90 Day Fiance Recap: Kalani Reveals She Is Pregnant Again

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90 Day Fiance Backed Into a Corner Episode Kalani Mom Asuelu

Life is full of choices. It is evident on this episode of 90 Day Fiancé that the majority of the couples have difficulty making the RIGHT choices.

Kalani & Asuelo:

90 Day Fiance Backed Into a Corner Episode Kalani

“Three days ago Kalani and Asuelo got some shocking news.” Kalani’s pregnant, ya’ll!! “Because I am breast feeding, we don’t have many options for birth control and Asuelo doesn’t like using condoms because they’re for ‘slut people.’” Yikes. What a mess! Kalani is less than thrilled about this unexpected surprise. She’s crying and questioning everything and is completely overwhelmed. Kalani’s also concerned about “disappointing her family.” Woopsie.

Kalani has decided to break the news to her mom first. They all meet up at a park and prep for the announcement. Asuelo can’t imagine why Kalani would feel upset about this news, but he also doesn’t understand that he cannot remove a baby from a car seat while the car is moving. Asuelo shares the pregnancy with Kalani’s mom and Kalani just lets tears roll down her cheeks. Kalani’s mother is surprised, but not as surprised as one would think based on Kalani’s emotions. Kalani states that this is “the stupidest time to do this” and that Asuelo is so sad because Kalani is so sad. DUH. Kalani explains that there is a part of her that is mad at Asuelo (because this is HIS fault??????) and part of her that thinks Asuelo did this on purpose to be sure he has her hooked. WOAH.

Kalani is still freaking out about this baby news and it’s making her more nervous about getting married to Asuelo. Asuelo and Kalani cannot get on the same page about anything and Asuelo asks Kalani point blank, “are you still want to marry me?” Kalani makes it clear that she has had doubts about Asuelo and then says, “you got me pregnant.” That’s not really how it works. They are both responsible for this. Kalani tells Asuelo that she does still want to marry him and now she is feeling a little better about the pregnancy.

Ashley & Jay:

90 Day Fiance Backed Into a Corner Episode Ashley

Just as the happy couple begins to pack for their Vegas wedding, the doorbell ringing and aggressive banging interrupts the moment. It’s….guess who? Ashley’s ex-best friend, Natalie. You remember the one…the girl who Ashley straight up cut out of her life. Natalie is TRIGGERED and wants to know what is going through Ashley’s head. Ashley explains, “Normally when a person ignores someone, they usually get the hint.” Ashley is OVER Natalie’s drama, but Natalie is insisting that Jay is a cheater and a liar. Natalie cannot get over why Ashley is “choosing a twenty year old man…child” over their friendship. Jay steps out to get involved and Natalie loses her marbles completely.

90 Day Fiance Backed Into a Corner Episode Natalie

Natalie claims that Jay is “literally ruining” her relationship with Ashley, but Jay’s not having any of it. Jay swears it was not his idea to cut Natalie out of their lives, but Ashley has had it. She demands that Natalie leave, but Natalie remains out front, even after Ashley stormed back into the house. Natalie yells that Ashley cannot just run away from her life and eventually, she hops on her moped and bounces. That might’ve been the best part of the entire scene- watching Natalie peel away on her scooter.

They’ve made it to Vegas and it’s almost time for their wedding day! They are excited to “do this” and need to be at the chapel for 3:00. Jay cannot believe he’s gonna be a married man at twenty and it’s blowing his mind, but it’s time to let the stress out. Jay says that “Las Vegas reminds” him “of Jamaica” and he doesn’t wanna go back to Pennsylvania. He is concerned about losing his “mojo” after they are married because he is “black, he has to keep his blood pumping.” Ashley is not sure she has the sex drive of a twenty year old, but warns Jay if he cheats she will “cut his penis off.” Um, ok.

