90 Day Fiance Recap: Steven Blows a Fuse at Olga as She Recovers from C-Section

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiancé Not What I Thought Recap Steven fights with Olga

Woah Woah Woah…what is this “adult surgery footage” warning at the beginning of the show? Anyone else feel a little uneasy entering into this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé?Steven & Olga:

It’s C-section time for Olga. She walked herself into surgery like a boss and Steven does his best to calm an extremely tense Olga. We viewers are seeing IT ALL. Like, a whole lotta of this surgery. I don’t think that brief warning in the beginning of the episode was enough to caution us, to be honest. I mean, I know Steven wants to be there for his son’s birth, but do we really have to witness this? After a whole lotta blood, the Russian doctors extract the baby boy and state, “What an eagle. Big baby.” The couple become emotional and it’s a sweet moment when they bring baby Richie over for some love. It is nice to watch Steven hold the baby and even Olga notices that Steven “become father.”

Steven explains that he hasn’t been able to spend more than an hour a day with his new son, so fingers crossed that Olga and Richie will be discharged. Today’s the lucky day! Everyone’s coming home…and unfortunately for Olga, she makes the grave error of swatting away Steven’s hand as he touches the baby and is very concerned about germs. That’s funny, considering the state of that Russian hospital. Still, Steven overreacts and gets real aggressive with Olga rather quickly. I mean, I get that he is frustrated and defensive, but he needs to take it down a notch or 15. He tells Olga, “I will tell you one thing. You are not gonna be an a*shole to me” and to be honest, that comment was completely out of line.

The situation however took a turn for the worse when Steven refuses to help his fiance, telling her to ‘pack her own s**t’ as they get ready to leave the hospital. Yes, he instructed the woman who just gave birth to his 10-pound baby to pack up her things following her c-section. Judging by the look of shock on Olga’s face, it’s safe to say she is also seeing the same red flags viewers at home are seeing after watching this. The only thing more frightening than Steven’s behavior is trying to imagine what was left on the cutting room floor. #RunOlga

Kalani & Asuelo:

90 Day Fiancé Not What I Thought Recap Kalani Asuelu and baby

Driving 6 hours to Utah with Asuelo sounds like a terrible idea. Kalani is making the guy pack up their belongings and the couple is moving out of California. Kalani is sad to leave California and her sweet, sweet sister, but she’s just “hoping for the best.” Utah, here they come! At first, the road trip is going pretty well. They have snacks and chat, but then the baby starts to cry. And then…once the baby starts “hurt crying,” Asuelo takes him out of the car seat to console him, while the car is going 80 on the freeway. Kalani begins freaking out, but she makes sure to pop her cheese doodle in her yapper before pulling the car over. #safetyfirst.

Kalani berates Asuelo with her cheese doodle hands and demands Asuelo to “gimme the baby!” Kalani explains that she is in “blackout rage mode,” and to be honest, it is terrifying to watch Kalani lose her sh*t. I sorta feel bad for Asuelo, as he didn’t know any better! He did an excellent impersonation of Kalani yelling and once the baby is safely buckled, the couple resumes their road trip. Asuelo explains that Kalani talks to him like he’s a little boy, and now Asuelo is silently fighting back by not responding to Kalani. Kalani states that “this situation with the baby definitely makes me doubt wanting to marry Asuelo.” Yea, well, after your outburst, perhaps he doesn’t wanna marry YOU!

The next morning, Asuelo is still giving Kalani the silent treatment, which should make the rest of the road trip enjoyable. Finally, they arrive to Kalani’s parents’ “retirement home/second home.” Asuelo is over the moon, living in a house “of rich people.” BUT, the couple doesn’t have this house all to themselves. It turns out that Kalani’s brother Nick is also staying in the crib. Nick is Kalani’s loud, “funny” older brother. He’s SO funny that he lets Asuelo know, “I got you a gift from my own personal stash.” And with that, Nick hands Asuelo a condom. #awkward. Kalani states, “My brother is a jokester.” Well, I am glad one of you in this family has a sense of humor. Asuelo is somewhat offended by the condom gift and tells Kalani that only “slut people” use condoms. Kalani laughs at this and says, “Slut people don’t use condoms. Smart people do.” That’s the smartest thing Kalani has ever said. Kalani explains that she needs to get onto the same page before the 90 days run out.

Jonathan & Fernanda:

I am thankful that the “adult surgery” was not Fernanda chopping off Jonathan’s you-know-what after what he did to her in da club. Jonathan is in deep trouble because Fernanda caught him dancing with another woman. Fernanda stormed away and the couple has brought the fight to the parking lot. Jonathan realizes it “didn’t look good,” but does his best to make Fernanda feel better. Jon states that the woman he was dancing with was “not even my type.” And then the guy has the audacity to say “I think Fernanda is a little too young” to handle this. I mean, Jon’s wasted, Fernanda’s sober, AND in a foreign country….who is the immature one?

Fernanda has had enough of this “romantic vacation,” but Jonathan doesn’t really see what he did wrong. According to Fernanda, “women remember everything….” So it seems like Jonathan has zero chance. Jonathan apologizes and tries to explain the scenario’s severity to Fernanda. Fernanda states, “I prefer to be in Mexico with my family” if he continues this behavior. She reminds him that this whole fight is HIS fault and Fernanda feels like Jonathan wasn’t being loyal to her. Jonathan does his best to make Fernanda feel better and then, just like that…the couple has made up.
The couple roll up to the gym to get their “fitness on” (Jonathan’s words, not mine). Fernanda is killing it at the gym and Jonathan explains “there is a lot of sexual tension when Fernanda and I work out.” Gross. When they take a break, Jonathan finally lets Fernanda know about his mother, who Fernanda will be meeting shortly. Jonathan explains that the time he would normally spend with his family, he chose to spend with Fernanda in Mexico. Also. One more small thing. Jonathan’s mother found out about the engagement via social media. How awful! Jonathan also shares that his mother asked him if he was going “through a mid-life crisis.” Ouch. The impending trip to Chicago to meet the fam has Fernanda nervous.

