Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss Donate $10K to GoFundMe for Pump Rules Pal, Plus Raquel Announces New Podcast, and Attends First Public Event Since Scandal

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Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss Donate $10K to GoFundMe for Pump Rules Pal, Plus Raquel Announces New Podcast, and Attends First Public Event Since Scandal

Regardless of if you’re a fan of Vanderpump Rules, Scandoval was the shot heard around the world. Of course, at the center of the drama were Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Raquel Leviss.

Now, it seems the two ladies are coming together for a worthy cause. Jesse Montana, who fans will remember from his appearances on the hit Bravo show, recently suffered seizures and discovered he had a brain tumor. The treatment is quite expensive, and Ariana and Raquel are joining other cast members in donating to his GoFundMe. Additionally, Raquel is launching a podcast. 

Without delving too much into a topic that’s been beaten to death, Tom and Ariana had been dating for nine years. However, he and Raquel ended up having an affair that lasted for months. This all played out in the latest season of Vanderpump Rules. The drama will continue for Vanderpump Rules season 11, which Raquel will not be a part of. 

Now, Ariana and Raquel have donated to Jesse’s GoFundMe. Ariana donated $9,000, and Raquel donated $500. However, other cast members also donated. Notably, Katie donated $3,000. Scheana and Stassi also donated $2,000 and $1,000, respectively. 

At the time of writing, Jesse has received a little over $89,000 in donations from cast members, friends, and family.  

The road to recovery will be long for Jesse. So far, he has had three seizures that came after no prior issues or warning signs. Two of the seizures happened while he was home on November 27. 

It’s also important to note that medical professionals could not operate on Jesse right away because his kidneys were nonfunctional. It was later discovered that he had a brain tumor, which Jesse underwent surgery for on December 4. According to the GoFundMe, this will “leave a financial burden” on Jesse, so it’s good that so many people are making donations. The profile also states, “If you know Jesse at all, you know he would do absolutely anything for his friends and family. He’s always the first person there when anybody needs anything, and we want to help support him in any way possible.”

Of course, we wish Jesse all the best with his recovery during this troubling time. 

In other Vanderpump Rules news, Raquel is starting a podcast. As mentioned before, she will not be a part of the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules, which will see Ariana and Tom facing off. However, she will use her upcoming podcast to tell her side of the story. The podcast is called Rachel Goes Rogue and will premiere in January. Of course, Rachel is her birth name. 

Not only is she launching her podcast, but Raquel also recently took to Instagram Reels to show off her trip to the iHeart Jingle Ball. This was good promotion for her podcast as it comes from iHeart.

Pump Rules alum Raquel, aka Rachel, Leviss stepped out for her first public event in almost a year at the iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2023 on 01 Dec 2023. Credit: MBS/MEGA

Still, we’re glad to see that despite no longer being on Vanderpump Rules, she donated to Jesse.