Colt & Larissa:

90 Day Fiance Backed Into a Corner Episode Larissa

Colt is still reeling from the fight: Colt invited his whole family over for a bbq, but “all hell broke loose.” Larissa got into it with Colt’s cousin and then with Colt’s mother, Debbie. Because Colt and Larissa haven’t spoken since the fight, Colt is looking for “one way tickets to Brazil.” Larissa DID throw the engagement ring at Colt-E, so I am pretty sure she made her point crystal clear. Larissa believes that if she behaves sweetly to Colt, things could be ok between them again. Colt is tired of her Jekyll and Hyde behavior and looks terrified of her.

Colt shows Larissa that he was looking up plane tickets to Brazil and Larissa is stunned. She tries to back pedal, but acts like she is the victim in this case. Larissa claims that Colt is “ridiculous and mean,” but it’s time girlfriend looks in the mirror. Colt is not letting her off the hook. He demands that he “needs a partner.” Larissa apologizes (fakely) and the couple makes up because Colt-E “loves” Larissa.

Larissa and Colt are starting afresh and have decided to have a double date with Colt’s friends, Angela and Andrew. Angela claims that this relationship seems “different.” I’ll say! Colt is taking the gang to a surprise dinner spot and Larissa is annoyed because she took “two hours” to put on her makeup, but Colt didn’t compliment her. Colt asks, “What are you trying to tell me honey bunny?” (GAG). Once they arrive at the surprise destination, Angela states that “Larissa is a fiery spark” and that things are a “little awkward.” Nothing is worse than having a couple fight in front of you. Angela and Andrew are watching this unfold and it’s cringe worthy. Colt finally tells Larissa she is “bat sh*t crazy” and then we realize that he may be onto something…

“I bet my life that every man would love to be by my side,” – Larissa. Colt feels “embarrassed” by this fighting and asks to start afresh. He then proceeds to compliment every little thing about Larissa and eventually Larissa decides to stop the fighting. Just like that, the switch is off and things seem to start looking up for the double date…until Colt realizes the waitress is the SAME waitress he complimented from before. Uh-oh. Colt better not look her direction, breathe in her direction, all because Larissa is a maniac jealous fiancé. Colt’s friends describe Larissa as “fiery” and “at least a little bit crazy and insecure.” Luckily, Larissa laughs about these comments and asks for marriage advice from Angela and Andrew. Larissa says, “Colt’s a great guy and I think that he love me.” Colt thinks that Larissa’s craziness is cute and seems to be into it. Who knew?

Steven & Olga:

Only two more weeks until Steven leaves Russia. I bet Olga has a countdown going… The duo are taking baby Richie for some pics and Olga is very worried because of all the fighting. She is scared that Steven may take his time pushing for Olga’s visa, but make sure to have everything necessary for baby Richie’s USA entrance. Steven states that it’s “number one” for Richie to get his US citizenship and further says that Olga “doesn’t really have a say in it” because she is not a US citizen. Steven is organizing everything for the embassy and Olga is “worried about that Steven just came and take baby and go to the USA.” I wouldn’t put it past him. He seems like the type to split up a mother and newborn child….

Steven and Olga are off to the embassy to get the baby’s US citizenship. Olga finally shares her nerves with Steven: she is terrified that Steven is going to take Richie back with him. Olga cannot even go inside the embassy, so she can’t even see what happens in there. Olga is forced to wait three hours for Steven and the baby, but eventually, she hears the baby’s crying and runs to console him. Steven shouts out, “feed him” to Olga like all she is useful for is food. Steven explains that the baby now has his American passport, but he feels like he “really should keep him for now.” The baby should “just come home” with Steven. WHAT. KIND. OF. MONSTER. IS. THIS. GUY. Steven is clearly messed up from the fact that his father wasn’t in his life growing up and is trying to overcompensate for this by stealing away his baby. It’s just not right. Steven is annoyed with Olga and he doesn’t want to “miss his childhood.” It is heartbreaking to watch.

