90 Day Fiance Recap: Who Is Against Queen Larissa?

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90 Day Fiance No Way Out Colt and Larissa

Time is ticking. Tension is thick. Families are fighting. Just your average 90 Day Fiancé episode.

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiance No Way Out Recap Leida“I’m not rich. I told you we would pick and choose bills sometimes.” Eric and Leida are having a very explosive conversation and it all stems from Leida wanting Eric to stop paying child support. Eric makes it clear that “my children are not a burden. You need to get rid of that selfish Indonesian culture background.” In Leida’s anger, she mutters that they should just end this. Leida is beyond confused about Eric’s child support situation and she confirms that she is not ready to get married. She’s worried about being unhappy and she lets Eric know that “your life is my f*cking problem.” Uh, ouch? Eric asks Leida if this whole situation was about “the green card” or about him? The long pause Leida demonstrates should speak volume to Eric. I feel like she is using the whole child support thing as a crutch- she clearly isn’t happy with her “choice” in a mate. Leida feels like she “deserves” Eric “to give up his child and put $1,000.00 to” her. Eric is baffled by Leida’s “inhuman” behavior and states, “then you’re going home cuz I will not give up my children.” Bravo! Leida retorts that it’s ok because she “doesn’t want this anymore.” Seems to me like a break up…

The next morning, Leida comes to check on Eric. The night before, they had a bad fight and Eric thinks the best thing to do is go for a walk to resolve their issues. Despite all of the horrible things Leida asked of Eric, Eric doesn’t want to call off the wedding. The awkward conversation ensues: Eric doesn’t want to become a “dead beat dad to his daughter” and Leida still won’t drop the whole child support thing. She doesn’t appreciate Eric not wanting to make her happy, but Eric cannot simply stop paying. That’s the way it works. Eric tries to smooth over the problems, but Leida wants him to “prove it.” Somehow, Leida agrees to stay, despite Eric’s “baggage.” This girl needs a reality check… She reminds Eric that she is not here for the green card, and she wants Eric to “make her happy.” Eric promises that “we will be happy, we will achieve happiness. It just takes time.”

Later, Leida has reached her breaking point with Tasha, Eric’s live-in daughter. Leida explains she doesn’t like a mess and after Leida goes into Tasha’s room, Tasha says, “And you know me, I have a problem with invasion of privacy. That’s illegal.” Leida is baffled by Eric’s daughter’s behavior and tells Tasha she needs to move out. Tasha tells Leida “that’s cute” and Leida tries to go low by saying, “even your dad doesn’t want you here.” Leida lets Tasha know she has to leave and Tasha retorts, “make me.” Leida grabs her cell phone for text evidence and shows Tasha what Eric was saying. Tasha calls Leida’s bluff and doesn’t seem a bit phased. Leida phones Eric and says, “She is not going to move out, so I guess I’m going to leave.” This is a bad situation. Over the phone, Eric tells his daughter, “Tasha, you’re not even staying there anymore! Just get your sh*t and get out.” Tasha storms away and Leida cry-yells to her fiancé. Tasha re-emerges and lets Leida know she is moving out only temporarily. Tasha tells the camera crew that this is bullsh*t and that she is done with all of this. Leida doesn’t seem to care that “she is the evil step-mother.” She just wants a clean house and a place for her kid. Tasha goes back into the apartment to gather more of her belongings and loses it, yet again, on Leida. Tasha feels like her dad “doesn’t care” and might “disown me because of his psychotic a*s wife.”

