90 Day Fiance Recap: Jay Cheats On Ashley After Opening Tinder Account Following Wedding

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90 Day Fiance Jay and Ashley Wedding Photo

There’s a thin line between love and hate. On this episode of 90 Day Fiancé, we find out some shocking news that will change the future of one relationship forever.

Ashley & Jay:

The big day is here! Over in Vegas, Ashley is FINALLY taking the plunge with Jay. After two broken engagements, Ashley is getting her hair and makeup done- all of the normal bride-like things, except she is all by herself. She is sad that her family and friends are not there with her to celebrate this milestone, but she thinks that marrying Jay is the best move. Can we please discuss Jay’s bow-tie? Nothing says Vegas quite like THAT bling. Jay and Elvis wait for Ashley to head down the aisle…she kind of looks like she is gonna puke, but she makes it to her groom. The ceremony is hilarious, but heartwarming, even though Elvis is stating the vows and Jay can barely get through it without giggling, cuz ya know, he’s 20. “It is a big decision to give up my place for her place and that just shows that I really love her.” And just like that, they are Mr. and Mrs. That was a fast ceremony…probably because there’s another couple coming in about 10 minutes.

90 Day Fiance Where Truth Lies Recap Jay Cheats on Ashley

Back in Pennsylvania, and there’s already trouble in paradise. “Someone was FaceTiming Jay at midnight” and Jay claimed it was a “girl calling about a tattoo.” Ashley messaged the girl herself to try to get to the bottom of this confusion, and she found out a shocking tidbit of information. The girl said, “Who is your husband? The Jamaican guy on Tinder?” Apparently, Jay made an account and was talking to MULTIPLE women. He was even trying to meet up with them. The girl was screenshotting photos of the conversation and Jay came clean about it. He even punched a hole in the wall before storming out.

Ashley shares that Jay “created the account the day they got home from their wedding.” WHAT. I knew Jay was most likely to cheat, but this is just too much. Ashley further states that she went to her friend Natalie’s house the minute she found out. You know, the Natalie who claimed Jay was cheating the whole time, but Ashley kicked out of her life? Man, Ashley looks so bad now. Ashley explains that she is now responsible for Jay for “ten years.” It’s no joke. Someone tell that to Jay. When asked why he went on Tinder, his response was “I was bored.” So messed up…

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiance Where Truth Lies Recap Eric

The wedding is only a few days away and FINALLY Eric realizes that he has to make things right with his daughters. Tasha, Eric’s ex-roomie daughter, has found back up in her other two sisters. The three amigas have come together to let Eric know how disappointed they are with him. Even Eric’s youngest daughter looks like she’s gonna blow up because Leida kicked her sister out of the apartment. It’s an incredibly awkward situation, but Eric is not backing down. Tasha can’t wrap her mind around why Eric is sorry when “he was the one who threw” her “to the street like” she “was nothing.” Eric claims he has “no control in how it played out,” but his daughters are calling BS, as am I. Tasha is upset that Eric chose Leida over her, but Eric explains “Leida is his last chance at love.” Selfish much? Eric believes that it is really important to have his daughters at the wedding, but they all let him know that at this juncture, they will not be attending. “I don’t care how many times he asks me to reconsider. I don’t care about it. I’m not going.” To be honest, I don’t blame Tasha.

One week before the wedding, Leida heads out for her makeup trial, alone. Leida has no family support- her family is back in Indonesia and Eric’s daughters are not talking to her. This doesn’t seem to upset Leida very much because she has a heart made of ice. Leida explains that back in Indonesia, she has a “whole team of make-up artists and hair dressers to get her ready everyday so…” Again, what in the world is she doing here with Eric-one bedroom apartment-90 day fiancé?? Leida tells the make-up artist her whole life story, up to and including Eric’s child support andddd his daughters. Oh boy. She tells the artist that Eric has “a lot of baggage” and that her family says she can do better. Leida states that she has “so many doubts” because Eric is not making her “his priority” and the over-sharing is getting out of control. Right now, Leida feels “50/50” about going through with the wedding.

Over at the park, before sitting down, Leida shouts out, “Just wanna make sure that it’s clean. You know me.” Oh yes, we do. We know that you kick people out of their house if they don’t keep things clean, too. Speaking of kicking people out, Eric explains to Leida that the “rift that has developed” has been bothering him. He hopes that they can move forward and repair the problems between Leida and Tasha, but wants Leida to understand that things need to get better. Eric makes sure it would be ok if Tasha DID decide to show up to the wedding, and to that, Leida tells Eric “well I could always leave and go back.” Talk about threats! Leida repeats the same story over and over again to Eric about how she gave up everything to be here and that she thanks Eric for choosing her over his daughters. What a mess. Fingers crossed the daughters show up to the wedding tomorrow. Or that Leida just goes back to Indonesia. Either way…

Steven & Olga:

Olga is sweating now that baby Richie got his American passport. She heads out to meet up with her friend so that she can discuss her concerns. Olga worries that Steven will take the baby to America, but I worry that Steven is already on a plane back to the US while Olga is busy “catching up” with her pal. Olga’s friend tries to figure out “how’s it gonna work” with the baby being taken away from the mother. Olga divulges that her relationship with Steven is not the best and her friend asks a frightening question: “Are you sure Steven applied for the reason at all?” BOMBSHELL. There really isn’t any proof that Steven actually applied for the visa and Olga looks like she is about to have a panic attack. Hey, that’s what best friends are for, right? To shock the truth right into ya.