Colt & Larissa:

These two clowns… Colt continues to call Larissa “darling” and tries to smooch his sweetie, but Larissa is miserable, particularly because Colt has no AC in his car. Colt describes Larissa as “impulsive,” mainly when it comes to car shopping. She has managed to talk Colt into getting a new car, but Larissa doesn’t quite understand that things cost money. Colt makes no qualms about reminding her of this tidbit of information, but the couple roll up to some mom and pop motor shop. Larissa “needs a sexy car with air conditioning” and Colt just smiles that smile that looks like he has something in his pants. Larissa insists Colt needs a car that says, “Oh my God. Colt’s coming!” Colt, ever the practical guy, shuts down Larissa’s hopes and dreams and they leave the lot empty -handed.

Colt has decided that today’s the day: he is gonna propose to Larissa. Before he does that, he asks his mother’s opinion on Larissa’s engagement ring. Colt’s mom, Debbie, looks like she saw a ghost, but asks the right questions and reluctantly gives in. Colt reminds his mother that once he gets married, they would have to figure out what to do with their bank account. Colt decides to keep Deb’s name on the account and Deb hangs onto the ring for Colt. She’s def gonna swallow it or something dramatic.

Colt is taking Larissa out on a “surprise date.” He is decked in his best purple button down and Larissa is donning a sparkly silver dress. They are the oddest duo, but hey, love is blind! Amiright?! Colt is bringing Larissa to the “highest restaurant in Vegas,” despite the fact that Larissa is “deadly afraid of heights.” The worst part is that Colt actually knows this about Larissa, but brings her there, still. Larissa is throwing a fit and Colt remains relaxed, even though today is the big proposal. He suggests that they walk around and Colt decides to “go with it.” And so begins the world’s most awkward proposal. “You know I got you a present!” Colt rummages through his pocket for a ring and drops down. He slides the ring onto her finger and Larissa explains the ring as “classic, sparkly, and really beautiful.” #abeautifulsurprise. The newly engaged couple head back to share the news with Deb. They barge into her bedroom and “disturb her sleep,” but Deb manages some excitement for Colt and Larissa.

Ashley & Jay:

Ashley is trying her best to make Jay feel comfortable in America and Jay realizes she is “looking out for him.” The duo head out to the indoor market and the only thing Jay gets excited about is “pickles” because in Jamaica, that’s an upscale treat. Jay notices he is the only black guy in the market and thinks that’s why everyone’s looking at him. I mean, it could also be because there is a camera crew following him around, but…. Ashley and Jay have a serious conversation about racism and Jay wants to know the answer to some really heavy topics. Ashley feels bad that there are “not a lot of black people in her area” and she knows it’s just something they will just have to get used to together.

As time goes on, Jay doesn’t feel like he fits in and decides to go get his first haircut in America because he is bored while Ashley is at work. Jay gets comfy, fast, and he is pleased to be around “black people.” Jay shares his background with the barber and fills them in on his engagement to Ashley. The barber is astounded to hear that Jay is getting married next month and everyone literally laughs in his face. The barber asks, “You ready to eat the same milk for the rest of your life?” Ew. These barbers are doing a great job making Jay second guess his future. Jay admits, “If I could come to the U.S. and live with her and not marry her, I wouldn’t get married.” The barbers explain that Jay is going to be missing out on the prime of his life and they even go as far as saying Jay should simply marry Ashley, and then divorce her. Uh-oh…

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiancé Not What I Thought Recap Leida family in Eric apartment

Leida’s family is STILL here and Leida decided to stay in the rental apartment with them for the night. Leida was repulsed by Eric’s apartment and she doesn’t hold back any of the details in front of her family. Leida’s sister cannot understand why her sister gave up her life to be with Eric and I can’t seem to comprehend why she would either! The next day, Leida brings the fam over to Eric’s apartment while Eric is at work. This way they can judge the apartment in private. Her family cannot say anything except “OHHHH” and it’s so bad that Leida’s father actually says, “no comment.” Everyone agrees: Eric’s apartment is too small. They are appalled and have “never seen a room like this in Indonesia.” Leida believes that this is unacceptable, especially because she has been asking Eric to find a new place. The issue seems to be honesty, as Leida is “blindly believing Eric.”

I can see both sides of this situation. Leida is being a bit dramatic, but Eric has KNOWN she was coming. Clean up. Fold your laundry. HOWEVER. I can understand why Eric feels “betrayed.” Leida should have never brought her family to Eric’s apartment while he was at work. In front of her family, Leida states, “I have to accept it.” The family stares stonily at Eric and are judging him hard based on his apartment. Eric defends his place and feels like Leida’s family is all about “image.” Leida is not please with Tasha, Eric’s roommate daughter, and doesn’t want to live with her/doesn’t care where she will live. Leida’s family recommends giving their relationship time, and then Leida’s father offers to pay rent for a few months on a new place. Eric is too proud to accept her father’s money as he is afraid it will be a “sign of weakness” if he takes his money. Eric promises to resolve all of the problems and Leida stands up to her family. “This is my home now and you need to accept that.” No one is quite sure if Eric will be a good provider, but Leida has chosen to “believe” in Eric.