90 Day Fiancé Finale Recap: The Couples Get Married

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90 Day Fiance Make It or Break It Colt and Larissa Wedding

Some of these relationships are crumbling right before our very eyes, while some are thriving (for the time being) on this episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

Ashley & Jay:

90 Day Fiance Make It or Break It Ashley

Jay – the Tinder creep – is busted big time. Ashley is unclear how to mend this marriage, especially because nearly everyone in her life told her NOT to marry Jay, yet she went ahead with it anyway…in Vegas, to boot. Jay’s “boredom” has definitely gotten Ashley in a predicament and Jay is twisting this on Ashley. “If she can’t get over a few text messages, then she has no love for me in her heart.” Uh, what? Seeking some advice from her scantily-clad pal Brandy, Ashley divulges the whole tale and shares her fears. Ashley learns the hard way that age truly does matter, as Jay is young and immature. She also realizes that she is solely responsible for Jay- “I signed my life away to get him here.”

Ashley’s lawyer suggested that Ashley annul the marriage in order to get Jay sent back to Jamaica, but bonehead is torn as to what steps to take next. Ashley and Jay have a sit down convo to discuss the cheating scandal, but Jay remains mute as Ashley hollers (rightly so). Finally, Jay shares that Ashley “doesn’t give” him “enough attention,” but that’s no excuse for acting like a dog. (Sidenote: where ARE Ashley’s children that she mentions?? I totally forgot that she was a mom…). Ashley declares that she “needs some space” from Jay and that she “regrets every choice” she made regarding Jay.

Kalani & Asuelo:

90 Day Fiance Kalani and Asuelo Wedding Oliver

It’s wedding day for these two! Luckily, Kalani finally feels “excited to be a bride,” but the pregnancy news continues to loom over her like a dark cloud. Her dad and brother STILL don’t know about the pregnancy, and Kalani plans on keeping it that way. The fear of Kalani’s father objecting at the wedding is real, for both Kalani and Asuelo, but the couple proceeds forward anyway. Not sure why they would object to a wedding over a pregnancy but hey, let’s hope no one spills the beans!

While the boat remains docked as Kalani and Asuelo exchange vows, the air is tense, but no one objects to the union- Hooray! Kalani’s family seems very happy for these two to finally be Mr. and Mrs…but that’s only because there’s ONE tiny piece of information that is not getting shared with everyone…hey, one step at a time, right?

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiance Make It or Break It Eric and Leida Wedding

Another couple is in full wedding day mode. According to Leida, “it’s my wedding day” and I can hardly believe Eric and Leida are actually going through with this whole thing. Eric can’t quite believe this is happening either, considering that his daughters refuse to attend the wedding due to the rift Leida made between them. It’s almost a sign that Eric forgot his trousers for the wedding- it’s like the gods (or his daughters) are intervening and telling him to call it off. After a quick jaunt to the suit store, all seems back on track… it’s go time. The youngest of Eric’s daughters actually attends the ceremony and Eric is overjoyed, despite feeling punished for “choosing love.” And Leida’s thrilled she “gets to stay here in America.”

Colt & Larissa:

90 Day Fiance Make It or Break It Colt

In less than five hours, Colt-E will be tying the knot with Larissa in an “intimate ceremony.” Colt explains that things haven’t been easy, but since Larissa and Colt’s mom, Debbie, have reconciled, things seem to be looking up for the couple. Unbeknownst to Larissa, Colt re-invited his cousin John to the wedding. Remember the cousin who had it out with Larissa? Yea, this should be a fun surprise. Whilst getting wedding ready, Larissa explains how difficult this journey has been, but makes it clear that she is “completely in love with Colt,” despite having to wear a wedding dress from GoodWill. Happy to see John, the surprise guest, dressed up for the event in his AC company polo. Nice touch.

After some vows and stink eye glances John’s way from Larissa, Colt-E and his bride are legally bounded forever. But it’s not quite rainbows and butterflies for this couple…oh no! Before the wedding, something huge happened. Turns out that Larissa has been charged with domestic battery by the state of Nevada: Colt-E and Larissa got into a fight and in order to get her to “stop,” Colt called the cops on his fiancé. Larissa wound up staying in jail for 48 hours (!!!!) and now Colt is left picking up the pieces. This whole debacle might affect her chances of applying for a green card, but the couple still went ahead and got married anyway because of time constraints.

Steven & Olga:

90 Day Fiance Make it or Break it Steven Olga and baby

It’s time for goodbyes in Russia- Steven is heading back to the states, without baby Richie (thank goodness!) and without Olga, his now fiancé. Shockingly, Olga wants Steven to stay in Russia, despite their epic brawls and melt-downs, but hey, I guess love is blind. Steven wants it to be clear that even though he isn’t going to be physically there with the baby, he is still going to be there for him as a father. And oh yeah, Olga will be ok, too, if and when Steven actually applies for her K1 Visa. #Seeyousoon.

Jonathan & Fernanda:

90 Day Fiance Make It or Break It Jonathan and Fernanda Wedding

Over in Chicago, Jonathan and Fernanda are preparing for the biggest day of their lives: their wedding day! No one from Fernanda’s family can come to the wedding, but luckily, Jon’s sister stepped in to play a sister role to Fernanda. According to Jonathan, “we decided to make it a really low-key wedding,” and unfortunately, Jon’s mom cannot attend because his ailing grandmother needs his mother’s help. Speaking of moms, Fernanda is devastated that neither of their mothers will be attending, but the show must go on, right in front of the cell phone reception towers.