Colt & Larissa:

90 Day Fiance No Way Out Recap Larissa Who Is Against the Queen

Larissa is over the moon that Colt-E has finally proposed to her because then the couple can move to their own place …without Deb. Larissa and Deb are not the best of friends…Despite all of this, Larissa has brought Debbie wedding dress shopping. Everyone’s favorite duo heads out to begin the arduous process. Joining the gang is Lea, Colt’s cousin. Larissa is looking for something that’s “sparkling” and believes that “no dream has a price.” You better not repeat that to Deb. She’s holding those purse strings TIGHTLY. Listening to Larissa explain her dream dress to the consultants is hilarious. The girls nod, trying to please Larissa, and she comes out donning a rather pretty gown. It’s quite simple and traditional for Larissa’s taste if you ask me…

Larissa agrees: “I’d like to try something more nasty, you know, to please Colt.” OMG. I love how Larissa has no filter whatsoever, but I am dying as Deb’s eyebrows raise. The second dress Larissa tries on is way over budget and Larissa cannot comprehend why she can’t get the gown she wants, but then Deb breaks it down for her like a gangster. She basically lets Larissa know it’s either the green card or the dress. Boom! Debbie makes it clear that the final decision about the over-priced dress is up to Colt-E. It’s a battle of the women in Colt’s life. Mama Deb wins again! Colt-E agrees with Debbie about the excessive cost of the wedding gown that Larissa wants and therefore, things have been tense.

Colt decides that nothing cures a rough patch quite like a family barbecue, so he invites his cousin and his wife over to join the gang for some hot dogs and burgers. The issue is that Larissa and Colt’s cousin, John, do not get along….so really, this is a terrible idea, Colt-E. Right from the start, John snubs Larissa and asks how everything is going. Colt fills John in on the “complicated situation” with Colt’s mom and just like that, Larissa and John are at each other’s throats. The cousins try to explain that it’s a “sacrifice for both Larissa and Deb” and that Larissa should respect Debbie. Colt wants everyone “to calm down and enjoy the house that we live in” and Deb is “the only kin” Colt has. Larissa retorts that “Debbie is not the saint that you paint” and that sets John off. John demands to know how Larissa’s life is “hell” right now cuz she doesn’t do anything at all. He goes further by saying “you should feel like a damn queen and you take advantage” of Colt. Colt-E just sits there and allows for this to unravel. He doesn’t say a word, one way or the other and looks as though he just saw a ghost. The fight escalates. Cousin John demands that Colt “deserves better” and Debbie warns to not come inside screaming. John claims he “can’t pretend anymore” and Larissa screams that John is not invited to “her” wedding.” Larissa shrieks, “Who is against the queen will die!” Colt-E is unsure what to do, as he cannot handle anyone who is “irrational,” so therefore he allows this to blow up completely. John “believes in true love” and thinks that this whole relationship is “garbage.”

Once John, his wife, and his children leave, Colt attempts to calmly discuss the events that occurred with an angry Larissa. Although I do not condone Larissa’s behavior, I do understand that she is feeling upset with Colt, as he did not stick up for her. Larissa repeats that John is not invited to the wedding and she lashes out on Debbie, too. Colt tries to figure out why Larissa goes from “zero to b*tch” and Debbie finally yells out “I am done with you. I am so done.” Colt sits with his legs crossed and nonchalantly attempts to talk some sense into his fuming fiancé. Larissa tosses her engagement ring at Colt and tells him to marry the woman his mother wants him to. Colt states that he “was really hurt when Larissa threw the ring and it puts more doubt in my decision to marry her.” I’ll say!

Jonathan & Fernanda:

90 Day Fiance No Way Out Recap FernandaThe couple is still in Chicago for one more day and Fernanda is experiencing her first snowfall. Although Jonathan’s mom has warmed up to Fernanda somewhat, Jonathan has not made much of an effort to mend his relationship with his mother. Over some coffee, Jonathan and Fernanda discuss the upcoming wedding, which is only 6 weeks away. Jonathan shares his stress with Fernanda, but she is focused on Jonathan “doing better” with his mom. Fernanda demands that Jonathan “fix” it, and eventually Jonathan melts down. Fernanda lays into him because the way a man treats his mother, is the way he will treat his wife. Jonathan gets teary and rattles off a list of “I wish…” for Fernanda and then he just straight up loses it, right there in the coffee shop. Jonathan promises to make his family more of a priority after Fernanda’s pep talk, but that’s exactly what he needed. A kick in the a*s to make it all ok again.