Before Steven heads back to America, the couple takes a nice stroll around the park. Steven explains that he has been thinking a lot about his relationship with Olga…because he has a secret he has been keeping. Steven lets Olga know that he didn’t apply for the visa when he said he did- he states that he applied for the visa when he got to Russia. He tells Olga that he knows that it was “very wrong of him” and Olga looks surprisingly calm. Steven calls it “a mistake,” but it seems like a calculated move to me. Olga is “disappointed” that it’s gonna take a long time to go to America…how can she ever trust this guy?! What a slime ball. Steven tries to justify his choice of not applying for the visa because he wanted to see what it would be like with Olga first. Totally understandable, but don’t tell the girl you did something you didn’t do! Steven further says that he doesn’t want to be an “a*s” and therefore Olga should keep baby Richie until Olga can come to the states, too. THANK GOD. Steven tells Olga that she means everything to him and that he has grown to love her since being in Russia with her. He then drops down on one knee and proposes to Olga. I legit did not see that coming at all! What a sneak! It is cute to watch them be happy, but let’s not forget the big fat lie about the visa, Olga!

Kalani & Asuelo:

“Now there’s a bunch of last minute things we have to figure out” to get the wedding plan going. So it turns out that these two are actually going through with this marriage thing, but because Kalani procrastinated so much, there is nothing done…oh, and the wedding is only two days away. Heyo! Kalani feels “stressed” because she fears her family may think Asuelo got her pregnant on purpose to stay in America. Asuelo wants to make it clear that he is here for Kalani because he loves her and his son. Poor guy.

The day before the wedding, Kalani heads to get her nails done with her mom and sister. Kalani feels totally uncomfortable because her sister Kolini does not know the baby news. Also because her sister still dislikes Asuelo. It’s just not a good situation and as Kalani describes it, “I feel off.” Kalani’s sister preps Kalani for her bachelorette party and begins asking questions like “are you going to be drinking tomorrow?” Someone’s onto her… Kalani decides that she has to break the news about her pregnancy at the bachelorette party- because nothing screams last night of singledom quite like dropping that news!

It’s time for Kalani’s bachelorette party and the bride-to-be has to remain sober. She is still hiding her newest pregnancy, but manages to have a great time. There are lots of penis decorations and lots of talk about penis. They’re having fun, but Kalani has this “looming feeling” about sharing the baby news. Kalani steals her sis away from the group to fill her in on the pregnancy. Her sister is less than pleased that her sister has been keeping something from her. She becomes emotional right away and her face basically screams disgust. It’s an odd reaction to have if you ask me. Kalani understands that it is “disappointing news and horrible timing,” but her sister doesn’t wanna hear it. She walks away from Kalani and cries uncontrollably. I think it’s funny that Kalani is trying to have this serious sister moment all while wearing her fake veil and penis necklace. Talk about “horrible timing.” Her sister worries that Asuelo “might’ve done it to tie” Kalani down. How does this family forget that it takes two to tango?! It’s all very dramatic and very all about Kalani’s sister.

Jonathan & Fernanda:

With only 20 days to wed, things are looking pretty awful for Jonathan and Fernanda. The couple slept in separate rooms and haven’t spoken since the fight they had the night before. Jonathan claims that he tries to give Fernanda everything he can and Fernanda hopes that a morning walk can cool off her anger. Fernanda and Jonathan sit down on the sofa “to talk” and Fernanda hands him a letter full of her thoughts and emotions. In the letter, Fernanda says that she is sorry for her actions and asks Jonathan to see things from her perspective. As Fernanda apologizes and spills her guts, I am waiting for Jonathan to apologize, too, because let’s be real, he’s the one that started all of this. Eventually, Big Jon states that her “happiness is his responsibility” and he says sorry. The couple is hopeful that this bump in the road will be left in the past and that they can go ahead and get this wedding thing started.

Colt & Larissa:

Another Vegas love story…these two have had more ups than downs, but Colt believes “we have managed to control our issues.” However, Larissa and Debbie, Colt’s mom, still have not spoken since their big blow out. Debbie is playing it cool with Colt because the wedding is just around the corner. Colt is doing his best to butter Deb up, but she sees right through him. Colt explains that “the real elephant in the room is Larissa and you.” Debbie is unsure what to do to try and fix the relationship with Larissa, so Colt suggests the ladies should “make amends.” Debbie wants Larissa to step up and apologize to HER FIRST, but telling a saucy Brazilian what to do sounds dangerous to me. Debbie even goes as far as calling Larissa “a b*tch” and says “I don’t know if I even want her in the family.” Ouch.

Well isn’t this an adorable situation? Debbie and Larissa, together again, getting wedding-ready-manicures. Consider this Larissa’s olive branch. Debbie is very clearly waiting for her apology and is still a bit “skeptical” about working out the issues. The sweet nail lady asks the duo many questions and Larissa shares that she is getting married come Sunday. Like Leida, Larissa uses this nail time as a therapy session. The nail ladies teach Larissa that it is important to have a “happy mother-in-law” and just like that, with a little advice from the nail ladies, Larissa and Debbie seem to have made up. Debbie accepts Larissa’s apology, so the girls are ready to move on. Debbie shares that Colt “truly loves” Larissa and Larissa tells Debbie that she “loves Colt 1,000%.” It’s sweet to watch them reconcile. All over a manicure.