquel’s Claim of Him Knowing About Affair From Start, When They Last Spoke, and “Whirlwind Romance” With Jo, Plus Katie Flood, Dating, and Sandoval’s New Girlfriend

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Tom Schwartz Addresses Raquel's Claim of Him Knowing About Affair, When They Last Spoke, and "Whirlwind Romance" With Jo, Plus Update on Katie Flood, Dating, and Sandoval's New Girlfriend

Tom Schwartz reacted to Rachel “Raquel” Leviss claiming on her podcast that he knew about her affair with Tom Sandoval from the start on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

In addition to offering an update on where they stand, dishing on his romance with Jo Wenberg, and revealing if he’s spoken recently to Winter House flame Katie Flood, 32, Schwartz, 40, opened up about his current dating life, said if he’s hooked up with Katie Maloney, 37, post-split, and shared his thoughts about Sandoval’s new girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson.

“I haven’t listened to [Raquel’s podcast] but you know, like I said, I’ve been singing the same song. I knew. I knew. I knew. And even when I didn’t know, I pretty much knew,” Schwartz admitted of Raquel, 29, and Sandoval’s affair on the February 20 episode of WWHL.

According to Schwartz, he hasn’t spoken to Raquel since last summer.

“I think it was maybe right before we started filming. A nicety. Just checking in,” he revealed. “I did a mental health check-in just to make sure because things got dark there for a while. And I haven’t heard from her since. But I wish her well.”

Following Jo’s debut on Pump Rules, Schwartz explained why he denied she was his girlfriend but confessed to having a “whirlwind romance” with her.

“Maybe mixed signals there a little bit. We had like, a lightning in a bottle situation for a while there and I don’t know if it was given my mental state of being, I don’t know if I was equipped to be in a committed, conventional relationship,” he stated. “I should’ve been committed. I was in a very weird place like I’ve never experienced in my entire life.”

As for his past fling with Flood, Schwartz confirmed they’re still in touch.

“We texted each other a few days ago. We’re still tight,” he noted. “We’re buddies. We’re on great terms. We have a group chat going with the Winter House crew. I just saw [Jason Cameron] backstage on the way out. I love Jason. I’m hanging out with [Kyle Cooke] after this.”

As fans called in with questions, Schwartz was asked if he ever almost hooked up with Katie after their breakup.

“You know, I ran through some hypothetical scenarios and I figured that would maybe happen eventually, but no, it never happened,” he shared.

And these days, Schwartz is seeing someone.

“I’m hanging out. It’s exciting. I think she would prefer that I didn’t say but I’m hanging out,” he declared.

Also speaking of his ex-wife, Schwartz says he does believe Katie and Ariana Madix‘s new sandwich shop, Something About Her, will eventually open, despite the many permit issues they’ve been faced with in recent months.

“I do and I think it’s gonna be a smash hit and I’m not just trying to kiss butt. I really do. It’s in a prime location in West Hollywood and I think it’s poised for success. I really do,” he insisted.

While Ariana has made it clear that she has no interest in being friends with Schwartz, he said he’s giving her space as he hopes for a future reconciliation.

“I’m giving her a wide berth,” he explained.

Moving on to Sandoval’s new girlfriend, Schwartz said they’ve met.

“I have chilled with her. She is absolutely lovely, obviously devastatingly good-looking, super successful, and she is very charming. I approve on all levels,” he stated.

Also on WWHL, Schwartz looked back on his chat with Lala Kent, 33, applauding her for showcasing a softer side.

“I was digging it, the introspection. [It’s] a great look for her,” he said. “I mean, she’s still giving Lala, Lala, she still will strike down upon thee with great vengeance. But I like the new Lala.”

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