Ashley & Jay:

90 Day Fiance No Way Out Recap Ashley and JayWith only 15 days to wed, Jay and Ashley are still reeling from all the horrible comments written on the couple’s wedding website. For some added safety, Jay has decided to put up some security cameras just to be safe and I don’t blame him one bit. Ashley shares that because of the comments, “a lot of our friends and family have been dropping out of the wedding.” Ashley and Jay meet up with two of Ashley’s bridesmaids and drop a bombshell on the girls. Because of all the drama leading up to the wedding, Ashley and Jay have decided to cancel their wedding. New plan: going to Vegas to tie the knot. They’re eloping, ya’ll! Ashley’s poor friends. This is wedding, what, number 12??, that Ashley has broken off and her friends have been dragged along for each of the rides. Because Ashley has run away from her previous engagements, I am sure a lot of people in her life will be scratching their heads about this current situation. The friends decide to “hang onto their bridesmaid dresses just in case” (LOL) and 100% back the couple on their Vegas elopement. Ashley feels like this “scary situation has helped their relationship grow” and that this would be the best idea to avoid all of the racist, negative comments.

The couple is packing up all of their stuff in preparation for their Vegas elopement. They think this is the best way to avoid the drama and the potential danger that could occur if they went through with their original wedding plans. During the packing, Jay shared that he thought he would never get married, but things are different with Ashley and he’s “just ready to have his life change forever.” Before they get a chance to pack another thing, they are interrupted by loud banging and knocking on the front door…

Kalani & Asuelo:

90 Day Fiance No Way Out Recap Asuelu and Oliver

Kalani’s sister, Kolini, is heading back home after visiting the couple. Kolini experienced a fight between Asuelo and Kalani and she is still not sold on the relationship her sister is striving to make work. Kalani makes it clear that at this point, “I don’t want to marry” Asuelo because of his behavior. Once her sister leaves, Kalani asks Asuelo how he thinks brunch went. This girl LOVES a problem, huh? Kalani states that “since you’ve been here, you’re a different version of yourself. A lot of things seem different since you’ve been here.” Asuelo remembers how great life was in Samoa when Kalani would come visit, but explains that he is uncomfortable here with Kalani. Kalani has had enough with Asuelo’s immaturity issues, but Asuelo tearfully lets Kalani know that he only wants to cuddle her because “it makes my dreams come true.” Kalani tries to understand that Asuelo equates cuddling to love and further asks Asuelo to “please talk to me if you’re feeling uncomfortable.” Naturally, Kalani doesn’t shed a tear throughout the emotional conversation, but she does decide she WANTS to marry Asuelo since they’ve made a little bit of progress.

Steven & Olga:
I can’t believe Olga hasn’t kicked Steven out yet! Steven explains that “things have been tense between us,” but really it’s just that Steven is a child who has terrible delivery and focuses on all the wrong things. Even though things are rocky, Steven is going to talk to a lawyer to figure out the US citizenship/K1 Visa situation for the baby and Olga. Steven needs baby Richie to have his US citizenship and is hoping this is going to be an easy process, so he heads out to meet Michael, the lawyer. Steven gets the form printed for baby Richie and is told to go to the embassy in Moscow next. This all seems quite straightforward, until Steven asks about the K1 Visa for Olga. The lawyer states, “it’s a little bit of a political problem.” Steven can’t wrap his mind around this, and begins to ponder if he will be able to bring Richie back with him to America since Olga’s process will take much, much longer. I’m sure that’s gonna go over like a lead balloon with Olga.

Thank goodness Olga has a friend to lean on during this tough time. Anna is Olga’s best friend and she is meeting Steven and baby Richie for the first time. Anna is looking forward to talking with Steven and she begins grilling him about some of the “tensions.” Steven tries to explain his side of the argument, but he just looks dumb. Anna seems to be onto Steven and his behavior. She just wants him to be a man and a “responsible father.” Further, she wishes to know if Steven is there for the child or for Olga. Steven answers that if they didn’t have a baby, he wouldn’t know what would be of their relationship. Olga fears that Steven cares more for the baby than for her and it just seems a bit awkward.