90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Christina Arrested for Domestic Violence Against Colt Johnson

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90 Day Fiance Larissa Arrested Domestic Violence Colt

In today’s 90 Day Fiance update, Larissa Christina has been arrested for domestic violence against husband Colt Johnson.

Earlier today, we reported about the couple’s fight which Larissa documented on her Instagram page. Larissa, 32, alleged that Colt took her phone and pleaded for her fans to call the police as she locked herself away in the bathroom of the home they share.

In a series of videos she posted to her Instagram Stories, she accused him of coming home with flowers for her, getting upset and ultimately tearing up their home by knocking furniture over. Below is a screenshot of the damage she said Colt did.

90 Day Fiance Larissa Instagram Fight with Colt

Following Larissa’s posts, there was some speculation that Colt, 33, had been arrested but when we searched the arrest records for their county in Las Vegas, Nevada, Colt’s name did not come up. Larissa’s however did.

Her full name is Larissa Dos Santos Lima (Christina is her middle name).

According to the arrest information, Larissa was taken into custody on November, 10, 2018 for domestic violence.

The arrest report shows Larissa is still in jail at the time of this article (Saturday evening) and has a court hearing scheduled for Sunday, November 11 at 9 am. Her bail amount is listed as $3,000.

She is being charged with ‘Domestic Violence in the 1st Degree.’

90 Day Fiance Larissa Arrested

Larissa’s arrest is a bit puzzling considering she alleged that Colt was the one who took her phone and damaged their home in a fit of rage.

“His phone number is [redacted]. Please send to him give my phone back. I can’t leave the room,” Larissa wrote. “He deactivated my data and wifi. I’m hidden at bathroom.”

“Help me, Colt turned of my data [and] my phone. He wants to call police,” she added. “I can’t post using Macbook. He wants to create a situation to call the police.”

It would however appear that Colt’s side of the story is vastly different from hers, and cops took his side in this domestic dispute.

While Larissa and Colt are still shown as being engaged on the show, we reported in our spoilers on them last month that they did get married back in June in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are currently working to get our hands on the police report  and/or mugshot of Larissa.

Keep checking back here as we will be updating this story with any new information we can find.

Photo Credit: Instagram