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiance Backed Into a Corner Episode Leida

With only 37 days to wed, Leida has finally exploded on Eric’s daughter, Tasha. Tasha lived with Eric, but Leida kicked her out of the apartment. Leida does feel a little bad, but she feels better with Tasha gone. Leida wastes no time cleaning Tasha’s old room and is planning on discussing Eric’s “priorities.” Eric leaves work early and explains that Tasha put him in a position to “choose.” Eric is still trying to wrap his mind around the blow out and listens to Leida’s side of the argument. Leida believes that Tasha “is the problem, not me” and that life has been hard for her here in the US. She, once again, demands to be Eric’s priority and Eric believes that things can eventually be resolved with his daughter. She’s not gonna “up and leave” like Leida would. Eric has made his decision.

Eric’s getting his pre-wedding haircut and his dad joins him to discuss the situation between Tasha and Leida. Eric explains that he has to put Leida first because she will go back to Indonesia if he does not. Eric’s dad is upset that Tasha may not be at the wedding, but Eric states that this is the “tough love situation” that Tasha needed. His father believes that Leida is pressuring Eric and worries that Eric is putting Leida before his children. His dad ends the conversation by saying, “family is important” and then lets that set into Eric’s thick head.

Leida is meeting up with Eric’s ex-wife, Tania. Tania is p*ssed about Leida’s behavior and is hoping that this one-on-one chat can help ease some of the tension. Tania gets right down to it and shares that “as a mom, it upsets me.” Leida doesn’t wanna hear it. She blames Tasha and states “everyone knows that I am right in this situation.” Leida blows up at Tania about her daughter and Tania is doing her best to remain calm. She tries to explain to Leida that it’s become more than just two people getting upset. Leida apologizes to Tania and Tania believes that it “could be worked on.” Leida does not seem fazed that Eric’s daughters don’t even want to come to the wedding because they “don’t support it.” Wow.

Jonathan & Fernanda:

90 Day Fiance Backed Into a Corner Episode Fernanda

The couple has just gotten back from Chicago and are back home. Jonathan feels like the trip was a good thing, as Fernanda “opened up” his eyes and made him realize how important family is. Jonathan heads out to meet one of his buddies to talk about the trip and everything that happened. Stephen, Jonathan’s friend, is happy to have some time with his friend because he is a bit concerned about this whole 90 day process. Stephen hears all about Jonathan’s mom drama (ie: the fact that his mom found out about the engagement via social media) and then the first phone call from Fernanda interrupts the conversation. Jonathan ignores the call and continues chatting it up. He explains to Stephen that Fernanda “feels like she’s in a jail,” and then Jonathan ignores phone call two…and three. Jonathan states that “it’s kinda embarrassing” but after one beer, he has to jet. Fernanda is annoyed that he is out with his friend and not home with her.

Fernanda is very upset about the night before. She did not appreciate that Jonathan went out with his friend and did not answer her calls. Fernanda claims that “he doesn’t understand how much” she is alone and gives him the silent treatment when he returns home from work. Fernanda wants to hear why Jonathan got home “one hour or more” later than he said he was going to, but she doesn’t really want to hear it…. He doesn’t think it’s fair that Fernanda is lashing out on him and Fernanda calls him selfish. Jonathan says he doesn’t want a relationship where he can’t do things, but Fernanda loses it and tearfully states that he “can’t leave” her “alone.” Jonathan feels like “nothing is good enough” for Fernanda and is tired of getting criticized. Fernanda tells him, “I can’t do this, Jon. Leave me alone.” Naturally, he doesn’t leave her alone and the fight continues. Fernanda says, “I just want to go back with my home. With my mom. With my friends. I can’t, Jon. I’m sorry.” Was the one beer worth all of this, Jonathan? All Fernanda wants is time. And boobs. And a new car. That’s it. You know it’s serious when Fernanda calls her dad. She wants to come home. Now.